Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trip to Vietnam - Cambodia 4/5

Day 5 - Mon, 17 Mar 2014
The tuk tuk driver will pick us up at 5.15 AM, it was around 20 minutes to Angkor Wat, entrance fee for one day is USD 20, actually this Angkor Wat is a very big complex and you can't visit it for just one day but we only have a short time so we will just visit 3 main temples like most everyone suggested, started from Angkor Wat (waiting for sunrise that came around 6.30 AM), Angkor Thom & Ta Prom (Tomb Raider film site) we were finished around 11 AM and we went to Old Market, Old Market is a place to buy souvenirs, we had our lunch (USD 1,5) inside the market and then  back to our hotel to take a nap...kkk...for the first time during my holiday and there were time to take a nap, SR was very hot, even the wind didn't come so easily. Around 4PM we decided to go to SR Night Market area, within distance walking, the night market was nice, so clean and lots of stuff to see, souvenirs, food, cheep drinks or liquor, massage for USD 1, etc. It was very interesting to see and have a nice stroll at night around that area.
Locket Tix @ USD 20/day
My tix, they will capture your pic before print the tix
waiting for the Sunrise, Angkor Wat

ready to catch up with sunrise some prepared with tripod
beautiful sunrise in the morning around 6.30 AM <333
red, yellow & blue :D
Angkor Thom
too many frame there hehe
Ta Prom~~
wowww...the roots~~~ ^^
see how awesome is that! the tree~~
SR Night Market ;)
Highlight of that day *smirk* :p

Day 6 - Mon, 18 Mar 2014
We found Mekong Express Limousine Bus Office on our way to go to SR Night Market yesterday so we asked about our bus to Phnom Penh and just knew it that we could make request for them to pick us up at our hotel, so we told to be ready at 6.30 AM and wait for the crew to pick us up to the Bus Station. SR to Phnom Penh was about 7 hours journey. We departed at 7.30 AM and arrived at 2.30 PM, take Tuk Tuk for USD 2 to our hostel, no need to bargain coz it's fixed tarif and Mekong provided that service for their passengers so just tell the staff where are you staying and they will give so some kind a receipt for tuk2 and the price is USD 2, Velkommen Backpackers (USD 5,3/night/person, Triple Room, AC, Shared Bathroom, WIFI). Our hostel was located nearby the Riverfront area. Actually the river was not like that good because to smelly..the facilities was pretty nice though. We took a rest a moment in hostel and we went to Central Market  by walking, same stuff but I recommend do not forget to buy T Shirt it is only USD 2 for 1 T Shirt and the fabric was good not like in Ho Chi Minh. I think stuff in Cambodia are more cheaper than Vietnam. Like usual the weather was very hot but it is better than SR because there is a wind..hehe :D From Central Market we continued walking to next place, Wat Thom, for tourist you have to pay USD 1 to get in but at that time we didn't enter that temple, so we just took our pictures around that area, in front of big watch but definitely still working and sitting on the bench to take a rest. We only want to visit those place and then we go back to our hostel and pass the River Front. Having a delicious dinner with fried noodles around my hostel, located on the street and it was very cheep only USD 1 and 500 Riel. In Cambodia, they use USD & Riel, sometimes when you pay something USD and they need to give you change in cents they will use Riel instead. 1 USD = 4000 Riel, 1 Riel = IDR 2,4. It was kinda confusing at first since we came from Vietnam using another Currency and then go to Cambodia with another addition sometimes they are mixed up with USD & Riel.
We stayed for a night there

Sakura <3333 ?!?! just pretend it was~~ hehe

Central Market, Phnom Penh

Wat Thom, that big watch is still running~~
Delicious Nooddle, only for USD 1 and 500 Riel
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