Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trip to Manila 2/3

Day 3 - Saturday, 23 November 2013
I stayed only for 2 nights with my host at Makati, then I went straight to Malate area to find a hostel or guesthouse coz I heard you can find cheap hostel on that area. I browsed in internet and found Chill-Out Guesthouse so I went there, I took Jeepney to LRT Taft, but it turns out they stop nearby LRT Pedro Gil which nearby the street that I was looking for at that time, had lunch at McDonalds first then looking for Remedios Street (actually nearby LRT is LRT Querinno). Chill Out Guesthouse (Dormitory=350php/night) was full occupied then I tried another guesthouse, Where 2Next Hostel (Dormitory=495php) not fit my budget, the officer told me to ask the hostel across the street, Malate Pensionne (Dormitory=475php,Fan,Female Only,3 Beds,Free WIFI at lounge,Free Breakfast,No Locker,Shared Bathroom) I was kinda tired to find another one so I took this hostel, from that LRT Pedro Gil until the hostel I walked around 15 minutes.
My hostel, Malate Pensionne ;)
Their Rate ;)

My Room :D
Took a shower then I went as my plan to go to Intramuros & Rizal Park, I walked to Intramuros from my hostel by walking through Manila Bay, but before to Intramuros I went to Rizal Park first, coz I will pass along my way to Intramuros, after around 15 minutes I arrived to Rizal Park, Jose Rizal is National Hero of Philippines, so multi-talented, can speak 22 different languages. It was crowded in the afternoon, such a nice park, usually they will have musical fountain around 6pm so I decided to come back after Intramuros. I was continuing to go to Intramuros, Intramuros was an oldest and historic district in Manila, almost same like Kota Tua in Jakarta but nicer. Went there by walking then first destination was Fort Santiago (Entrance Fee=75php), there were a lot of tricycle trying to pursue you so if you don't want it just say no! coz they were really kinda after you n forcing you, and anyway watch your belongings just in case. Fort Santiago was a place where Rizal imprisoned, the fort was nice and clean, its recommended to get in. Curious with Manila Cathedral but I didn't lucky enough coz there were renovation for the buildings, Going around and around to find the bridge where Intramuros word was stated. And going back to Rizal Park by Jeepney (8php). While waiting for the rain I want to try Halo Halo with Ice Cream(69php), special dessert in Philippines, so I bought it at Chowking Restaurant, eventhough its rainy but it doesn't matter for me :p Rainy always come in the afternoon, on that day there was a Philippine Orchestra Concert in the Open Air Auditorium in Rizal Park, FREE, so I watched those performance :) before going back to my hostel.
Manila Bay

Rizal Park
Found these Philippines President Statue on my way to Intramuros
Arriveeeed..after another walking for 15 minutes from Rizal Park
Inside Fort Santiago
Rizal Footsteps
Manila Cathedral~~~

Finally I found that Intramuros word..kkk xDD
Halo Halo w/ Ice Cream, special dessert of Philippines

the rehearsal for the concert
Here they areee..musical fountain and me love it! :D
The Concert ;)

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