Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trip to Yogyakarta [Holiday Season]

I miss Yogyakarta and I felt its been a long time since I visited Yogyakarta, maybe last year? so thats why I booked my ticket alone but when my brother & sister know about my plan, and they are in holiday season so finally I booked again another economy train ticket for them. We went to Yogyakarta, 25 - 28 June 2015. We took the night train, leave around 10. 30 PM. We took Progo to go and went home with Bengawan. Progo is Rp75.000 and Bengawan Rp80.000 so the cost for the ticket almost Rp200.000/person
Omah Cilik
Taman Pintar
 Arrived in the morning at Lempuyangan Station, then we took Becak Rp15.000 with 2 becak to go to our hostel, Omah Cilik Rp80.000/night/person so the cost for our hostel is Rp480.000, we stayed for 2 nights. The weather was really hot at that time. We laying back at our hostel, we picked mixed dorm, there were 6 beds in one room. We are the only Indonesian who staying at that hostel. We went to Malioboro by walking, it took around 10-15 minutes to get there. All of us have been to Yogyakarta before so this trip was totally not in a rush. In Yogyakarta we just visited some few places such as Malioboro, Mirota Batik, Mall of Malioboro, Alun Alun Selatan (Alun-Alun Kidul), Taman Pintar, Beringhardjo Market, Bakpia 25 Factory, Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko Temple. 
interesting drink kkk ;p
entrance to Ratu Boko Temple
view from Ratu Boko
Ratu Boko Temple, beautiful when Sunset came
Andre, Fara & me
Waiting for our shuttle back to Prambanan
soo hot, back light so couldn't get nice picture ;(
We surely do shopping batik a lot and other things. I was remember I got some cheap clothes at Mirota, Malioboro or even inside the market. To go to Ratu Boko we went to Prambanan and buy the package ticket Rp50.000 (including free shuttle to Ratu Boko). Ratu Boko is not in the same place like Prambanan, we need to go outside, it took around 15 minutes by Shuttle. The view from the top of Ratu Boko was amazing, you can see Prambanan Temple from there :) The perfect time to visit Ratu Boko is  when sunset but you gotta pay Rp100.000 for the entrance or if you want you can go there at 2 PM and waiting until sunset time but I couldn't imagine since it was very hot. We went to Yogyakarta during Ramadhan month. Not far from our hostel there is our favorite place to eat (been told by our hostel officer) Rp10.000 for rice, chicken, tofu/tempe so delicious~~ our favorite was intestines (usus).
Malioboro Area
Beringhardjo Market, that green building

Our room
Alun2 Kidul at night
at Bakpia 25 Factory, took becak from Malioboro Rp10.000 (round)
Lempuyangan Station
So my main purpose to go here was just eager to visit Yogyakarta since  been a while, Ratu Boko & buy some batik, mission accomplished :) But, I felt that city already different cause now there is more traffic & the weather was totally hot. Thank you so much for reading my blog and see you in another journey :)
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