Sunday, November 1, 2015

Satisfied Dinner at Hong Kong Cafe

There were many people said the food in this restaurant was great so that's why I get so curious with it and yeay finally I got chance to visit this restaurant, Hong Kong Cafe, with my friends. We straight go there, Kuningan City branch after office hours, the traffic jam was sooo bad at that night.

We were famished so please make our food in a hurry :p We did remember that night we ate a lot, hahaha and all of it were so tasty, highly recommended :) First food to serve is Sweet & Sour Chicken (Rp56.000) it said it was recommended menu so we order one and it turns out sooo true, I love it so much they mixed it with some paprica and put lettuce as garnish. HKC Special Fried Rice (Rp48.500), contains of seafood and another tasty food for dinner, not too oily. 
Sweet & Sour Chicken
HKC Special Fried Rice
Mayonnaise Prawn (Rp67.500), I love mayonnaise so when I saw this on the menu I feel like I should order one, Deep Fried Oyster Omellete Served With Special Dipping Sauce (Rp41.000), this is always so good, I want to make omellete like that but I think I couldn't ;p
Mayonnaise Prawn

Deep Oyster Fried Omellete
Still craving some more we decided to order again, Popular HK French Toast (Rp24.500) and Steamed Chicken Prawn Dumpling - Siew Mai (Rp19.500) for closing. The toast was so tender and you can dip into the maple sauce. So, I would love to come back again and trying out another menu in this restaurant. I really love love love it :)
Popular HK French Toast
Dim Sum - Siew Mai

Hong Kong Cafe
Location : Kuningan City, lantai Lower Ground, Jl, Prof. Dr. Satrio Kuningan
Price : Rp19.500 - 100.000

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