Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hunting New Places at Yogyakarta : Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Hutan Pinus, Tebing Breksi etc.

"Better to see something once, than to hear about it thousand times"
-Asian Proverb
bit afraid to get up there but the view is spectacular! :)
Will do another getaway and I am always excited to do one or two or three and keep going haha. This trip already planned with a friend of mine such a long time but yeahh, well at least now we go. I already been to this city couple times, I shared already in this blog and looking for exploring new places again. Leave on Friday night 29th of Aug 2016 by Economy class Bogowonto train from Pasar Senen Station at 9.45PM and arrive in Lempuyangan Station, Yogyakarta in the morning.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Must Visit Island! Karimun Java (Karimun Jawa)

This place filled my bucket list for some time and I'm happy to be able to put checklist now, how wonderful Indonesia can be!

I put this destination long time ago so I am very happy to visit it finally now. I am planning to visit it but still couldn't find perfect time. Then my friend asking me since they also really wanna go to this island and yeay I said yes last minute. 
Java tastes Madives
Leaving Jakarta around 5pm by bus from Terminal Lebak Bulus at South Jakarta, the bus named Muji and you can buy the ticket there, be careful with unofficial officer because they will give you higher price than usual. The ticket price is Rp210k for executive class but since it's not the official ticket it became Rp250k, there were some miscommunication but off we go to Jepara :) The seats were comfortable enough and we did have a good sleep on the bus. Arrived in Jepara around 5 AM and we get off around gas station, thankfully the bus officer woke us up that morning kkkk xDD we slept to tight to realize we arrived already. From gas station we took Becak to Jepara pier Rp20k/becak, met our guide and go to Karimun Jawa by fast boat called Express Bahari at 10 AM for 2 hours. We are so ready for Karimun Java Island!
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