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Trip to Korea - Day 3 Saturday, 25 February 2012

Today we will go to Bukcheon Hanok Village, actually beside Heartstrings location we want to go to Personal Taste location, but we woke up late so we didn’t have enough time coz there were a lot of place to visit on that day. After get off from subway it’s not really far though & hard to find this house, but again it was sooooo cold. Finally we found the house number 70-5, Heartstrings location shooting :D from there we want to go to Miss Lee Café coz this café used in We Got Married where Yonghwa & Soehyeon visited & eat there, too bad when we reach this café, they were still closed >.< so we go to Gyeongbokgung Palace directly. This palace is really big & wide. Luckily we got a chance to see kinda ceremony where soldier will guard the palace. Inside this palace there are National Folk Museum & Blue House (president residence) & also you can have Hanbok Experience for free during 5 minutes. Try Hanbok is our first agenda in palace, but there was a little mistake for info but finally we found the place & when we reached it, it mentioned that we have to wait 70 minutes. But yeahh we waited at café beside the place coz we thought we already in Korea & not complete if we couldn’t try Hanbok. But luckily we don’t have to wait 70 minutes coz might there were people who cancel so we just wait for 30 minutes :D before you try Hanbok, you have to fill your name & email, they will ask you which hanbok you want to try then you go inside & they will help you to wear Hanbok including the shoes. After Hanbok experience I was looking for Yoochun spot at 3HREE VOICES but couldn’t find it so I just took picture at looks alike spot that Yoochun  used ^^
it's a good sign that Pasta things :)

because it means we arriveeeed!! ^^v
Heart Strings drama located at Bukcheon Hanok Village!

Miss Lee Cafe~~
too bad it still closed :(

We Got Married captured~~
on our way to Gyeongbokgung Palace~~

arriveeedd :) :)
the tickets @3,000

the ceremony!! ^^
that was soooo cold~~~ *freezing*
pretty hanbok by us :D :D :D
try to find this spot where Yoochun was there~
look alike Yoochun spot :p
with one of guards :D

Nearby the Palace, you already can see that King Sejong statue, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin statue coz it’s very close with Gwanghwamun Square. Near that King Sejong statue, I still remember Running Man punishment sometimes held near there kkk xDD at Gwanghwamun we can find National Post building where Running Man used that place also plus there was Yonghwa CN Blue in that episode. Kyobo Bookstore where Coffee Prince used as location shooting when Gong Yu bought books for Yoon Eun Hye but couldn’t managed to enter that store. The nice place at Gwanghwamun is Cheonggyeochon Stream, feel really calm & peace at that area, you can feel so relax by sitting there but maybe after winter is over :D from Gwanghwamun we will heading to Black Smith Café at Bundang coz there is Opening Event where Yoochun TVXQ will be there also to fansigning. Feel so lucky when I knew this event coz it’s really a nice coincidence. Bundang is pretty far from down town but since it’s for Yoochun so it’s okay, beside it’s free & felt so happy to see him in Korea. When we reached the place it’s crowded & getting crowded, fansigning event start at 3-4pm, If we want to get that chance I think we should come very early morning but we only have 3 days so for me at least we can see Yoochun! :) Yoochun sit at 2nd floor & when I stand under the building I couldn’t see his face so I moved to another place in order to see his face. Aigoooo he is really handsome like usual & can’t bear to see his cute smile. Lucky we got a chance to see him closely when fansigning over, I ran into his car so waiting for him get out & get in the car. Sheeeeshhh it was very crowded & so sad there were like 3 girls fall down in the crowd coz too many push from every side. Yoochun wear black jacket on that day.
King Sejong Statue~~
Running Man was thereee on that building~~

Kyobo bookstore~~
Admiral Yi Sun-Shin Statue~
nomuuu kiyowoooo~~~ ^///^

Cheonggyecheon Stream~~

Lee Dong Wook oppa!
Gong Yuu oppa!! <33

nice coincidence *smirk*
soooo crowded & it's all because YOOCHUN!! :D

Yoochun signature, too bad it's not mine ;(


me & YOOCHUN <3333

at their web~
Heading to N Seoul Tower before getting late at night coz it’s gonna be super cold at night. After get off from Myeongdong subway we looking for Pacific Hotel & walk at right road to go to Namsan Cable Car, 10 minutes from subway & 3 minutes by Cable Car to N Seoul Tower. Love Lock Trees & some spot with thousand padlocks hanging there. We visited Teddy Bear Museum also, the cute Teddy Bear is Princess Hours!! Wuaaa all the bear were sooo cute. At N Seoul Tower there was Missha which Homin as the star, huwaaaa all cosmetic almost had their picture :D handsome my boys! We going up & at the top we can see Seoul at night with beautiful lights, it reminds me with Victoria Peak at Hong Kong but honestly I prefer Victoria Peak with its night view. Even we were so tireeed but we continue our trip to Myeongdong, & I bought many cosmetic coz it’s really cheap. The Face Shop (Kim Hyun Joong), Missha (Homin), Etude House (SHINEe), Holika Holika (CN Blue), Nature Republic (Jang Geun Suk) etc. 
Namsan Cable Car
cable car xDD
N Seoul Tower~~
Yoochun was hereee :D
Love Locks Trees
My padlock for DB5K~~ ^^
me & Changmin :) :)
with my hubby, Uknow Yunho!! <333

tadaaaaa..Teddy Bear Museum!!

cute couple~~ :D

Princess Hours hoho xDD
always remember this one! :D
from the observatory~
Jang Geun Suk :)

Jaejoong in NII <333
Yoochun in NII <333

HOMIN again!!! <3333
2PM too!!
at Nature Republic with Sukkie :D
CN Blue in Holika Holika~
Next : Jisan Ski Resort, Apgujeong, Dongdaemun Market & Jimjilbang


  1. Wae there's no junsu for NII?? T_T hmm...

    1. uwaaa..just realized there is no junchan :p but at that store there was no junchan poster or standee etc. ^^;; gomen ne junchan kkk xDD


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