Saturday, November 21, 2015

Korean Love and Comedy Drama 2015 - She Was Pretty

Few days ago I just finished watch this drama, She Was Pretty, I fall in love since episode 1, usually I do love this typical drama, from ugly to be pretty woman by make over and in addition with character of main actor who cold hearted and arrogant, those character make my heart fluttering by watching it hehe. 

This drama was funny too and the things that made me surprise is the main actor is Park Seo Joon, the man that I rarely found as main actor and here he is mesmerized me with his character, cold hearted, smile, look, attitude woww I love his character in this drama. This couple previously acted together at Kill Me Heal Me which is another good drama that I watched also. And another thing that surprise me is Choi Si Won who acted like a fool in here, that is rarely to see him like this but his acting was so entertaining. He act like a fool, poor guy but actually he is...hmm.. I don't want to be spoiler but I could tell he has a surprise for you that I don't even think like that, I was guessing wrong. Hwang Jung Eum, she is really into acting, she is not my favorite but I like watch her acting and some of her drama is good too, Kill Me Heal Me, Secret, those drama are recommended to watch.

One Day Trip to Leuwi Hejo

I kinda need weekend getaway even the shortest one because it's been a while since my last trip and I feel like I need to go somewhere. And my friend asked me to join a trip to Leuwi Hejo, Sentul, Bogor, so of course I said YES. It was an Open Trip, for the whole package is Rp185.000/pax then on November 15, we are going to Leuwi Hejo :) there were 18 ppl and meeting point as usual at Plaza Semanggi 6 AM, what a Sunday morning, hahaha but since I need this, it doesn't matter. 

Due to morning trip on Sunday there is no traffic jam in that morning and we reach the place in about 2,5 hours with ELF that already rent by organizer which is already included on that package. Since I didn't browsing that much so I just knew that in some part we are going into water where I thought it's gonna be the same like Green Canyon, body rafting? oops..the night before D-day my back was really hurt that it will hurt if I sit or even standing in a long time so thinking that I might not join the trip was really sad but thankfully, I woke up in the morning and I feel my body is getting better after I got some treatment the day before.
view at the top after struggling..haha at Leuwi Hejo

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yong Pal - Best Korean Drama 2015

Well, I enjoying watching K-drama so I decided to add another tab to talk about it, I just feel that I just want to share it since sometimes I found myself don't really know what is the next drama to watch, or if I watch this drama, will I survive and watch until the end? so, I would like to share what kind of drama or movie that I watched and share my thoughts ;)

First K-drama is Yong Pal, perhaps you watched it already, there were 18 episodes. Since the first episode I really enjoy this drama, the plot was pretty fast, intense and I have no time to get bored with, instead I gotta be patient to wait every week and depend on those who make it engsub, thankfully the engsub always out so fast. Thanks so much to them ;)

Satisfied Dinner at Hong Kong Cafe

There were many people said the food in this restaurant was great so that's why I get so curious with it and yeay finally I got chance to visit this restaurant, Hong Kong Cafe, with my friends. We straight go there, Kuningan City branch after office hours, the traffic jam was sooo bad at that night.

We were famished so please make our food in a hurry :p We did remember that night we ate a lot, hahaha and all of it were so tasty, highly recommended :) First food to serve is Sweet & Sour Chicken (Rp56.000) it said it was recommended menu so we order one and it turns out sooo true, I love it so much they mixed it with some paprica and put lettuce as garnish. HKC Special Fried Rice (Rp48.500), contains of seafood and another tasty food for dinner, not too oily. 
Sweet & Sour Chicken
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