Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Business] Trip to Semarang

To be honest I'm not so sure if I should make this post or not because I was going here not to having holiday but it was business trip. But since this is my treasure later so I decided to post it. I was exciting coz it was my first time being here. Even though its not for holiday but I'm glad  that I could go there for free. Me & friends decided to extend one day earlier. Flight in the early morning Sunday and what we did there was pretty not much. So, I would make a quick post for what I did at Semarang, actually I went there to perform Traditional Dance. Semarang, 14 - 16 June 2015, CGK - Ahmad Yani International Airport. So grateful the weather was nice so no worries for turbulence, we took Garuda Indonesia. Flight for 45 minutes but when we almost arrive at Semarang since the air traffic was pretty crowded so we couldn't landing for  few minutes, so we got to round & round in the air for about 15-20 minutes, that's not cool, coz I prefer to not know that I supposed to be landing soon :) but again, thankfully the weather was nice :) The airport was looks like Yogyakarta airport, and from the airport along the way from airport we saw a temple named Sam Poo Kong so we decided to make stop there, entrance fee Rp3.000 that was very very hot. The temple was interesting, you can also rent the traditional costume and take the photo on set, Rp80.000/person, include the ticket to get in the other temple. I didn't join but I saw from far away that was interesting, coz they provide the props and they also direct the model to make some pose :) We did some culinary things and the price at there was very cheap comparing with Yogyakarta that I thought cheap already.
nice weather :)
found another airplane due to traffic
Ahmad Yani International Airport
Sam Poo Kong Temple, entrance fee Rp3.000

extra Rp20.000 if you want to go inside that temple
traditional clothes Rp80.000/person, already included extra ticket
our room at Oak Tree Hotel
Loempia Mbak Lien

Handmade Ice Cream by Toko Oen

dinner at Koeno Koeni

Day 2, we have rehearsal for our tomorrow performance and after rehearsal we went to Bandeng Juwana to buy gifts or snack or food. Everything was so cheap in there and I totally love it :) Only one stop shopping since we don't have much time to do any fancy things. And our last day, Day 3, we already stand by in the morning and prepare for the performance, make up and everything coz we will perform at 11.30 AM then after we performed, get lunch & we went straight to the airport and go home :( huhuhu I always sad when remember time to back to reality~~ so this is my quick post for Semarang. Overall I like Semarang due to inexpensive cost, haha See you :)
swimming pool at Oak Tree Hotel
Rehearsal for Djarum COP IV Round Table~
time to buy snacks for gift~~
our changing room
get ready~~
DANCEEE~~~~ ;)
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