Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trip to Belitung - 2/3

Day 2 - Wednesday, 23 October 2013
There was another surfer coming to my host couch so we become travelmate while in Belitung, we were planning to do hopping island. We bought our lunch on our way before going to Tanjung Kelayang Beach. We took motor-taxi (ojek) to go to Tanjung Kelayang Beach then we rented a boat IDR 400,000/day, we tried to do bargain and it didn't work but we got 2 life jackets including the boat instead ;) not bad. Usually we have to rent it too @IDR 20,000 for life jacket, and about IDR 30.000-50,000 for one set of snorkeling equipment, luckily my host lend me snorkeling equipment. We started around 10 AM to do hopping island, thankfully the weather was nice at that day. We explored all the island such as Burung (Bird)/ Garuda Island, Sand Island but due to high tide, this island is hidden under the sea, actually it's not an island but it's just a pile of hirst that only consist of sands, on this island there is special big red star fish, don't forget to take picture with this icon of Sand Island ;) Kepayang/ Babi (Pig) Island is the largest among several islands on the North cost of West Belitung, there is also a Turtle Conservation (IDR 5,000/entrance fee) and few home stay or cottages. Sometimes this island used to be Outing or Gathering place for Company.
Tanjung Kelayang Beach, starting point! :)
Garuda/ Burung(Bird) Island
with Big Red Star Fish, Sand Island Icon..:D
got it from google..this is Sand Island during the low tide ^^
Turtle Conservation
Not so many turtles there..
with cute turtle~~ kkk
Then we went to one of Belitung Island icon, Lengkuas Island where you can see amazing view from the top of lighthouse, there are 18 floors. I know 18 floors are too much but once you get on top, it's definitely worthed to try. Usually some tourist will relax for a while in Lengkuas Island, eat their lunch like us too, drink Coconut Ice on the beach, took a lot of pictures etc. Nearby the island we can do snorkeling, ah..anyway if you have some biscuit..any kind of biscuit or wafer you can feed the fishes on the sea, they will gather directly especially when you give them those kkk..went once again to Sand Island but still hidden by the sea T.T we're not lucky this time. 
otw to Lengkuas Island
WOWWWW~~~!! ^^b
the Lighthouse..ready to 18th floor?
view from the top of lighthouse~~ stunning!!
me love it so badly~~~~ <33333
inside the lighthouse, 18th floor :D
you can see cute fishes from the boat since water so clear..
Continuing our hopping island to Babi Kecil (Little Pig) Island, Batu Berlayar Island, this island consist of biiiiiiig granites, and the last island is Kelayang Island before touched down Tanjung Kelayang Beach to go back to Tanjung Pandan. The sky was starting cloudy so we came back to Tanjung Kelayang Beach around less than 3 PM then rain was coming. We have to wait for the rain while waiting our motor-taxi pick us up. And when motor-taxi came there was only 1 motor-taxi not 2..sheeesshhh...he said another one couldn't come, wtf! so both of us took that 1 motor-taxi.
Babi Kecil (Little Pig) Island
Found it inside the island..
Heading to Batu Berlayar Island
those granites were really big!
very BIG!!!
see?!? kkk xDD very BIG!
me & Tika, my travelmate :)

Kelayang Beach
still at Kelayang Beach, behind that rock is Burung Island
We were starving on our way to Tanjung Pandan so we asked the motor-taxi to go to restaurant then we had Mie Belitung for meals. On that night we went to Tanjung Pendam Beach to have our dinner, I had Tekwan IDR 12,000 for my dinner. My friend ordered Fried Pampi which is same like Kwetiaw..kkk xDD anyway you can buy chips or cookies nearby the Mie Atep Belitung for gifts to your family or friends.
this restaurant is really crowded at Tanjung Pendam Beach
Fried Pampi aka Kwetiaw Goreng :p
Hoklopan aka Martabak Manis

to be continued to last part of this trip to Belitung 3/3 including itinerary for your reference..hopefully it will be useful & thank you so much for reading my blog ^^

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