Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trip to Vietnam - Cambodia 5/5

Day 7 - Tue, 19 Mar 2014

It was our last day at Cambodia, in the morning we just went to few places nearby our hostel..passing the river front and we went to Royal Palace, Independence Monument, National Museum. We also went to Indonesian restaurant there named Rumah Makan Bali, the ppl in there is really friendly and they already lived there for more than 20 years, they also told us they have recommended store in Central Market #010 just told to the seller that you came from Rumah Makan Bali so for t-shirt you can get special price for USD 1.75 usually you can get USD 2 kkkk...not bad right? 
Feels like Spring kkk :p
I want to have that kinda park on my country T.T

Playing with the birds XDD
Independence Monument
National Museum but we didn't enter it :D
We didn't go that much on our last day, after visited some places we were back to our hostel and chilled out before going back to airport and fly to KL and then JKT, but being away for a week was soooo nice. Here is my itinerary details including cost (click to enlarge) :
Thank you very much for reading my blog and sorry for waiting tooooo long hehe..if any :P
See you on my next trip, but it will take long time to do..since i have no plan for any trip due to limited leave but i hope i can have long trip again like this.
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