Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trip to Lombok 3/4

Day 3 - Sunday, 21 July 2013
We went to Mataram with Perama Tour Rp90.000, left at 7.30AM then they stopped us at Senggigi first before continuing our journey to Mataram with another bus. So we went to Senggigi Beach while waiting for our bus to Mataram..feel refreshing to go to the beach in the morning. We will meet Dyah's friends at Airport so we stopped at pool Damri, Mataram then took Damri to airport. From airport, we will go to Kuta..hihi same name with Kuta in Bali but it's really different. It was drizzle in our way to Kuta, so we decided to stop & visiting a place named Sasak Village along our way to Kuta, its a place where traditional house of Lombok still exist and in those place too..there are so many souvenirs you can buy there even some of them made the sarong at there, for me it was such an interesting place to visited ^^ After drizzle was stopped we are continuing to go to Kuta but first we should find a place to sleep for that night..hihii..finally we decided to stay at Royal Bungalow, it was so cheap from Rp150.000 we bargained & got Rp125.000/night (fan, bathroom inside inc. breakfast). We stayed at Bungalow & that was a nice place to stay..even it's quite far a little bit..that place located on the left area, right side on the road. We put our bags there & we ready to go to the beaches around Kuta area ^^ our first destination is Tanjung Aan Beach. From Kuta only takes around 30 minutes by motorcycle and when we was so amazing beach~~~~!!!!! couldn't believe we have this kind of beach in my was soo damn beautiful...not really crowded, the water & sky looks so love it so much!! we spent pretty longer there..explore that beach..took lots of pictures hihiii..I want to go back here someday.
Sasak Village
to enter this place is free..fill the guestbook & voluntary donation
they made it~~
inside the village

buffalo dung instead cement? hmm

me 'pretend' trying to made xDD
uwaaaaa...lovely isn't it??

our bungalow!! yeahh..
Tanjung Aan Beach... love it!!!!
Andrew, Dyah & me

i just love it!! going up..up..
너무이뻐다~~~~~ ^_____^

bright sky..bright water...
So...from Tanjung Aan Beach we went to Seger Beach..for me personally I would prefer Tanjung Aan to Seger Beach..not like beach in we just spent longer here to chit chat..while waiting time for break-fasting, Anyway when I went to Lombok, it was fasting season..maybe some people who do fasting would prefer to not traveling but it was an option, but as I can can keep traveling no matter what season is as long as you want 그냥해..something interesting for Seger Beach is the sand...there are 3 kinds of sand..soft-medium-big (looks like pepper)
arrived at Seger Beach..wait wait..
soft one~~~
see..looks like pepper~~

Seger Beach..
not like an usual beach~~
so many sea urchin there~~~~ O____o
the water getting tide~~~
cute kiddo~~~ ^^
Done with 2 beaches..we went to Kuta Beach..I hope I could see sunset but unfortunately I can't so I just captured sunset a little bit ;( We were looking for dinner on the beach, we were very starving on that night...kkk xDD We met new friends there, they are came from France & we had nice conversation with them. In Kuta area, you can buy souvenirs there..the souvenirs almost same like Gili Trawangan but in here is more it's recommended to buy souvenirs in Kuta.
Kuta Beach..
Sunset...beautiful~~~ ^^

Royal Bungalow..anyway lol with the spelling kkk :p
Julian, me, Romina & Dyah~~

From here I will go alone to Bali..because I will flight back to Jakarta from Bali at night so I will have a day in Bali to explore a little bit. See yaa~~ ^^b

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