Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My First Greek Food at Gyros Alley

Never tried Greek food since it’s kinda rare to find one before so one day after office hours, me and a friend jump into Greek restaurant, Gyros Alley, she visited this place back then and now returning back again since she loves Greek food. The place located at Panglima Polim area which is good and aligned our way back home. The restaurant seem petite and pretty from the outside with nice blue door, looking stand out and some greenies to complete it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Open Trip to Pahawang Island - First trip in 2016

Yep, it's already on my bucket list and my friend asked me to go too since he wants to go there too. He and his friend already settled the date to go, they planned to go at beginning of 2016 and me..hmm I will just follow them whenever they want to go kkkk

We went to Pahawang Island, like I always do lately, an open trip, leave at Friday night and back to Jakarta on Sunday, 8 - 10 January 2016 (3D/2N), cost Rp470.000 meeting point at Merak. 

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