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Trip to Makassar - 2/2

Day 3 - Monday, 11 March 2013
Today I'm planning to go to Trans Studio Makassar, its an indoor theme park. There were 2 Trans Studio, the first one is Makassar and another one in Bandung. From hotel we ate first in Losari area, restaurant next to kiosk Sentosa, Pantai Indah Restaurant..same menu with Kiosk Sentosa but little bit pricey than Sentosa. I ate chicken noodle IDR 12,000, delicious! Then to go to Trans Studio, i heard there will be shuttle bus for free so from Jl. Penghibur we walked following the way then go to the right Jl. Metro Tanjung Bunga. We asked some ppl about the shuttle bus station to Trans Studio but no one gave a clear direction, some of them said just wait cross the street at Jl. Metro Tanjung Bunga, some said just took a taxi and some said the shuttle bus not far from there. So we just walked and walked but couldnt find station, finally we asked another ppl and glad to hear that actually we could take pete pete blue one until Trans Studio. Hmm..did i mention that cost for pete pete is same IDR 3,000 no matter how near or far the distance is. It took around 10 minutes to Trans Studio by pete pete and still we couldnt find shuttle bus station. My friend felt unwell so she decided to not join to Trans Studio. So here I am, alone in theme park..and crap the tix for that day is IDR 210,000 because there were artist and event, geeezzzz so annoying! It should be IDR 110,000 even it can only got 15 rides from 21 in total. So that day i can go to all rides. When you get in..you can feel like you're in Universal Studio.
But after i tried almost all rides..seriously I'm kinda bored. The only ride that I enjoy is Giant Swing, other than that hmm maybe Mirror House. But i like the interior..creative. So glad its indoor so you don't have to worry with the weather coz its rainy outside. I spent around 4 hours inside. Not many people on that day. But since I'm alone sometimes there are ride that needs min. 4~6 ppl so i need to wait others ppl to get on the ride :p Don't know what to do anymore then I went back to hotel, my friend already left. 

another Meatball IDR 12,000
cool! :D
inside Trans Studio Mall, nice interior~!! ^^b
Trans Studio Makassar
Trans Studio ticket~~

Ticket Booth~~

I hate this!!!

feels like in the mini Universal Studio~~
this is Jelajah~~ like Niagara at Dufan, Jakarta

just love the color :D
Giant Swing, me <333

Roller Coaster..not my favorite one~~

Theater..the story was about Bollywood things..
quite funny~~~
hihiii..their kids are cute :D

love the decoration~~
Kids area..
From trans studio, i took pete pete to go back to Losari then took another pete pete until my hotel to get my bags. Next destination is Sungguminasa, when i take a look in gps, hmmm pretty far from downtown. I went to Sungguminasa, Gowa coz i surfed on my CS friend's couch. Felt so lucky that i found a host, especially local ppl. Thats what i'm looking for..meet local ppl, sharing etc. I took pete pete to Karebosi Link, kinda lost a bit coz the pete pete didn't pass my should be the next stop which is Plamonia Hospital so I need to go back and find my way to Karebosi by using gps and asking ppl. I went to Karebosi Square, there is Karebosi Mall and football field. I took red pete pete to Sungguminasa IDR 3,000. And yesss its faraway from downtown. My host told me clearly about direction to her house. From downtown to Sungguminasa took almost 2 hours coz its after working hours so there was traffic jam. It’s not really difficult to find the address. We chatted few hours away at night & glad her family were so welcoming, but sad I only stay for 1 night, I should visit again later.

Day 4 - Tuesday, 12 March 2013
I’m really happy coz there gonna be some gathering for CSers Makassar for today, I love meeting new ppl when traveling. And I was so lucky coz actually in my itinerary I got one place to visit named Balla Lompoa Palace of Gowa Kingdom (Istana Balla Lompoa) but it’s pretty far from downtown around 10-15km so there was coincidence when I asked my host do you know about Istana Balla Lompoa and she said it’s really near from hear, you can go by walk around 10 minutes. Then for sure I will go to visit this place, it’s rainy again in the morning so waiting for a while then Eka’s brother kindly drop me by his motorcycle to Balla Lompoa. Eventhough it’s still raining but it’s okay. This place is not well maintained, too bad huh? It’s free to enter this place, there were 2 palace building, one is Tamalate Palace (Istana Tamalate) but its closed when I went there & another one is Balla Lompoa Palace (Istana Balla Lompoa) with museum inside where you can enter for free, you can also try traditional clothes there for IDR 30,000. This Tamalate Palace is replica from original but Balla Lompoa is the original since Gowa Kingdom where they keep valuables & ancient goods which not just have a historic value but also the material from gold or another precious metals. 
Chocolate Tree :)
Balla Lompoa Palace
Tamalate Palace

It's free to enter the museum~~
Red Pete Pete, we called it Angkot in Jakarta
Bentor(Left) & Becak(Right)

From Balla Lompoa I went back to downtown by red pete-pete to Karebosi & took another pete-pete to Café Daeng at Jl. Urip Sumohardjo to have a gathering. Actually it took a long way to go coz I was mistaken with directions for the Café. But anyway I found the place and glad to meet all of them, there were around 8 ppl. We moved to one of CSer house to have another gathering coz actually there were 2 agenda on that day. That was really fun to hear all those stories from them, about their traveling experiences or CS things. Will go back again for sure coz I haven’t seen many place such as Toraja, Rammang-Rammang, Bantimurung & Tanjung Bira ^^.
Fried rice..but I prefer fried rice that I normally eat :p
The scenery at the yard of CSer house, lovely~~
CS Makassar gathering :) :) :)
Cross Gift less than IDR 10,000/gift

Hassanuddin Airport~~ nice!
I'm trully very sorry, this time I didn't make itinerary in details like usual ;( but hopefully you can enjoy my stories & these pictures. Anyway the good news is I have another trip & couldn't wait to share with you guys. Seeing page views & ppl who dropped me comments made me so excited to share & write my stories. Actually I'm not a good writer hehe but as I said above, I just wanna share stories which these gonna be my treasures when I read it again.
Thank you for everyone who read my blog!! ^^b

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