Friday, July 8, 2011

Trip to Tidung Island (Thousand Island) Jakarta

Helohaa..yippie yippie kaiyeeii for this trip! Not really far, still located in Jakarta though. This island become famous nowadays so I really want to go to this island, one of Thousand Island named Tidung Island :) inviting more peoples by Twitter, BBM & Couch Surfing then here we are from 14 peoples become 10 peoples because 4 of them cancelled last minute >_<. We went to Tidung Island from 02-03 July 2011 (2D/1N). Started looking for travel who can handle it, I found this travel from kaskus named Colle Adventure they offered good price so I took them (Full Package @IDR 260.000). Went to Tidung with Mirogalz (Demay, Otonk, Mei, Aman onni, Nopa), Titien (Aman onni’s friend), Fei (CS from New Zealand), Nithin (CS from New York) & Maartje (CS from Netherland). What a fun  trip I had again! ^^b
Thousand Island Map

Day 1 – Saturday, 02 July 2011
In that weekend I woke up at  3:30am U__U sooo early morning. I took ojek from my home then took Metro Mini 610 to Blok M. Met up with Fei & Nithin at Blok M 4:50am then took Trans Jakarta to Kota. Anyway that was my first time to have Trans Jakarta’s ticket for IDR 2.000 only (for you who don’t know, Trans Jakarta has a special price IDR 2.000 from 5am-7am ^^) From Kota by Bajaj (IDR 20.000) to Gas Station Muara Angke. We arrived around 6am coz they (Wisnu Dan’s Venture) said we should meet up at 6am coz the boat will leave at 7am. So few minutes to 7am we all go to the boat at upper deck. And around 7am the boat still not moving yet so we had to wait again til 7:50am, freaky long time to wait, right? *sheeesh* and it took almost 3 hours from Muara Angke til Tidung Island T__T try to entertain ourselves at the boat, haha xDD we arrived at Tidung around 11am then go to the Guest House(house was nice, 2 rooms with AC but we can still using living room to sleep with extra beds, there are TV, DVD player, refrigerator, 2 bathrooms), had lunch & then time to snorkeling! Hooray! (^^)/ Start from 1pm, it was really hot & guess what!  When we saw the boat, wow..there’s no roof on the boat..the girls start getting worried with the skin, haha xDD finally we asked the man to get something like mat to be a roof for the boat :D Okay! Snorkeling time at Payung Island, the water color looks so beautiful, snorkeling was nice..feel much better than snorkeling at Tj. Benoa, Bali coz I didn’t see something special there. After Payung Island, some friend of mine would like to do Banana Boat so we went to the Love Bridge then 7 of us doing Banana Boat (@IDR 35.000). Actually, we can do snorkeling at 3 spots : Payung Island, Air Island & Karang Beras Island then we can do Banana Boat on the next day, but unfortunately I’ve found out later coz that man on the boat didn’t tell me about that. We had coconut ice (@IDR 7.000) together after they done with Banana Boat. Failed to catch sunset coz clouds covered the sun so we can’t catch sunset. Dinner, watching TV, DVD, chatted then barbecue in front of our guest house. They said beach was crowded so we didn’t get a spot to do barbecue on the beach, too bad huh? Actually I’m curious with the beach also & doing barbecue there might be nice :D but it was raining at night so pretty lucky we’re not going to the beach xP.
Muara Angke Harbor
Boat to Tidung Island
I don't know what island is that ^^;
Mat as our boat's roof :D
Cheers!! ^^v
Heading to Payung Island~
Ready to snorkeling :D
Happy Snorkeling!!! \(^o^)/
see that blue color, wow! love it!
Sea Shell
♥ Love Bridge ♥
Wonderful! ^^b
Queueing for Banana Boat :D
Banana Boat! I'm not join :D
Time to Coconut!! Junchaaann..xDD
I love the Sky..A-Nation lol xDD
Group Pictures!! before going back to Guest House :)
Failed to catch Sunset T.T

Day 2 – Sunday, 03 July 2011
I already woke up at 5am, hope to catch sunrise but failed due to weather, it was raining outside L today planning is riding bicycle to that Love Bridge and cross the bridge to go to Small Tidung Island. Actually that Love Bridge connecting Big Tidung Island & Small Tidung Island, I have no idea why they call it Love Bridge(in Indonesian : Jembatan Cinta). I heard there are 6.000 peoples lived at Big Tidung Island. Took some pictures there & we separated. While others still doing photoshoot, me & another CSers had a fun biking exploring Big Tidung Island. Anyway we have to paid for bicycle parking fee (@IDR 2.000) in that location, luckily we only have to pay @IDR 1.000 ^^b. After few minutes riding the bicycle, we arrived at one point where the place was look so quiet. Had some time there before going back to our guest house. Amazed with the blue color, that was beautiful..hopefully that island will stay like that, had a beautiful water color, looks clean. Going back to guest house, had lunch outside, Pecel Ayam (IDR 15.000) then go to the boat, going back to Jakarta. We were surprising coz the boat left 3 minutes more early, yay! According to schedule, it should be leave at 1pm, got big wave on the comes again 3 hours trip on the boat >_< so I prefer to sleep ^^; we arrived at Muara Angke around 4pm.
Fried Rice for breakfast, yummy :)
Tidung Island Harbor
Tidung Island, Keep it clean, please! >.<
Bicycle parking~
Dong Bang Shin Ki, saranghaeyo~♥
YUNHOOO!! ♥__♥
Fun Biking Track~
so quiet, feel the breeze, water, nice~ :)
Everyone want to go to Jakarta, crowded! ^^;
inside the boat, more crowded~
cosplay at Old Town?
Marching Band at Old Town, Jakarta
One of building at Old Town

So it was nice to have this trip with them, that was short time. Hopefully we can have another trip together again ^^ Here is the itinerary as usual plus our guest house pictures :)

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