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Trip to Singapore – Homin Asia Fan Party 2011

Wow..thanks for those who dropped comment ^^ made me feel more excited to share my experience while traveling. This time, back to Singapore again..I planned this trip all of sudden like a month before the event to see my favorite boys, Homin from TVXQ. Last year I met JYJ from TVXQ & now after 2 years, finally I can see Homin again :D They were the reason that I flew to SG to attend “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Singapore” Jointly organized by Korea-based company S2 Entertainment and SM Entertainment here is their account on facebook (TVXQ SG FANPARTY ), I heard they will stayed less than 24 hours in SG so I booked my flight on Sunday & go back to Jakarta on Monday. Wished that I’ll be able to see them at Changi Airport. But 2 days before departure, I heard there was changing plan, Homin will arrive on Saturday, suddenly I feel really down n sad coz I do really wanna see them in personal n closer but failed :/ so I tried to check & thinking to buy tix for Saturday but luckily when I called call centre for my flight, asked for changing, they said YES! I can change my flight into tomorrow (Saturday) so I went to Singapore 3-5 December 2011 (3D/2N) was sooo happy when they said yes & I don’t have to pay anything. I took Sriwijaya Air for the first time to go to SG n will be back to Jakarta with Tiger Airways after comparing these & those flight through WEGO Actually I don’t have much money to go so I kept myself with 50 SGD (around IDR 350.000) to survive from 2 days to 3 days due changed plan ^^; on Saturday morning, I was woke up very late n got panicked coz I supposed to leave my house at 5.30am but I just woke up at 6.30am, my house to airport is really flight at 9am, took a shower in a rush & left without having breakfast >.< the queue at immigration on that Saturday morning was freaking long. But thanks God, still able to make it, finished that immigration thing around 8.40am :D

Pen B is my tix ^^v
Day 1 – Saturday, 3 December 2011
Besides Homin, I was excited to go to Singapore coz it’s Christmas season so I’m curious to see Christmas decoration in SG. I went with my friend, Demay, she’s Yunho biased like me. We took Sriwijaya Air for the first time & I was surprised with their service, no turbulence, smooth, comfortable chair & we got meals for free ^^b After 1 hour 30 minutes, we arrived at Singapore around 11.35am (time difference an hour) & waiting for Homin which took KE 643, ETA 1:45pm but got delayed bit 1:53pm. Finally they arrived at Gate 23 & I was so nervous at that time, waiting this moment, my precious moment. The good thing is they didn’t take small car at airport like Junsu did. There were so many fans inside more than Junhosu. Tadaaaa!!! They are coming & I was ready with my pocket camera to made video of it. Omooo they were so handsome & the best part was I walked beside Yunho less than 30 cm, that was really close. I also had a chance to walk behind Changmin. Their manager & bodyguard wasn’t really tight about this, we’re so lucky. Still can’t believe, I did that happen. I heard they stayed at One Fullerton Hotel. From Changi Airport we went to Marina by MRT. There was rainy day, I left my umbrella at my room in Jakarta so I covered my head with SG map. We took a stroll around Marina, went to shopping mall at Marina, there were many Christmas trees on the street. Marina Bay Sands, we went inside “The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands” found 7/11 there then I bought Nasi Lemak for lunch 2,5 SGD, so cheap right? 8D. That mall was really big, there was also a small river like Venetian at Macau with looks like gondola but of course Macau much better. There was Titanic Exhibition at Art Science Museum but I’m not going coz I have no money hehe, got stucked few hours at Marina then we continued our journey to Orchard Road to see Christmas Light, and there were 2 my favorites, in front of ION Orchard & Tangs Plaza. This time I stayed at my friend’s at Bukit Panjang, Shaine, she was really nice for letting us stay at her house even there was suddenly changing plan from 1 night to 2 nights ^^ from Orchard we took a bus to go to her house.
favorite pics when took a flight~
inside Sriwijaya Air~ :)
with Papa Bear hoho xDD
Terminal 2 13:53 KE 643 from Incheon ^^
they arriveeeeed!! (^o^)/ *tense*
they filled immigration card there~
Changmin left immigration~
followed by Yunho~ 8D
rainy day :/
Christmas tree at Marina :D
gondola inside the mall~
Big tree inside Marina hoho :D
cheeeeersss~~~ ^^

LV + Elephant = Jaejoong ^.^
Narnia Exhibition~
Art Science Museum
Singapore Flyers, pretty light at night ^^
Homin stayed there, One Fullerton Hotel!
too bad it's rainy night~ ;(
Art Science Museum building~
Expecto Patronus~!! xDD
Narnia Exhibition from above~
Bulb as decoration for one of stores there~
in front of ION Orchard, niceee~~!!

remind me with Korean Drama 'My Girl'
opposite side is Tangs Plaza, cool!
big tree in front of ION Orchard
han ji eun pajamas hehe ;P
merry..merry..merry :D
nomu yeppota~~ ^___^
Day 2 – Sunday, 4 December 2011
By bus, we went to Singapore Botanical Garden in the morning before go to the venue at Singapore Indoor Stadium. There were also a lot of Christmas Trees at Botanical Garden, anyway to enter Botanical Garden it’s free :D spent few hours there, then go to Stadium, arrived around 1pm, the show will start at 7pm with gate open at 6pm so still long way for waiting :D I bought official merchandise, light stick for 9 SGD. There were also Towel (25 SGD), Paper Bag (10SGD), Poster set (20 SGD) & Mini Clear File set (20 SGD) for official merchandises. Salute for the promoter coz their works, because all things were under control. I was really excited, nervous for the show & really miss both of them since last time I saw them in 2009, it started with video on Before U Go, with changes of back sound. First song was Maximum, sheeeshh so handsome, uri yunho~~ ^///^ then talk session, How Can I, Medley (The Way You Are,Purple Line & Mirotic), Rising Sun, Before U Go (I’ve been waiting for this song :D) & Why (Keep Your Head Down), more than 2 hours for 188 SGD (around IDR 1.100.000) plus I got 15% off due pre-sale, reall great! ^^ I love when saw them pouting especially when yunho pouting, definitely so cute. Changmin also very cute when answering questions, try to speak Singlish with “no problem~laa” hahaha xDD the show was dae to the bak!! ^^b for lunch I bought Quick Bites, Singapore Wanton Noodle at 7/11 for 3.3 SGD those 2 days were one of the best of happiest moment in my life ^____^
inside the bus~
Singapore Botanic Gardens
5 SGD to enter this Orchid Garden


made from plastic bottle~
spiral from plastic bottle :D

first time I saw black swan~~ wuaaa o__O

*dugun dugun*

Singapore Indoor Stadium
MAMA 2011 was held on 29.11.11
queueing from 1pm til 6pm ^^;;
my ticket~!!! ^___^
I got for free hohoho :D
queueing for merchandise~
YUNJAE banner >////<
gonna start very soon~~
the stage~!
Mirotic in 2009 & Fan Part in 2011
kyaaaaaaa ^////^ handsome *dies*
uri dongsaeng lil Changmin :p
miss them so mucccchhhh
Keep Your Head Down!!!
fantastic!!! awesome!! superb!!

yunhoooo *kiss*
minnieeee *hug*
at the venue~~ ^____^v
MRT full with Cassiopeia :)
Light Stick 9 SGD

Paper Bag
Paper Bag other side~

Day 3 – Monday, 5 December 2011
I want to try Egg Tart at KFC, last time I forgot to buy it coz I haven’t found yet in Jakarta for Egg Tart menu. So I tried it here, went to Harbour Centre & found that KFC then go to Vivo City, coz today we’re going to Sentosa Island. After having breakfast we’re heading to Vivo City but we want to try Sentosa Boardwalk, you just have to pay 1 SGD, first stop was Waterfront Station, took pictures with Universal Globe & Big Christmas tree ^___^ in Universal Studio, there is a new games, Transformers, someday I’ll be there again. From Waterfront we went to Imbiah, where 1st Merlion located. From there we are heading to Beach Station by train, train already for free, except if you take that train (Sentosa Express) from Vivo City, you have to pay 3 SGD. Alight at Beach Station then turn right to take Beach Tram (also for free) to go to Siloso Beach, I’m going to take picture with that Siloso big letters but unfortunately because of there’s gonna be live music performance n stage n whatever, I couldn’t take picture coz all their equipment boxes covered that letters ;( so I just play on the beach for a moment. From Siloso by beach tram, we’re going back to first stop then at the opposite side, walk a little then take beach tram to Palawan Beach. I like Palawan more than Siloso, not really hot, beautiful with that bridge & there is a not-really-house but you can take the stairs to going up & see the scenery above there. The breeze was really good, even can make you feel wanna sleep there :D from Sentosa we are taking train to Vivo City, besides Sentosa there’s also big tree at Vivo City, I bet all these things (Sentosa & Vivo City) will looks pretty at night with their lights. Too bad I couldn’t stay much longer coz I have flight back to Jakarta at 6:35pm. So from Sentosa, Vivo City we were heading to Changi Airport then took shuttle bus (free) to Budget Terminal. So from 50 SGD that I had, I still have 5 SGD :D
we stayed there~
Bukit Panjang terminal~
Cable Car to Sentosa Island
finally egg tart on KFC hohoho
robot tree :D
Hello Kitty~~~ kawaiii neee
inside Vivo City
only for 1 SGD to Sentosa by walking :)
view that you can get while walking~
pay 1 SGD here if you don't have coin~

use your EZ link or put 1 SGD on that machine~
Christmas tree at Sentosa Island~

i wish i can go inside T___T

see how big the tree is? hoho :D
entrance gate to Universal Studio~

what are you doing mr. egg? hihihi

first merlion in singapore~

those things blocked that SILOSO >.<
so i took pic from the back :/
Bora Bora lol xDD

beach tram to Palawan Beach~

love that bridge hohoho
Christmas in Vivo City <333

Budget Terminal Changi~

check in check in
Well, like usual here is my itinerary including details ^^

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