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Trip to Singapore - Jang Keun Suk Cri Show 2011

Heyhooo..this time I went again to Singapore (4D/3N) 22 – 25 April 2011. Anyway I planned to go here because there is gonna be JYJ Concert on 23 April 2011 so I think I prefer to see them twice. First I will see them in Jakarta 9 April’11 at Sentul International Conventional Centre & 2nd time in Singapore. The tix in Jakarta is so damn expensive for VIP IDR 2.500.000 & the promoter is so amateur, ergghh hate that promoter. At the same time, Jang Keun Suk will hold a fan meeting too in Singapore, 22 April for autograph & photo session  & 23 April for the fan meeting. I was thinking to see him too but the time was not right so I prefer to see JYJ. When I thought I can’t see Sukkie at 23 so I booked flight with the cheaper price to go. Air Asia, Jetstar & Tiger Airways were my options, so I choose Tiger Airways for 22 April ’11 at 20:05 & go back on 25 April 08:10, total USD 78.21 (±700.000) actually I wanna go home on Sunday but the price was expensive & I didn’t know that sukkie’s event at 22 April can be seen by public because they hold it in Atrium Mall. BUT finally JYJ Concert are cancelled for both countries because they have problems with promoter.  So that news made me confusing to choose, should I go or not? I already booked the flight so after some considerations I decided to go.
Day 1 – Friday, 22 April 2011
So, the journey will begin, first time become solo backpacker using Tiger Airways for the first time too. This time I feel so awkward because I usually go with Mirogals but this time I have to go alone. My flight at 20:05 with TR 2273 (Tiger Airways) & for the first time too I will landing at Budget Terminal. I took free shuttle bus to Terminal 2, when touch down from shuttle bus I was confusing a lil bit to go to Terminal 2 so I just followed  the people. Now I’m in Terminal 2 & start looking for McDonalds to have some rest til morning to go to WoW Hostel, Aljunied. Anyway I was surprising because the flight was quite short, not too long like I was imagine before, around 1,5 hours, happy!! ^^ Feel so lonely but I must force myself, I must being independent, unfortunately I’m so stupid coz I don’t bring any medicine inc. that oil T_T plus I don’t have kinda iPod Touch to listen music & If I use my phone I’m afraid I will running out of battery. Next trip I must bring my medicine esp that oil, I call it Minyak Kayu Putih.
arrive at Budget Terminal-Changi
My bed at McDonalds, Terminal 2 Changi
Day 2 – Saturday, 23 April 2011
I went to WoW Hostel, Aljunied at 7:30 AM from Changi, take a rest for a while, shower then sightseeing. Anyway I met Mei at hostel, she recommended me to stay at that hostel. She with her friends stay there & they came to see Sukkie too. I stayed at Mixed Dorm for SGD 18/night plus Key Deposit SGD 30. After finishing about that booking, I went to Boat Quay (MRT Raffles Place exit H) take a walk, buy ice cream SGD 1 (ripple flavor) passed by Cavenagh Bridge then go to Asian Civilizations Museum, Sir Stamford Raffles then walk again, by underpass to Merlion. So lucky this time I can see ‘The Merlion Hotel’ so we can see Merlion inside the hotel, its free. Feel so lucky because I already went there & there is no such that hotel coz I think they have kind a tourism event. It’s really hot out there, they provide us an umbrella too & before we get in we got token to go to hotel. After Merlion, I went to Esplanade, see f1 seating area then go to Marina Square, actually Jang Keun Suk just held his autograph & photo sessions at this Atrium, 22 April’11. Had lunch at KFC, get some rest for a while, actually I was planning to go to Suntec City Mall to see fountain wealth but my leg feel like wanna break & it hurts, plus when I see the map hmmm..i must take a walk again and should go back to MRT, that must be so tiring. So I didn’t go but I go mall to mall instead while trying to go to MRT, Citylink Mall, Raffles City etc. I’m so tired & really wanna go to hostel first to take a shower but I can’t, I’ll be late if I go back first to hostel. I tried to contact Mei to go together to the venue but I can’t contact her so I decided to go there by myself. Took MRT to Aljunied then take a bus 96 to the venue, University Cultural Centre, it’s really hard to find the bus station because I have to take opposite way. Walking there & there, my leg feel wanna break. Anyway I got seat Level 3, G 10 for SGD 68 + Booking Fee + Collection at venue = SGD 72. I met Mei & her friends there. The show was late from schedule 7:30 pm become 8:00 pm but it doesn’t problem because they said the show will take 1 hour 40 minutes but actually it almost 2 hours J. He sang Let Me Cry, My Bus, My Precious, Hello Hello (ballad at beginning for a while then up beat), Still, Fly Me To The Moon etc. Overall the show was good because Jang Keun Suk sang those songs which I love during his drama. He also put his character in drama, Kang Mu Gyul & Hwang Tae Kyung plus he did Lounge H for the first time beside Japan. He was so energic, awesome, sheeeshhh I love his smile. But actually his live performance esp his vocal wasn’t really good enough. He needs to practice more. After the show I went hostel immediately because I’m sooo tired. Mei with her friends were continuing their journey to go to Dumb O Restaurant to see Sukkie because they think Sukkie will go there after the show & they’re right. I’m not joined them coz it’s already late at night and if we go back pass mid night there will be extra charge for taxi & i think i don’t have enough money to pay. So i just go back to hostel, get ready before sleeping. Anyway i stayed at mixed dorm room and there’s a man from overseas who sleep above my bed. That was a great experience though, unfortunately i only have 1 day to stay there. Next time i think i will stay there again
Ice Cream SGD 1 nyuummmyy :)
Cavenagh Bridge

Sir Stamford Raffles Statue
Merlion inside that Hotel at Merlion Park
This is it!!
Esplanade Theater
My tix to meet Sukkieeee <333
with Mei
with another Eels from various country ^^
sooo sleepy at MRT *yawn*
My bed at WoW Hostel

Day 3 – Sunday, 24 April 2011
Actually in my itinerary i should go to Singapore Botanical Garden, Orchard in the morning but too tired to wake up in the morning to go to garden so i’m not going, stay for few hours before check-out at 10:30 am. I went to Orchard and went mall to mall from MRT Orchard i can go directly to ION Orchard and then other mall such as Paragon, had lunch at Food Republic, Tangs Plaza etc. Anyway before i go to Chinatown there is a store near MRT Orchard that so interesting because they had sale, so i bought one pair of shoes & nail polish. After Orchard, I went to Chinatown & i was surprising coz i met Yuki again, i met her before at WoW Hosetel, she’s from Hong Kong & she said she’s alone too and wants to go to Merlion. We split up at MRT coz i want to go to Chinatown. First stop was Chinatown Point going around, nothing interesting so from exit i took left side and go to Pagoda Street, wowwww..i love that place, they hanging a lot of lanterns throughout the street with so many market right-left side with cheap price and various things. So if you want directly going out from MRT to this market you can take exit A. Going straight then on the left side we can see Chinatown Heritage Centre, i went inside to see it. After that I’m going straight again til the end of the street and on the right side we can see Sri Mariamman Temple, took pictures a lil bit then go back to Pagoda Street then turn to the left (Trengganu Street), just follow the lanterns, at the end of road you can see Chinatown Complex, it’s a place for  shopping too. If in Jakarta it likes ITC Mangga Dua. Anyway Chinatown Complex is around Smith Street. Just wanna take a look then i went back by following the market then have a seat near MRT exit A. From exit A, i went upstairs and there are some kind of park so i just sat down there while listening old people sing mandarin songs. Read my comic books, enjoying the music and take some rest before i continuing my journey to Bugis. I love sitting there enjoying some breeze with music, waiting for 7 pm to go to Bugis and i wanna see that lanterns light in the night, took some pictures and asking someone to help me. But because i was so enjoying the breeze i went around 7.30 pm. So next or last stop is Bugis, i went to Bugis Street (again), unfortunately i’m not going for shopping so i just can look around, actually i really wanna buy those pendants but you know why..3 for SGD 5 hiksss..after Bugis Street i went to Bugis Junction, grab my dinner at Food Junction and waiting til night because after this i will go to Changi & stay there. I stayed til 10.30 pm, and shop almost closed there, i think i’m the only one customer in food junction who still stayed there. When i want to get down, the escalator already stopped. So i’m going down and i met poster Tony Moly and there is Song Jong Ki hihihii :D i took it pictures. Took MRT from Bugis and went to Changi, finally. Going there & there trying to expelled my boredom, i went to Terminal 3 by Skytrain. Going down by elevator then look around, anyway i saw slider like atmostfear fX..kkk xDD i went there at 11.30pm so all shop almost closed ^^;; i went back to Terminal 2 then took shuttle bus to Budget Terminal then had some sleep. Coz i will check in at 6.10 am to have flight at 8.10 am going back to Jakarta.

Entrance to WoW Hostel
ION Orchard
Finally!! so expensive SGD 4.2 T.T
Lee Min Ho, Etude House
hikss I really wanna go Sep'11 plus Linkin Park
Sri Mariamman Temple

Chinatown Market ^^
enjoying breeze with mandarin songs:)
they(left side) sing many songs~
at night in Chinatown Market
Song Joong Ki *kyaaaaa*
he signed it..omooo ^o^
Dry Slider at Terminal 3, Changi
Budget Terminal Free Shuttle Bus Changi
jaljayooo ^___^
McDonalds, Budget Terminal Changi

Day 4 – Monday, 25 April 2011
Early morning Check in at 6.00 am then had breakfast, Teh-Si then going in, actually i still have SGD 4 but i don’t know what to buy again :D anyway it really hard to sleep in the airport, one for sure is uncomfortable, kkk xDD but what do you expect? So surprise coz when i get in boarding room i have to stand up coz there are no chairs to sit again..CGK is more better..xPP anyway i met cute steward, omoo he is tall with white skin aigoooo <333 can't take my eyes out of him hohoho xDD
Boarding at Gate 3
I have to standing to wait my plane :(
inside Tiger Airways

This is my itinerary as usual including the cost~ ^^

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