Monday, December 2, 2019

Korea 1/8 : TVXQ Concert Circle #with Day 1 - Exciting Korean Trip!

"I love you when I saw you.
When I touch you. When I feel you.
When I fall in love"
Tonight - TVXQ
sooooo extremely happy finally I got to see them again after many years~~~~
This is my 3rd time going to this country. I applied Multiple Visa (Rp1,332,000) this time so I got 5 years, the process was so fast. After I got my visa, I also checked Korean Tour Organization and there was another FIT (Free Independent Traveler) program again so I made an appointment with them to go to their office, submit and redeem my application (copy of flight tickets, copy of hotel reservations, copy of passport and copy of Korean visa), filled survey and got some freebies, including T-Money with KRW 10,000 balance and some discount coupon book. 
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