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Trip to Melaka - Singapore part 2/3

Day 2 - Wednesday, 29 April 2015
Melaka was so small, you can visit it for only one day, haha its so typical for Indonesian to do anything very fast and not chillax like West ppl. But yeah..for me at least I've been to Melaka :D and that's the most important for me. We started from walking around Melaka and we saw and passing like St Francis  Xavier's Church was built by French priest in 1849 to commemorate St.Francis (Catholic missionary during 16th Century) on Jl. Laksamana and Melacca also have river passing the city, it was clean and I was amazed with that. Walking again and we found the area that mostly ppl or tourist will absolutely visit this places : Stadthuys, Christ Church, Red Square (Dutch Square) and Queen Victoria’s Fountain. 

St Francis  Xavier's Church

Inside the Church of Melaka
Red Square (Dutch Square)
We going up from Stadthuys and visit St Paul's Church, built in 1521 located on top of the hills, and you need to take the stairs to get in there, pretty challenge in the heat during the day :p From there we went down the stairs and go to Port of Santiago. My friends already prepared with her umbrella and I already used my hat. We decided to go to the Mall to buy some drinks and lookinf for aircon inside the mall, went to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. 

After that we walking again because we planned to visit Maritime Museum, we passed Taming Sari Tower, hmm..same like tower in another country so I didn't go to that tower so I went directly to Maritime Museum, 6 RM, a replica of Portuguese Ship that sank off the coast of Melaka. That was rainy so we went inside and when we finished the rain was already stopped :D just in time! 

From there we went to Jonker Walk (Jonker Street) the famous street at Melaka, most of tourist will visit this place on weekend because there gonna be more stall or stand or market along the street. Its China Town area, we also saw the famous restaurant in Jonker Walk for its chicken rice ball, it was very crowded and its just interesting to see that. We passed Kg Kling House, Chen Hoon Teng Temple and from there we want to go to Kg Morten Homestay, asking people and keep going since the place was kinda far from our position now, passing Eye on Melaka and keep going, the Morten Homestay was consist of traditional house. 
Kg. Morten finally we arrived there hihii

From there we went to Hang Tuah Mall to find some drinks, while waiting my friend's husband to pick us up. After that we went to the east of Melaka, St. John's Fort to see the sunset but we didn't get to see the sunset. Back to the city we had our dinner, local food of Melaka, stingray, it was my first time to eat stingray. Finished with the food, we went to Melaka River Cruise RM 15,9, it was good to ride it at night. So many colourful lights, it was very exciting to explore Melaka in one day. I took my deposit back at night and tomorrow, my friends will pick me up to Melaka Sentral and ready for Singapore :)

St. John Fort
me & Maria :)
Melaka Cruise River :) :) *excited
My ticket bus to Singapore RM 26

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