Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trip to Situs Megalitikum Gunung Padang, Cianjur

Yeah!! I'm back...with another place that I visited last weekend, but I didn't go for body rafting, so sad :( it's okay I can go next time ^^ I saw a day trip to go to Situs Megalitikum Gunung Padang, Cianjur on Saturday, 24 August 2013 with cost all in Rp195.000 so I decided to join. Our meeting point at Kampung Rambutan Terminal at 6 AM *yawn*, we left at 7 AM by ELF car. It was pretty far from Jakarta plus again & again bad traffic jam but not like when I went to Bogor last time. Plus the infrastructure of the road are still poor. Passing the same route like I did last time but still going straight to Puncak - Cipanas until Cianjur. We arrived around 11.30 AM and our first destination is Lampegan Station, an old station which operated since 1882 and closed in 2001. There was a tunnel there which built in 1879 - 1882.
our meeting point, Kampung Rambutan Terminal
this horse just came from Germany, price Rp700million
they closed the road when we there so we need to wait around 30 minutes

Lampegan Station
inside the tunnel~~

built in 1879-1882
me~~ :D

From there we went to Situs Megalitikum Gunung Padang, 6 km from Lampengan Station. Hardly can't wait to go there, our main destination & I saw the pictures before andddd...I really wanna see with my eyes, coz that was so damn cool~! Situs Megalitikum Gunung Padang is a prehistoric heritage site in the Megalithic culture of West Java, located at Karyamukti village, Cianjur. It is a largest Punden Complex in Asia with complex of building area about 900sqm, located at an altitude of 885 m above sea level, and the site area ​​about 3 hectares. Entrance Fee is Rp2.000 for local & Rp5.000 for foreign people. There were 14 ppl who joined this trip, When we took the car to go there, they said the car can't enter until main entrance so we parked the car and go until entrance by foot. To go to the megalithic site there were 2 options for the stairs, left is original stairs but kinda steep & right is ladder stairs, we decided to go with steep one, original stairs & sooo exhausted...kkk xDD On this megalitikum site there were a mystery with number 5 coz so many things related with number 5. I got this information when the guide told us the story about this site. This site surrounded by 5 mountain, there are 5 terrace on this site, shape of the stone is pentagon etc. This site is used as a place for worship and some of archaeologist are still doing research about this place until now. The age range from 3500 - 8000 BC and even in Terrace 5 there are some stone age range between 13.000 - 23.000 BC. Wow...he said this was moreeeee ancient than Pyramid on Mesir. There were 5 unique stones on those terraces. Terrace 1 with Gamelan (traditional music instrument), Terrace 2 with Throne, Terrace 3 with sketch resembling  with stone cleaver (ukiran kujang) & tiger's footprint (tapak maung), Terrace 4 with 'Carrying Stone' (Batu Gendong) who able to lift that stone, their wish will be granted..but when we went there, that stone wasn't there coz they keep the stone and the last one is Terrace 5 with Rest Stone the shape looks like a bed..hehe...
bad road~~ ><
feel like in the Flinstone movie :p
left or right? :D

so many menhir at there...
group pictures...

all stone is pentagon~~
tapak maung!

take a nap, anyone? :)
another pentagon kkk :D


Rujak Bebeg *nyummm..

the gate..
me with Lina & Nuning who arranged the trip ^^v
Actually we wanna go to another place called Curug Cikondang (waterfall) but we couldn't go coz we didn't have enough time that we went to Puncak instead to have meals before going back to Jakarta. We arrived in Jakarta around 11 PM. Such an exciting day trip for my lovely weekend :) Well, see you next time & thank you for reading my blog~!! ^^
900 m²
900 m²

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trip to Bogor - Curug Cilember

Actually this trip was kinda sudden trip for me, from my previous post I told you that I'm gonna have another trip very soon but actually not this trip kkk xDD But I felt so exciting to go to this place coz I really wanna go to one of many Curug (Waterfall) in Bogor long time ago, maybe since I posted about my last trip to Bogor doing Culinary things..nom nom nom..:) Finally I can go this time! A day before, I googled it first so we went to Bogor last Sunday, 11 August 2013. I went to Bogor with my office mates, there were 5 ppl on this journey. We gathered at Kota Kasablanka at 7.30 AM then took Angkot 44 (Rp3.000) to Tebet Station then we took a train to Bogor (Commuter Line Rp4.000) I was not sure at that time because I thought the ticket price was so cheap than last time I took the train to Bogor, so I just found out there was a new policy about that progressive tariff from Government which I think that's good but negative things were the train will going to be massive ^^;; since you can not choose what train you are going to take >< From Tebet to Bogor took around 1 hour & it was holiday season plus after Idul Fitri day so everywhere was soooo crowded~!! I feel sorry with my friends who took the train for the first time..introducing Jakarta with this way..but welcome to Jakarta ^^ can't do something about it due the facts lol. Around 9 AM we arrived on Bogor, exit was different too..not like last time, now they trying to control's good though. We rent (charter) angkot to Curug Cilember after we fulfilled our stomach at KFC near the station, the driver ask Rp350.000 at first then we made a deal Rp180.000/one way, I read on another blog that from Bogor Station to Curug will take around 1 hour but due to holiday season the traffic was so awful...stuck at the toll....errrr...we left on 9.30AM. Actually I never thought that Curug distance would be that far, I thought Bogor just around Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor) my bad geographic. From 1 hour turned out to be almost 3 hours, such an exhausting journey isn't it..all because of bad traffic jam >< I was thinking at that time, I hope this trip gonna be worthed..:) the driver didn't take us until our destination, he said he can't stand with the traffic jam so he hand over to another driver & we add Rp5.000 more from our deal before so it becomes Rp185.000.
Tebet Station
now they use card for ticket~~ ^^b

insert your ticket there, wait until green light then get out~~

alternative way? umm..i don't think so

too many B (Jakarta) that day~~~
When we arrived..uwaa is like finally~~~ so many ppl at that time..yeah yeahhh no wonder since its holiday season & weekend also. I like the refreshing :D. We asked the driver to wait for us at Curug & took us back to Bogor Station, he asked for Rp250.000 then we said OK. Entrance fee for this place is Rp15.000. In this Curug Cilember there are 7 Curug, Curug 1 ~ Curug 7. The nearest Curug is Curug 7, you don't have to worry to get there coz there are many signage in that area. Since Curug 7 is the nearest sooooo many ppl were there..the water became dirty because of that..kkk..but hearing sounds of water & cool weather made me happy...the waterfall was pretty high..we passed by Curug 7 then go to Curug 5 around 15 minutes, the track was kinda hard..because you need to get up up careful coz the road was slippery >< on Curug 5, still many ppl but not crowded like Curug 7. I was curious with the waterfall & want to get in but kinda hesitated at first..coz I will get wet for sure but I thought that time, you are here now so why not do it now? I get in to the waterfall..^_____^ cool cool cool..hohoho xDD next time if I go there again...I hope I can go until Curug 1, it must be so beautiful & not many ppl come there..From there we went back to Curug 7, took pictures & got a chance trying Flying Fox Rp20.000 not too high not to far..but it was okay..hehe..only 3 of us tried that Flying Fox, 2 of them were trying Flying Fox for the first time..kkk xDD
Main Gate of Curug Cilember..finally 왔다아아~!! ^^
Locket & entrance~~ Entrance fee Rp15.000/person

Flying Fox~~ :D

Curug 7!!
화이팅~!화이팅~! ^^
라라스..안녕~~ ^^;; 잠시만요...
Curug 5!!
more closer~~
only 4 of us who made it there~!! ^^v
now I'm not curious again~~ :D
Going down again....
Back to Curug 7!
splash..splash...both of them look so happy kkk xDD

so many ppl~~ >__<
Raras,Sanghwa,Jaesang,Sunil & Me at Curug 7~ ^^
you can rent a home stay there...

big spider..
Camping, anyone? :)
We are ready for Flying Fox~~! ^^v
Ready, Set & Go~!
Butterfly Conservation~~
There were many stall selling food & souvenirs, so we sat there & ordered corn Rp5.000 & coconut juice Rp15.000, took a rest for a moment before going back to Jakarta after spent around 4 hours at Curug Cilember. Thankfully there were not bad traffic jam when we going back to Jakarta even there were downpour but it's okay...kkk...what another nice weekend I had ^^b
Coconut Juice aka Es Kelapa ^^
the Map~~
Annyong~! ^^
For those of you who might need weekend getaway..I think Bogor will be recommended..not too expensive, not too far from Jakarta & they have wonderful nature too. This was just one of many waterfall there coz actually there are so many waterfalls at Bogor. I would like to see & visit all of waterfall in there & sure I will share pictures when I got a chance to go there ^^b Anyway on this trip I brought my friends from Korea, hopefully they enjoyed this trip before they go back to Korea & got a chance to see part of Indonesia even just a little bit ^^
After this..I might going to somewhere where we can do water sports called body rafting this weekend...yeahhh~~!!! i really wanna go to that place >< see yaa! :)
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