Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sumba 4/4 - Tanarara, Waimarang Waterfall, Walakiri Beach and Last Day at Sumba Island

"If you can dream it,
you can do it."
-Walt Disney

at Waimarang Waterfall, East Sumba
Day 5 - Thursday, 15 October 2018

It's almost the end of our trip, huhu, bit sad if I remember to go back to reality, haha, this morning we will go to Tanarara Hill, another hill to check while at Sumba. Get ready to go and when arrived there. Wow, it's another beauty of Sumba that been offered to us. Such a different side of Sumba Island yet still beautiful. We enjoyed the view, taking pictures, going crazy on that hill since nobody is there but us. 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sumba 3/4 - Tanggedu Waterfall, Puru Kambera and Sakura at Sumba!

"Believe in yourself, even if you feel like turning back
at times. Don't run away. Little by little you will get
closer to achieving your dreams. "
-Yunho, TVXQ
Sakura at Sumba Island, Indonesia
Day 4 - Thursday, 14 October 2018

Our first destination for today is Tanggedu Waterfall at East Sumba, it was such a long way to arrive to Tanggedu Waterfall, the view was spectacular. It's like having a road trip where on your left and right side were just savanna or I can say a little wild savanna since you will spotted a lot of wild animals live freely. Along the way we stopped at few points to take pictures since the view is really nice and totally different with Indonesia that we used to see.

In the middle of savanna, we spotted Konjil Tree (Konjil Flowers) which looks like Sakura or Cherry Blossoms and that was soooo beautiful that made us stop and take pictures with that tree. The pinkish color made the tree looks so pretty.
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