Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trip to Lombok - Bali 4/4

Day 4 - Monday, 22 July 2013
I had an early flight from Lombok to Bali, I feel so glad because the man in my home stay was so kind, he took me to airport in an early morning with his motorcycle & i don't have to pay as much as if you take shuttle bus around Rp70.000. He said just pay for gasoline cost (1 lt.) wuaaa what a nice guy...^^ In the airport I got to see sunrise..arrived on Bali, from my calculation I will have 12 hours in Bali before my night flight so I decided to explore Kuta in Bali. From airport I went to Seminyak area..Double Six Beach by taxi, there were so many surfers there..looks really fun~! So my route for that day were Seminyak (Double Six Beach) - Legian Beach - Kuta Beach then back to airport. Being here once again in this place was reminiscent with old memories..From 3 beaches that I have visited, I prefer Legian beach..I was like an adventurer there..explore Bali long as being away from my city its so refreshing for me~~~ away from works..hohoho..Thankfully I got to see sunset at Kuta Beach before I went to airport..the sunset was so lovely..
Double Six Beach, Seminyak
refreshiiiiingggg~~~~ ^^v
Legian Beach..
cool~~~!! kk xDD Legian Art Market :)

i like this store!
Bomb Monument~~ ><
new mall at Kuta area, Beach!

nearby the Kuta Beach..
yeahhhh Sunset~~!!! ^^b
lalalalla xDD
coffee anyone? hihii
had a quick stop to buy gifts & snacks there~~~ XDD unusual~~~ ^^;;
Soooo...this is it, another story of my adventures in 2013..hihii..and I will have another plan to go somewhere again after this..hardly can't wait to go again...go to a new place that i've never been before...thankfully I got to see Lombok in this journey..even actually I almost not going coz I thought how can I?? in Lombok alone..bla bla bla..but hey I made it!! so proud with myself kkk xDD see yaaa~~~

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