Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trip to Lombok 2/4

Day 2 - Saturday, 20 July 2013
The shuttle schedule to Gili Trawangan was at 08.30 AM so after 1 night at Senggigi, I went to Gili Trawangan by shuttle bus to Bangsal Pier. There was only me who Indonesian while others were from Russia, London, Brazil etc. The shuttle will pick up some of passengers on their hotel, from Senggigi to Bangsal Harbour took around 1 hour, i didn't feel bored at all in the shuttle coz the view was so wonderful..i like it so much, fresh air & bright sky <333 We stopped at a restaurant, the man told us to wait for our boat there. When they said it's time..they said to follow some men..and this is kinda tricky, I was so confusing too coz there were so many men there who asked us to follow them. Apparently they asked us to ride the horse train..named Cidomo & they asked for Rp30.000 at first, some of them offered Rp15.000 to take us to harbour. I thought it was included in shuttle & boat that I paid already but actually it's not and i have to pay again, thankfully i asked then first before get in to the Cidomo. But i saw another travellers prefer to take a walk so I decided to take a walk too..and you know's not that far~~~ it only took around 10 minutes by walking to get to Bangsal Harbour..around 200m & sh*t! if you took that Cidomo, I almost got tricked >< The journey by boat will took around 30 minutes to the island, from the harbour we already can see the islands..there are 3 Gili, Gili was very famous as a must visited place in Lombok, there are Gili Air, Gili Meno & the famous one plus my destination, Gili Trawangan. If you buy public boat there it only took Rp10.000 from Bangsal Harbour to Gili Trawangan. While waiting there, I met another travellers from London & she told me about another tricky things that she found here. So here is the scheme, usually when you took a boat especially when you carried a big bag, there were some ppl already waited you in the harbour & some of them will took your bags directly even you don't want to..then after they took or pretend-helping-you-to-carry your bags, they will ask your money..hmm it's a tricky things, right? so don't got tricked, be careful & watch your belongings :)
i bought my shuttle&boat there, located nearby Hotel Elen

Senggigi in the morning..
the view to Bangsal Harbour
Locket at Bangsal Harbour

the public boat~~
inside the public boat~~
so wonderful, isn't it? ^^b
My friend named Dyah from Jakarta already waited for me, through Couchsurfing (again) I found a travelmate, actually we planned to do snorkeling but because of me :( trully sorry..we couldn't do that coz my boat arrived around 11AM & for public rate for snorkeling already left. If you want to do snorkeling, make sure to be on site before 11AM or they gonna leave you..usually the rate is Rp100.000 to do snorkeling on 3 Gili. Next time I will do snorkeling there when I go back, so I put my bags on our guest house Rp100.000/night, rent a bicycle Rp40.000/day then exploring the island~~ it's better to see my pictures below to see how beautiful this island :) anyway don't forget to try ice cream gelato..only Rp15.000, I tried 2 flavor..caramel oishiii~~!! ^^ hihi..
at Gili Trawangan~~
look at that bright blue sea~~~ ^_____^

how romantic~~ me want <333 lol
it's like birds are gather~~ actually it's a flower!

tanning? :D
nyammm..nyammm ;) ;)

i had my dinner there~~ art crowdeddd!!
rum raisin flavor but not the best one!
and then from Gili Trawangan, we are going to Mataram, will stopped by Senggigi a while then to our main destination, Kuta at Lombok...yipppiieeee~~~ ^^v

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