Monday, April 1, 2013

Trip to Ujung Kulon

Had another trip which is always so exciting for me :p still in my country, located at  the western-most tip of Java, within Banten province of Indonesia named Ujung Kulon. Ujung Kulon is the last refuge of critically endangered Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) after poachers killed in 2010, there were at least 35 rhinos based on recordings taken in 2011 and it’s Indonesia’s first proposed national park and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 for containing the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java (got this from Wikipedia :D). There are some video & camera trap fully conducted by Ujung Kulon National Park Authority to survey and monitoring Rhinos. I went to Ujung Kulon on Friday 22 - Sunday 24 March 2013 (3D/2N), leave on Friday night. There were 20 ppl on this trip and most of them are Couchsurfing. There are some Couchsurfere who arranged this trip so I just follow their trip, the budget for this trip is IDR 660,000. Our meeting point was at Plaza Semanggi, Dunkin Donuts, it’s really amusing to see ppl from various country (Germany, London, Iran, Korea, Belgium etc) & different styles joined this trip. We left around 9pm by ELF to go to Ujung Kulon.
credit to google :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013 back was $^#^%*)_&%^9 it took almost 12 hours to arrive at Ujung Kulon same like Jakarta to Yogyakarta by bus. Unfortunately the driver seems didn’t know the route so well so I think we kinda lost at that time. Too bad because of that, we didn’t get to go to few places on the itinerary. Anyway Umang Island was nearby but i heard this island was quite expensive since there's a resort there. When we arrived at Ujung Kulon we have to take a boat to Peucang Island around 3 hours, so another hours again to go. Actually I can’t wait to see the island or the beach or whatever, the journey really made me so tired, and in the car we kinda like jumping because the road was really bad. So I’m trying hard to sleep in the car. 

inside the ELF
had our lunch,shower & rest a while there
get ready to boat~~
almost rain & rain is really coming brrrrr...
see that green color ocean, beautiful!

After almost 3 hours in the boat we arrived at Peucang Island, Peucang Island is located on the most western tip of Java. Its rainy season so yeahh when we arrived at Peucang Island there was drizzle suddenly. On this Peucang Island there were some animals like deer, monkey and wild boar. The beach is wonderful, you can do swimming or snorkeling here. Amazing with the blue color ocean. We waited until the stop then we went to do trekking to Karang Copong, about 3 km & took 1 hour. The track was not really hard because just flat not like track at Sempu Island which up and down :P. After 1 our trekking we could find a beach called Karang Copong, there were so many corals on this beach so be careful with your foot because you know the coral. To go back to from Karang Copong we have to pass the same track. Another hour to do trekking then we had a lunch on the boat, I'm so starving X_X The food was nice & delicious, oishiii :D From Peucang Islang we will go to Handeuleum Island where we gonna stay for a night. But before we went to Handeuleum some of them still want to do snorkeling so the man took us to a nice spot, not far from Peucang Island. From Peucang Island to Handeuleum took around 2 hours but it was really nice cause we got to see beautiful sunset on the boat ^^ the sky already dark when we arrived at Handeuleum Island and there was no light. I felt like in the movie..where the island was really dark and suddenly you can find someone live in the middle of forest :)
arriveeeedd at Peucang Island
some dear~~
wild boar~~

while trekking we found a very big tree
at Karang Copong after an hour trekking
the track was not so hard :p
hellooo dear~~~ ^^
swimming anyone? :)
waiting for sunset on the boat :D
uwaaaa what a lovely scenery :) me loveeeee

Sunday, 24 March 2013
We're going to do canoeing in the morning before leaving. We went to a spot to do canoeing by boat. There were 3 boats for canoeing..i took a big one then we did cano for about 1-2 hours, it was really refreshing..we can hear sound of bird, breezing, kinda nature adventure..i love it. And there were moments that would be unforgettable because our boat stuck in the tree for twice XDD thats our disadvantage to take a big boat..too bad because there was a big tree fall down and blocked our way so we have to turn back and go back with the same way. Since we got stuck again on the way back, it took more longer to arrive and catch up with another boat. But the advantage of taking a big boat is...we can go back to Handeuleum Island with our big boat...yippieee new thing to try again ^^ we could get to see the blue ocean in closer. Actually we just random asked the man if we can go to Handeuleum using this boat. Then they made it happened :) started the engine and wooshhaaaa..XDD

close up XDD
Handeuleum Island~~

see how clear that sky~~ nice blue sky!!

canoeing~~~ ^^b
our boat stuck twice because of that tree XDD
we couldn't pass because that tree X(

go to Handeuleum using that boat~~

i loveee the cloud :D
arrive at Handeuleum after canoeing~~ :)

On that island there were some coconut tree so we could drink coconut, the man will climb up coconut tree to get some for us @IDR 10,000 :D some of them were amazed with the man who climb up that high coconut tree :) we packed our things and get ready to go back to Jakarta. We left at 12pm by boat from Handeuleum around an hour and left for Jakarta at 2pm by ELF. We passed Carita beach, Baraya beach & Anyer beach in the way home. And amazing we arrived at 9pm! it took 7 hours not 12 hours like the first time ^^ this trip was amazing, too bad i missed Cidaon and couldn't see Rhino but get to see another beauty of my country, gaining some new friends, new experiences etc etc made me so happy~! ^^b can't wait to explore moreeee ♥♥♥ Thank you for reading ^^
Coconut Tree!
want some?
group pictureeee~~
ready to go home
i saw accident :(
 I will post the itinerary later..kindly wait for it :) & see you guys in another trip


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