Friday, April 21, 2017

Thailand [COLDPLAY] 1/5 : Transit, Wander and Stay Overnight at Changi Airport

"And if we've only got this life
In this adventure, oh, then I want to share it with you"
-Coldplay, Adventure of a Lifetime

This trip begin when I heard there will be Coldplay concert in some Asian countries and I just thought maybe I could see one of them, well Coldplay not really my favorites but I love some of their songs. In addition, I can have another holiday which is made me more excited. I planned to see the one in Singapore but it turned out the tickets there were very hard to get, so, move to the next country which is Thailand and yay we got the tickets! I still have another bucket list in Thailand which is Phuket. I've been curious with this city long time ago and remembered the time when I booked already in 2012 but I didn't fly at that time and flew to South Korea instead.

And feel so happy because I can go this time. It was such a short time with some cities yet many flights to catch up, fighting! I told my friend that I really want to go to Phuket and it's okay if she doesn't want to join and it's okay for me to go alone but we ended up going there together, yay! It's gonna be short trip yet many flight and destinations, super duper tired but well it's holiday! would be fun no matter what :) 

Because of this Coldplay concert, the flight ticket is increasing like a rocket, too expensive! ;( so we tried to find another way in order to no need to pay that expensive ticket. 

My route for this trip, Tue 4th - Sat 8th of April 2017. Leave on Tuesday night from Jakarta - Singapore - Phuket - Bangkok - Medan - Jakarta (5D/4N). The bad thing is I was having a flu, it's already started since last week before my departure and 3 days before I felt okay but maybe since the bad environment nowadays, I caught the flu again just in time when I am leaving and didn't know if that matters especially when you fly ;( In addition, I fall (again) from riding motorcycle last week, got bruise all over my legs and hurt my right knee, what happened with you, MJ? (leason learnt : be more careful and stay fit! exercise regularly!)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

As usual, I left direct to the airport from my office to catch my flight to Singapore at 9.35 PM via Jetstar, the journey will take 1,5 hours. We plan to stay overnight at Changi Airport since our next flight would be in the morning and the transit time was pretty long so we decided to sleep there. For the ticket CGK-SIN-HKT, luckily we booked it when there was a promo, the cost is Rp475,781, good deal :) 

And you know what, when I had my first flight from CGK-SIN, that's the beginning of my problem for having flu begin. It was okay when the plane is taking off, but when they plan to landing, the sudden changing of height or pressure changing is killing me, my left ear was hurt so badly, tried to chewing gum, yawning and didn't work, really! I was freaked out actually. My friend said it would be alright when you landed so I tried to calming down myself.

1 out of 5 flights and the pain began from this flight, route : CGK - SIN
In Changi Airport, we wandered around to actually looking for a place to sleep, landed at 00.25, Terminal 1. Due to we had connecting flight so we don't need to pass immigration and could just stay inside and heading to our platform to boarding. It's still long time though so we want to sleep first. We found a place in the corner not far from our platform for our next flight to Phuket. 

inside the toilet and they have dresser there

check your flight gate here by simply scan your boarding pass
How about my ear? It's still hurt sometimes and it's annoyed me, I felt like my left ear was covered and hard to hear voices, hiks T.T tried to sleep to forget about it and once I awake because it's really cold in Changi Airport and I didn't bring my warm jacket and all the clothes that I bring is the thin ones, bit regret. Thankfully, I wore my sweater which bit helped and I wore clothes in 3 layers. (Tips : Make sure you bring warm clothes if you plan to stay overnight at airport, in my case, Changi Airport :p) So, I was awake and thinking too much because of my left ear, I tried to google it and hope to find the way to make it better. I will share about it in details, hope if that's happen to you someday, hopefully not though but if that happened then hope my blogpost will be useful for you (blogpost soon).

Stay overnight in Airport? Why not?

see the bench on the right side? that's my bed on that night :D
I stayed overnight in airport few times, Changi Airport, LCCT (Kuala Lumpur), KLIA2, etc. The reasons why I stayed overnight in airport are save budget if I didn't book hotel inside the Airport and catch early flight, well usually because of these 2 reasons.

In Changi Airport, at first, we didn't feel cold but since people getting less after midnight. Maybe that makes airport getting colder especially after 2 AM. In some spots you can find lounge where mostly people sleep there, or if you feel don't want to sleep yet maybe you can try the massage machine. For the drinking water, don't worry almost every toilet they will provide the drinking water in the front. Convenience Store like 7/11 is open 24 hours if you may need anything. If you want to know which Gate do you need to go for your flight, they provide the machine which easily you can just scan the barcode on your boarding pass and the machine will tell you which Gate you should go, cool! There also lot of Cafe, Coffee Shop or Store inside, you won't get bored but some store will close after midnight. Anyway, they have FREE WIFI so no worries, or if you need to browse through computer instead your phone, well it's there :D I think there are more to explore on that Airport but since at that time I only have few hours, I didn't get to explore and prefer to sleep immediately.

Finally found a place to sleep, mine is near the corner and sleep
on the bench but lately in the morning, I slept on the floor because Changi Airport covered with carpet, just thought will feel more warm and I can straight my leg also my body too haha. Don't forget to bring warm jacket, I didn't bring it and really, I'm freezing. Thankfully I had my sweater on me (bit help), I put my socks and wearing layers for my clothes also I put some traditional oil to keep me warm :p ohh I miss my warm jacket haha. So many people sleep there so you're not alone :D Anyway don't forget! take care your valuable things and don't leave them behind. Happy Overnight in Airport! :)

On my way from Singapore - Phuket

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