Saturday, August 18, 2018

Taiwan 1/7 - Another Solo Travel Diaries and This Time to Taiwan!

Unexpected things happened, some made me pretty upset but some made me feel so grateful and happy at the same time, Life is a roller coaster indeed!
Capsule Container Hotel at KLIA2
Pardon me!

Lately I was too lazy to write my blog but still I need to do my homework for my previous trip on last May. This trip was made since on that week, there were 2 National Holiday, so I will only take 3 annual leaves to have a whole week. I checked the ticket and Taiwan was a good option, in addition I never been to Taiwan so Taiwan marked country #22 that I visited. Beside that, I kinda remember when Meteor Garden which is Taiwanese drama was so popular long time ago, F4 haha, I love and watched that drama.

I have no particular plan at Taiwan so I think I just go and think later. It’s another my solo traveling but solo is not really solo eventually. I met many friends along the way even met old friends of mine. The place that I wanna see is Taipei 101 and most people said Taiwan is safe so no worries to travel solo especially if you are a girl. I went to Taiwan on Friday, May 25 - Sunday, Jun 3, 2018 (10D/9N), transit at Kuala Lumpur.

FREE Visa Taiwan for Indonesian and How to Apply Visa Online, Yay!

I wish there would be another Free Visa for Indonesian :)

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
When I heard it's Free Visa to go to Taiwan and I just need to apply online, this country is on my priority list to go and yep I am heading to Taiwan this time at 25th of May. 2018. I got a good deal for flight ticket when I searched randomly and there were 2 national holiday and Taiwan was the cheapest option at that time, around Rp 3,500,000 for return ticket.

I applied visa around 2 weeks before departure, 6th of May 2018. I can say it was so easy to apply Taiwan visa via online.

How to Apply Free Visa Taiwan Online?

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