Saturday, May 7, 2016

Japan 3/10 - Tokyo : Get Excitement at Shibuya Crossing and TMG Buidling

View from TMG Building 45th Floor

Finished explore the nature now it's time to explore the city

Still on day 2, arrived around 6.30 PM, our second time in Shibuya, first one in the morning haha, so we explored a little bit before heading to Shinjuku for Willer Bus terminal, from Terminal we passed and stopped by Flying Tiger Copenhagen, they sell things that super cute and you may find or buy souvenirs there :) you may find start from ¥50, ¥100 and vary. Then our next stop of course the famous Shibuya Street Crossing which was amazing thing to see and experience ever!! When the lights turn green for crossing, gosh, they cross like  from crazy!!! We also met Hachiko..ohh I mean the Hachiko Statue :), this cute dog and well known for its loyal and the movie was super nice, touched my heart and I cried when watching that movie, the Richard Gere version is the nice one for me :) don't want to become spoiler so you better watch that movie if you haven't yet. Shibuya was really crowded at night..maybe during daylight too. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Japan 2/10 - Kawaguchiko : Mt. Fuji (Lake Kawaguchiko) for Day Trip

Is it possible to go to Mountain Fuji for Day Trip only? Yes ;)

Day 2 - Sunday, 17 April 2016
Woke up around 4 AM and go to the nearest toilet and get ready, if you want to take shower, the airport has shower room and you need to pay around ¥1,000 which is too expensive for me :p Bought our correct Discount Ticket : One-Way Monorail and JR Yamanote Line, ¥500, in the vending machine. The monorail station open at 5 AM and it's so punctual, me love it! when it's open we could feel the breeze already, I just knew it if Spring will be this cold, actually like you are in the room with aircon, since it's 16~17 degree celcius. I thought from the gate to take monorail, you need to climb up or down the stairs which is quite far but it turns out really near haha. Took the monorail from Haneda Airport according the schedule that we saw at Hyperdia which is 5.17 AM and it's really came and left at 5.17 AM, we transferred to JR Yamanote Line at Hamamatsucho.
the right Discount Ticket. ¥500 for that day, 17th of April

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Japan 1/10 - Things to Do for Japan Trip

Helloooo everyone! I'm on a happy mood to share my previous trip to all of you. Since this is my dream trip that I already been dreaming since long time ago and actually I supposed to go in 2014 but had to cancelled it even though I bought ticket already at that time hiks and finally this time I am able to go!! Yeayy!!

I went to Japan, and the thing that adding it become so special is spring timeee...double Yeayy!!! Haha I'm too excited to go..I grew up with comic books (read : manga) since little kid and manga is Japanese comics so yeahh..I also tried to learn Japanese when I was in Junior High School even though only for a while and actually I start to learning again this year through a cool apps.
Lovely Churreito Pagoda in Spring although couldn't spotted Mt. Fuji as background
For this trip I spent so much time to browse as much as I can to gather information, to arrange exact itinerary, how to go here and there in order to have great holiday, haha sorry I’ve been exaggerated but I feel very happy. We went to Japan, Sat 16 – Sun 24 April 2016 (9D/8N) but actually we were in Japan for 8D/7N.

Here are some website and things that very useful in my trip to Japan :

Sunday, May 1, 2016

How easy to make E-Passport and apply Visa Waiver to Japan

My passport expired still in a long time, can I still change into e-passport?

No worries, that's happened to me too haha and in this post I'm going to tell you about my experience for e-passport etc, things that made Indonesian are easily to go to Japan lately is because free visa for e-passport holder so I decided to change into one in beginning of January 2016 even though my expired date still long time, 2019, haha but I just think to apply to make it more easier to have my visa to be granted. For e-passport holder, you will get permission to go to Japan in 3 years for each visit 15 days. For the requirements as usual I will talk in Bahasa since this is only valid for Indonesian people like me haha :p

left (old passport) - right (e-passport with chip in the bottom)
I went to immigration at Mampang, at South Jakarta, in the morning, around 5.30 AM, if you take Trans Jakarta, just find Imigrasi bus stop for Trans Jakarta, the office open around 7.30 or 8 AM. I write down my name in the blank paper while everyone also write down their name, looks like absence which is actually not valid because you will get the real queuing number in the 2nd floor. And when I went there they just make new system which is you don't have to come early in the morning because they will serve you no matter what on the same day for those that already got queuing number by 10 AM for that day.

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