Friday, April 8, 2011

Trip to Hong Kong - Macau

This trip has arranged since last year around May 2010 when Air Asia had promo free seats and finally its time to go!! Hong Kong via Kuala Lumpur 24 - 28 March 2010 (5D/4N).
Day 1 – Thursday, 24 March 2011
Still had work to do so I permit to work half day, mba er come to my office to entrust her baggage, before I go to airport I took creambath in Bianco fX. After that I go to airport with mba er, its raining outside and we took Damri to CGK. Our flight at 6:50 pm and arrived at KUL around 9:50 pm, there were turbulence, I was pretty scared due to turbulence. Arriving then we had dinner at McD, I had double cheese burger+ French fries RM 8,85 & mineral water for RM 3,2. We stayed overnight at airport there were a lot of people who stayed too in airport. Anyway people who went were me, mb nessa, demay, otonk & mb er. Its really hard to sleep on bench.
Early breakfast at Old Town, LCCT ^^;

Day 2 – Friday, 25 March 2011
We checked in early morning coz we took off at 6:25 PM from KUL-HK, get in the plane and I was surprising coz I just knew that it will takes 3 hours 40 minutes to go to HK. Actually I don’t get used to take plane to go coz I imagined the turbulence and I was right there were quite big turbulence and I’m scared so I just trying to sleep and keep praying. We arrived more early from schedule, the airport is good, I can’t believe I’m in Hong Kong..anyway when wearrived that was a dog who welcoming us kkk xDD. From airport we took bus S1 to Tung Chung Station MTR HKD 3.5, then we took MTR to Jordan interchange at Lai King Station. Total MTR from Tung Chung to Jordan was HKD 13,8 so total from airport is HKD 17,30 it was the cheapest way. You can took the airport train express but it too expensive one way around HKD 100 plus you have to took MTR, 2nd way you can took airbus & one way is HKD 33. Its quite difficult to find hotel’s address but finally we found it, feel so spooky but actually the hotel is nice, Asia Travel House. We’re planning to go  to Victoria Peak Tram but actually I suggest to go to Stanley Market first from MTR Central but due to we’re late from schedule so we cancelled it. From MTR Jordan we go to MTR Tsim Sha Tsui then take a walk to Star Ferry Pier to Central, we sat on upper deck (recommended) for HKD 2,50. Then we decided to have lunch at IFC Mall because we already starving at 3 PM..we go to McD. After lunch we go to Peak Tram Terminus to go to Victoria Peak Tram including Madamme Tussaud. We’re so excited to take that tram..admission fee for Peak Tram-Sky Terrace-Madamme Tussaud is HKD 200. Its so cold up there, anyway it was fun to go to Madamme Tussaud, take a lot of pictures with Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Andy Lau, Aren Kwok, The Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson and sooo many more. I regret to not buy the bag coz in Madamme Tussaud more cheaper than Ladies Market, the bag is only HKD 35 T__T. From Madamme Tussaud we take escalator to go to Sky Terrace to see how beautiful HK in night. Anyway we took picture for HKD 120 (size 6R). Then after Victoria Peak we’re planning to go to Causeway Bay but it almost midnight so we’re not going there so we go back to hotel. But I don’t wanna go home so early so I try to go to TST Market with mb nessa even my leg feel like broke but we only have less than 3 days in HK. I found nice shawl but I didn’t buy coz I think I want to see in Ladies Market first & maybe I can get cheaper price than TST Market. From TST Market we stop by to eat Dim Sum 2 dishes for HKD 25.
S1 to Tung Chung Station
1881 Heritage Hong Kong
Star Ferry Pier at Tsim Sha Tsui
Buy ticket to Victoria Peak-Madamme Tussaud
waiting for the peak tram~
uncle Andy Lau ^^
Lady Diana
Princess MJ
Obama is my assistant at that time~ :D
Albert Einstein
aigooo David Beckham <333
The Beatles
MJ meet MJ ^^v
Lady Gaga
Victoria Peak, soooo cold up there brrrrr..

Day 3 – Saturday, 26 March 2011
Actually we should go at 8 PM but we’re to tired to get up so we all oversleep and we go at 9 PM take breakfast first at McD then go to Tung Chung Station to take Ngong Ping Cable Car to see Giant Buddha for HKD 115. The journey we took by cable car is 25 minutes. When we arrived we should take a walk again to see Giant Buddha. This trip is so tired because we have to go on foot everywhere. At Ngong Ping Village I bought watch HKD 100/3. I love that watch, Mickey Mouse ^^b, I bought it for my sister, brother & me. Luckily there is 7eleven in Ngong Ping Village so I bought spaghetti HKD 15 for my lunch because I heard its gonna be expensive to buy lunch at Disneyland. After had lunch we go back to Tung Chung Station with cable car then take MTR to Sunny Bay to exchange MTR to Disneyland. We go at 1 PM to Disneyland. Anyway we already bought the tic from Pak Matian, and we got discount price for HKD 320, normal price is HKD 350. When we arrived I can’t believe I’m in Disneyland!!! Yeahhhh..sooo happy ^____^ I’m running out of battery so I don’t take pictures too much. But honestly I like Universal Studio SG more than Disneyland HK. The souvenirs were so cute,  if I have a lot of money maybe I will buy all of it but I’m not so I just buy T-Shirt HKD 160 & refrigerator manet HKD 40. In Disneyland I just love the parade & fireworks. The fireworks were so beautiful, don’t miss it if you go to Disneyland. After Disneyland we go to Citygate Outlet Mall to have dinner and next time I’ll make sure to come here because there are lot of branded stuff with cheap price, too bad when I went there almost all shop in that mall were close. We ate dinner at Food Republic, I bought Korean Food for dinner, Bibimbab for HKD 32. We went home from Citygate Outlet at 10:30 PM by MTR.
inside MTR
Ngong Ping Cable Car
Little Giant hihiiii..kawaii neee~
Giant Buddha up there..
Ngong Ping~
cuteee MTR to Disneyland :)
Disneyland Hong Kong!!!
mine is Mickey Mouse ^^
Princessss ^_____^
Day 4 – Sunday, 27 March 2011           
Today we will go to Macau, hihihi..i’m so curious with this country because Macau used to be shooting location, Fugitive Plan B : Rain oppa already come here and he went to Ruins of St. Paul, Boys Before Flower : Venetian. So I’m planning to go to those places. We go to Macau with Ferry “Turbojet” at Hong Kong Island, from MTR Sheung Wan Station take a walk to HK Macau Ferry Terminal, Central HKD 146 actually we bought the tic at mall 3rd Floor then took a ferry. We arrived at 8:15 then took ferry at 8:30 AM. Less than an hour we arrived at Macau, I fell asleep in ferry coz I extremely sooo tired & sleepy. Anyway we have to fill immigration card, they gave us in ferry. Don’t forget to bring your passport but actually if ou go overseas you have to bring your passport wherever you go. When ferry will arrived I’m wondering why people busy to put their jacket or shawl or whatever to make them keep warm. Then when I getting out from ferry I understand because its so cold out there’s 13 degrees in Macau. Hmm I don’t really understand with Macau because I’m less information, I’m too focused to browse HK. But fortunately I already browse few things about how to get there & there. So I just followed the directions (found in kaskus ). Getting out from Macau Terminal Ferry go to the right exit, going down (subway) then take shuttle bus (blue) to Venetian for free. The journey takes about less than an hour, and you will see many things like Macau Tower, the bridge, etc. we will arrived at west lobby, go inside follow the direction, we go to casino first just wanna know what is looks like. After a while we go to Grand Canal Shoppe the cool mall coz there is gondola like in venice, BBF shooting location & many more. The interior, artistic is soooo beautiful. We took pictures, anyway my friends want to take that Gondola but unfortunately they didn’t sing so my friends are not take that gondola. From venetian we take shuttle bus again back to Ferry Terminal then change shuttle bus, from ferry terminal on the left exit take that green shuttle bus to  Grand Lisboa. It just take 10 minutes, we will arrived at basement then just go inside, anyway we can get drinks for free such tea, coffee, mineral water etc for free xDD I just took hot tea to make my body warm. From Grand Lisboa, we go to Senado Square, it was little drizzle but we can still handle it. We go to Senado Square took pictures, follow the direction to go to Ruins of St. Paul, eat Portugis Egg Tart, it’s so delicious, I bought for @MOP 5 anyway I bought in a place when it was used to shooting BBF too :D Ruins of St. Paul, Na-Cha Temple, Museum De Macau, Church and actually we want to go to Protestant Cemetery but it was close. It’s really far from St. Paul so we decides to take bus to go back to Grand Lisboa. Had a little mistake because we wrong to read bus route. Arrive at Hotel Lisboa, watching Fountain Wynn Hotel in distance, Macau Tower then we go back to Macau Ferry Terminal to go back to HK. We took First Ferry to Kowloon MOP 155, anyway you still can use HKD in Macau, you don’t have to exchange your HKD into Macau. We took ferry at 16:30, the weather is not really good, the waves were too strong, I was trying to sleep to forget that bad things, the journey took an hour. We arrived in a mall, I was wondering why mall kkk xDD so after that we had dinner then take a walk anyway I found Aji Ichiban to bought chocolates for my family or office mate, HKD 226,50 I used my credit card to buy it coz I don’t have enough money ^^;; from that mall we took taxi to go to Avenue of Stars to see Symphony of Lights at 8:00 PM, we don’t want too late, taxi for HKD 35/5 persons. The symphony of lights was nice. Anyway there are hand print Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee Statue in that area but I’m too tired to find those things. Symphony of Lights happened for 14 minutes. After that we go to Ladies Market at Mongkok then we go to shopping but unfortunately I’m running out of money so I just bought 3 T-Shirt HK for me, my mom & dad. HKD 100 = 4 pieces. Passport Case HKD 19. From Ladies Market around 10:30 PM we went home but I wanna go to TST Market to buy the shawl but unfortunately the shop is close so I bought in another shop, I bought 3 Pashimina @HKD 20 and Shawl HKD 10. Then we back home to hotel.
our Turbojet to Macau
Inside casino :D
BBF Location Shooting :D
Venetian Shuttle Bus (free xDD)
Ruins of St. Paul
Na Cha Temple
Wynn Hotel
Grand Lisboa
Avenue of Stars
Symphony of Lights
Day 5 – Monday, 28 March 2011
We checked out in the morning, our flight back to KUL at 11:35 AM, we took the same way to go back to airport, from MTR Jordan to MTR Tung Chung then take S1 bus to airport :D it’s the cheapest way to go to HK Airport. We arrived at KUL 15:30 PM actually we’re planning to getting out from airport to city but we’re running out of time so we decided to stay in airport and having chit-chat til the time. We got delayed from 22:35 to 23:15. We arrived at CGK 12:15 AM, there was still turbulence from HK to KUL but there is no turbulence from KUL to CGK. Thanx God for having me save trip.  Hope someday I can go back to HK and bring along a lot of money ^^. Total for my own budget approx. 4 million. Anyway, below is our room's picture.

Entrance to Our Hotel
Nice weather, finally~
Here is my plan itinerary & actual itinerary hohoho xDD
 My Actual Itinerary~ xPP
Star Ferry Route

Peak Tram Map
Ngong Ping Map (Giant Buddha)


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