Saturday, November 21, 2015

One Day Trip to Leuwi Hejo

I kinda need weekend getaway even the shortest one because it's been a while since my last trip and I feel like I need to go somewhere. And my friend asked me to join a trip to Leuwi Hejo, Sentul, Bogor, so of course I said YES. It was an Open Trip, for the whole package is Rp185.000/pax then on November 15, we are going to Leuwi Hejo :) there were 18 ppl and meeting point as usual at Plaza Semanggi 6 AM, what a Sunday morning, hahaha but since I need this, it doesn't matter. 

Due to morning trip on Sunday there is no traffic jam in that morning and we reach the place in about 2,5 hours with ELF that already rent by organizer which is already included on that package. Since I didn't browsing that much so I just knew that in some part we are going into water where I thought it's gonna be the same like Green Canyon, body rafting? oops..the night before D-day my back was really hurt that it will hurt if I sit or even standing in a long time so thinking that I might not join the trip was really sad but thankfully, I woke up in the morning and I feel my body is getting better after I got some treatment the day before.
view at the top after struggling..haha at Leuwi Hejo

Starting with some trekking, we went to our first destination, Leuwi Cipet & Leuwi Liyet, I haven't did sports in a period so my body feel tired so fast and the track was not easy though, you should climb up the stairs that quite high and the stairs are still natural. Some people need to take a rest much and some are exciting, I feel exciting but thinking of my back that still feeling hurt sometimes..hmm..I tried so hard to not thinking about it. And finally we arrived at our first destination, there were many people in there. Don't ever use your swallow slipper to go there, it will be slippery and you're going to be a burden for your friends :p In here you can jump from the high rock, it was around 3-5 meters, i didn't try it but some of my friends tried it. We were having our lunch there in another spot, and before we had our lunch, there were spot that quite hard to cross it, since it was quite deep and the water flow was quite hard and we gotta swimming.
pose guysss :D
the track was not easy, prepare for it :p
From there we have to do trekking again, so this one day will full of trekking and find those spots, we walk to another way and actually it will go back to our first route but along the way we need to take the other way to Curug Barong, there are sign for those places.  Arrived at Curug Barong, which is pretty amazing with that big rocks and the waterfall, we took photos for sure and the nice spot to take picture was under the waterfall, there were a rock that you may sit on there but really, be careful.
do you see how steep the track?
Curug Barong
group picture
how nice is that :)
me under the waterfall, cr.Febri
We still have one spot on our itinerary, Leuwi Hejo, we do some trekking again and this place is actually our main destination, and of course another waterfall with some big rock I know, since the view will only full with this, there were some ppl who didn't want to join and some will continue the trekking to go there including me, even it would be the same at least I want to see with my own eyes so I can share and talk about my experience. It's not that far, but to see that Leuwi Hejo, the track was soooo difficult, we had to hop and hop to another rock to get there. You can also climb up again to see clearly from the top, there are some people who jump again into that water which the flow was kinda strong. I am curious with what's on the top? So I asked to go there since some guys already being on top and encouraging us to going up to. And then I reach the rope and start swimming to the rock and trying to climb up, thankfully our guide is there to help us. It was soooo slippery, and I hold on the rope so tight since it would be so dangerous if I don't hold it. 
need extra effort to be on top
arrived & do you see on my back? I'm gonna climb that up cr.Lucky
we made it by climbing those rocks
That was the view from the top but I feel so happy & proud to myself, since there are no girls who climb up this rock, and me with my friends are the first girls, yeay. And our next problem is we couldn't go down by jumping since little bit afraid..haha..and still because of my back so our guide try to find another way, and we decide to climb up again and going out to another way where we found extra view which is there was a hill to see from the top. It really steep and little bit slippery with those little rocks. And then we knew our friends already waited for us in the homestay so we go back there through another way there was rice field etc. We go back to Jakarta around 5 PM and arrived at Jakarta around 7PM, anddd I'm so starvinggg...hahaha...thank you for reading my post and I'll see you later ;) Anyway I joined Open Trip from FB Temangebolang and some pictures are them (see the watermark) and some of my friends & me.
got bonus to see the view from the top, cr.Febri
reached the top, 5 survivors, cr.Febri
the rice field, cr.Febri
Group picture, some pics credit by FB temangebolang

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