Friday, March 2, 2012

Trip to Korea - Day 1 Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finally the day has come!! I felt so excited with this trip, we flew to Kuala Lumpur in the morning & get ready to Korea in afternoon, Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon(Seoul) took around 7 hours. We flew with Air Asia & Air Asia X to Incheon, I went with my officemates, Ulfa. Anyway we changed our route coz actually we already booked flight to Phuket but when there was Air Asia promo to Korea, I suggest to change our route & here we goes to Korea. Feel upset a bit since we booked cheapest flight to Phuket so round trip around IDR 300.000(±35 USD) fly to Phuket but back from KL. But it’s okay coz I went to Korea instead & that was my first flight which took around 7 hours in air. Air Asia X was very cozy, I like it :) when we landed after 7 hours, we should catch last bus to Kim sonsaengnim’s (my teacher) house at Bucheon area so we ran coz we don’t want miss the bus. It was really cold on that night, apparently the temperature was 0 degree. Luckily we got our last bus coz it’s really expensive to go with taxi esp. at Seoul & night time >.< her place is not really far from airport, around 1 hour by bus. There was funny experience before we got that bus. We didn’t have small money so I asked Korean lady that might help us, luckily she kindly help us to exchange my money at convenience store, so we ran together to that store & when we go back, the bus already arrived! Just in time, so we get on the bus & paid 5,000₩ but suddenly the driver was angry & babbling to us, we look at each other coz he speaks in korean & i’m not really sure what he talking about, then korean lady told me that we should add some money. So we gave to him & he gave us change. After that we tried to count how much the change, apparently the driver was angry with us coz we paid less :D coz when we asked Korean lady cost is 2,500₩ so 2 is 5,000₩ but actually yes 2,500₩ if use T-Money but 2,800₩ if cash ^^ before went to Korea I already browsing as much as I can plus Korean had a cool map website like Daum, Naver & Konest (in Japanese but I like this web)
Air Asia X
Ulpe & me get ready to KOREA!! ^^v

Arrival Card to Korea
inside Air Asia X

Incheon International Airport
 next : Yeouido, Hongdae, Crebeau Jeff & Lotte World


  1. Annyeong.. Eonni, I asked permission to take some pictures that Eonni posts on this blog. I really wanted to go to Korea. I entered a competition to write "20 Things that I Want to Do at South Korea" from ibuzzkorea. If I win I get to go to Korea as Eonni. Therefore, I ask for help eonni with permission from these images. Thank you so much and wish me win. :')

    1. hey beth!
      as long as you take out with credit, go ahead. good luck with your competition & hopefully you can go to Korea ^^

  2. Hi Mj Im Jean planning to go there this coming Oct.yet i have no idea of a safe place to stay..can you recommend pls.thanks

    1. Hi Jean,

      I feel safe when I was in Korea. You might want to take a look my previous trip itinerary since I stayed in various hostel when I went to Seoul, Jeju Island and Busan, no worries Korea is safe :)

      Thanks for coming here & have a great day!



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