Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Singapore - Malaysia

Due to big sale last year in Air Asia so I bought for 3 destinations this year, first Phuket (which ended up with Korea), Yogyakarta & last one is Singapore-Malaysia :D this time I went with my old friends in senior high school, we were on the same extracurricular, dance & cheerleading, what a horrible & great experience at that time! There were 5 of us but 2 of us couldn’t join this trip. After few months or ummm years finally we met again! We went to Singapore & Malaysia 21 – 25 April 2012 (5D/4N). Since it’s promo ticket, I got this ticket in a very cheap price, round trip for ±IDR 170.000 (±USD 18). I knew airport tax in Singapore is more higher than Malaysia so booked ticket JKT-SG & KL-JKT hehe lil bit trick to get cheapest price plus went to 2 countries.

Day 1 – Saturday, 21 April 2012
Me & Sarow went first before Arlyne with her bf, we’re not on the same flight & hotel. Actually they stayed in hotel but me & sarow stayed at hostel since as usual I’m a budget traveler. I stayed in Footprints Hostel in Little India, I choose mixed dorm, I got special price when I checked on coz this hostel had special price for one day. Actually I want to stay at the same hostel when I went here but room was unavailable so I tried this one. We arrived at night & went directly to hostel. My friend got scared while we walking to find our hostel after we alight at MRT Little India that night (feel sorry to her since she didn’t get used to it) but that was kinda new experience to try backpacker style :D I love the decoration in our hostel, feel fresh & bright there maybe because the color. There were around 8-9 peoples in our room from different country. In this hostel, they provide locker but no padlock so luckily I always bring 2 padlocks in my passport purse. The staff was really nice also & in this hostel we can get Universal Studio ticket with discounted price, normal price is SGD 68 but here SGD 65 ^^

Day 2 – Sunday, 22 April 2012
Exploring Singapore started from Raffles Place area, we met Arlyne & her bf at exit H MRT Raffles Place. From there we went to Cavenagh Bridge, Sir Stamford Raffles Statue, Esplanade & Merlion Statue. This route is same like I already did before :D not much new in this trip, so same route but different companion this time. For this trip I used EZ-Link, topped up SGD 14, with this card all fare would be cheaper than single ticket *smirk*. Singapore in April was always hot, I don’t know if this is a coincidence or what but I feel like I always come to Singapore in April every year ^^;; from Merlion we heading to Orchard, my friends want to shop there plus Orchard is like must visiting place in Singapore. Not forget to buy ice cream SGD 1, that’s my favorite things in Orchard, so delicious & cheap. This time I tried Macadamia flavor, Durian & Choco Mint (I bought macadamia & my friends bought others so I tried those too :p). If I went there again I will try another one! Had lunch at Lucky Plaza in the basement, wuaaa it’s a good place to eat in Singapore if you’re in low budget. I tried to go to Food Republic in Wisma Atria but at that time they closed & there was a renovation for the building but Lucky Plaza was more than fine! ^^ I ordered Roasted Chicken Rice for SGD 3.5 without drink coz I already filled my bottle with mineral water in airport hoho xDD From Orchard we went to Chinatown, it’s a good place to buy souvenirs, many choices to choose. Had dinner around Chinatown, we ate Roti Praha & Roti John (roti : bread) Roti John SGD 2.8, Roti Praha (Cheese) SGD 2.2, for Praha range around SGD 1.5-3. I ate Roti Praha Cheese, it was delicious, they served praha with curry but I don’t really like curry. From there I went first to meet Couchsurfers in Little India meanwhile my friends went to Clarke Quay. But too bad when I arrived, the dinner was kinda over we didn’t much have time to talk, but luckily there was Francess cs from Philipines who had nothing to do that night so we walking around little india at that night & chatted for few hours. Glad to met someone new during your trip.
Finally we met again!! too bad minus 2 :(
me, Arlyne & Sarow at Merlion Statue :D
Macadamia Flavor
Roasted Chicken Rice SGD 3.5 at Lucky Plaza ^^
Famous Ice Cream in Orchard only SGD 1!
MRT Chinatown exit A :)
Buy Souvenirs anyone?
I love the sky! Masjid Jamek at Chinatown
Roti John SGD 2.8
Roti Praha (Cheese) :D SGD 2.2

Our bed :D
our hostel, Footprints Hostel~
Little India area~
Day 3 – Monday, 23 April 2012
Time for Universal Studio!!! I was exciting for Battlestar Galactica either Cylon or Human & New Transformers, coz last time I went to USS but still soft opening so they still not working for Battlestar & Transformers is a new ride just launching last December. Other than that not too excited anymore like the first time I went there. From Vivo City I went to USS with Sentosa Boardwalk, not too far just 500m from Vivo City, while you walking you can see the view plus it’s just SGD 1 to enter Sentosa, if you take Sentosa Express SGD 3. This time I reversed the route, last time I started from Madagascar area but this time I started from Hollywood area (right). Transformers 3D was awesome ride, must try in USS ^^b finally I tried Battlestar Cylon & yessss it was really awesome!! After you try Cylon then Human I think Human will look more standard than Cylon :D I don’t know what happen with me while I try Cylon but I can’t stop laughing when I try that ride lol xDD so I recommend Battlestar Galactica esp Cylon, Revenge of Mummy Returns, Transformers 3D, Shrek 4D, Light Camera & Action by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park & Water World (soak zone would be more fun!). From USS we went to Beach Station by Sentosa Express, free. My friends want to watch Song of The Sea SGD 10 but I’m not going so while waiting for them I went to Siloso Beach by tram, did you remember when last time I went there, there was lil bit incident (not really important though XPP) After Sentosa me & Sarow will go to Kuala Lumpur by night bus. This is my first time went to KL from Singapore by bus, I just want to experience it :D. Get our bag at hostel (we already checked out before went to USS but they let us to put our bag there) then walked to bus terminal Queen Street (actually it’s near Bugis & we have no idea when we walked heading to that place from our hostel in Little India) & take Causeway Link Bus (yellow color) for SGD 2.4 (you can use EZ Link) to Johor Baru around 35-40 minutes. Beside Causeway Link Bus you can take SBS 170, this is public bus so they will stop at bus shelter. If you take Causeway, without stopping they will take you to Johor Baru. When you take the bus you have to get off twice for immigration things, first for immigration Singapore & second for immigration Malaysia, don’t forget to bring bus ticket & your stuff, you can take the same bus even different driver without have to pay again. After you arrive in Johor Baru (Larkin terminal) you can take bus to KL on the spot. I was browsing & some ppl said it will cost around 30-31 RM, at that night I didn’t buy ticket at lockers but there are some guy offering for ticket & I was bargaining so I got 28 RM for bus departure 12.30 AM. But I forgot which bus, the color was green, seat was comfortable, the journey took around 5 hours from Johor Baru to Kuala Lumpur. So if I summarize it will be Singapore – Johor Baru (Larkin Terminal) – Kuala Lumpur (Puduraya Terminal), this way is cheaper then directly bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, if you take directly it will cost ±SGD 30 but if from Johor Baru it will cost ±RM 30, almost half price right?
get the map there!
hehehe :p
us!! ^^
Transformers 3D, greatt!!
Battlestar Galactica!!
AWESOMEE!! <3333
Water World~
Lockers at Universal Studio
Sunset at Sentosa Island ^^
Siloso Beach!!
Bus Ticket from Singapore-Johor Baru SGD 2.4 ^^
Day 4 – Tuesday, 24 April 2012
I get off at Puduraya Terminal around 4.30 AM, no bus or subway at that morning & I just found out that it’s a not safe area around that time. There were some taxi offering us but whoaaa from there to Bukit Bintang they asked like RM 20-30 plus most of them didn’t want to use meter, even if they use meter they will ask double for meter. Going around then we found few polices to ask about transportation, luckily from like 8 men there was 1 man who kindly answered & helped us with information not like others U_U even there was 1 man who talked in impolite way through us, when he knew we are from Indonesia he said why we didn’t speak malay. In my opinion what a weird question because not most ppl in Indonesia can speak malay & conversely. At least we still could speak English which is Universal language, right? So after got few information from a good cop we decided to wait at McDonalds until morning. At McD we found a girl, she is Malaysian & was really nice helping us to find our way to our hostel. In the morning we wake LRT Plaza Rakyat & stop at Hang Tuah to change with Monorail to Bukit Bintang. Arrive at our hotel (guesthouse) Anjung KL Guesthouse at 7.30 am, luckily we can early check-in. The staff was really nice & helpful with some information about Malaysia. We booked private double room for RM 60/room. Going upstairs, enter our room then after take a shower I just sleep :D wake up for lunch time, we had lunch at Jalan Alor, a lot of food here & not expensive start from RM 4, I had Wan Tan Mee for RM 5.5 then going around Bukit Bintang. For the girls don’t miss out Vincci to buy shoes start from RM 29, you can find it at Fahrenheit, Sungei Wang & Pavillion. To buy snacks or chocolate you can buy at Giant store, Sungei Wang basement, don’t forget to try Beryl’s Chocolate, cheap but delicious. I love this chocolate!! :D from shopping & window shopping (me :p) back to our place then we waited our friends. They kinda late arrived KL, I thought they will go to KL around 9 am from Singapore so we worried at that time coz it’s almost 9pm but they haven’t came yet. While waiting for them, Sarow met her friends Nizam & Leha just in front of their hotel at Old Town Coffee CafĂ©, we waited them there. And around 9.30 AM they just arrived, glad to see them coz we worried because we can’t contacted them plus this is their first time to KL. From coffee we go to restaurant named Nasi Ayam Hainan Chee Meng, this is recommended by Sarow’s friends, they said you should try it. We ordered Roasted Chicken Rice, Tofu & I forgot the name but made from Mango plus Apple Asamboi for drink. Food was delicious & drink kinda unique coz in Indonesia we use asam in Rujak peanut sauce sometimes :D both of them were really nice to us, thanks for them I could try new food in Malaysia ^^b I heard they have a plan to go to Indonesia, hope to meet again at that time.
Wan Tan Mee RM 5.5 at Jalan Alor
Apple Asamboi :D
yummyyy :) :) :)
our room at Anjung KL Guesthouse
Day 5 – Wednesday, 25 April 2012
Our destination for today is Genting Highlands before going back home. Too bad Arlyne was sick so she couldn’t join us for Genting. After checked out from our place we put our bags there while we going to Genting. To Genting we can take bus Go Genting Express from KL Sentral for RM 4.3 (one way), there were maintenance for cable car (Genting Skyway) so we couldn’t ride cable car but we went by free shuttle bus instead from Genting Skyway Station. From KL Sentral to Genting took around 1.5 hours. We didn’t get in to Outdoor Theme Park & just walking around First World Plaza where Indoor Theme Park located, just looking around & sightseeing Genting area before coming back to KL. To Genting, shuttle bus will stop right in front of Outdoor Theme Park & when you want to going back to Genting Skyway you can take shuttle bus from Terminal Bus near First World Hotel. From Genting Skyway we took Go Genting Express Bus actually we got bus scheduled at 4.30 pm coz ticket for 4pm was sold out but when we found out bus for 4pm is not really crowded so we asked the officer if maybe we can take bus which departure at 4pm even we bought ticket for 4.30pm. And yeahh he allowed us to take the bus! ^^ arrived at KL after around 1.5 hours by bus we get our bags & go to Arlyne hotel to say goodbye coz they didn’t come home at the same day, they extend their days there. Went to coffee shop around Bukit Bintang before going to airport, thanks God our flight not delayed coz it’s already late flight though 11:30pm T__T
Bus Ticket to Genting
Go Genting Express Bus one way RM 4.3(Genting-KL Sentral)
Free Shuttle Bus :D
Outdoor Theme Park
Hotel First World at Genting
First World Indoor Theme Park
from the top at Genting Highlands
Go to Bus Terminal to take free shuttle bus
Go Genting Bus at B4
Go Genting Express bus back to KL Sentral
Here is my itinerary as usual ^^
MRT map update :)

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