Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trip to Manila 3/3

Day 4 - Sunday, 24 November 2013
I had an appointment with my old friend at Bonifacio High Street, but I want to see Manila American Cemetery first, so I went there first in the morning, From Remedios Street I took Jeepney(8php) to Buendia then by the bus to Ayala (Glorietta, Intercontinental Manila), had lunch first at Jollibee, Glorietta, then by the bridge went across the road to New Fort Bus Terminal, took another Jeepney (Market-Market sign = 8php) to Manila American Cemetery, just tell the driver and they will alight you in the nearest road, then walked around 5 minutes. From the entrance I already amazed with this cemetery, friendly security who welcoming me and thought that I'm a Filipino (again) kkk xDD, they will ask your passport to write your identity on their guest book then they will let you in, free of charge ;) This cemetery was in memorial for World War II and there are more than 17,000 graves in that place and one of the largest cemetery outside America. I took a lot of pictures in this place, really a LOT ;) what a modern n nice cemetery.
Nice Breakfast from my hostel *nom nom :D
Entrance Gate


Army Names who died at the World War II
Study Tour?
Panorama Photo, just click to enlarge ;)
my nail art : beauty rose ;)
After almost 2 hours in that place, I went to Bonifacio High Street by walking, this Bonifacio is Central Business District in Manila, you can see some ppl do jogging on that area, having a stroll with their dogs etc. Bonifacio High Street is another shopping mall with an unique concept, almost the same like Paris Van Java in Bandung. Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, SM Aura Mall, Market Market, those were place that I visited on that day. To go back to my hostel, took taxi to Ayala then take MRT from Ayala to Taft Avenue(10php) and took LRT EDSA to LRT Querinno (12php)
I didn't try that Shuttle Bus, sorry no info for that><
Mind Museum

there was Pedegree University contest hihi..cute!!

hihihiihihiii :D
Christmas Tree at Serendra
Skywalk at SM Aura Mall

with Raissa, very long time no see! ;)
so pretty~~~~ <33333
Fully Booked - Book Store
what a cozy book store ;)
Egg Bucks 12php
LRT ticket
LRT Station
night life around my hostel
Day 5 - Monday, 25 November 2013
I put my backpack before catching my flight at my hostel then I went to SM Mall Of Asia..going to LRT Querinno to LRT Taft(12php) then took jeepney(8php) there to SM Mall of Asia, one of the biggest shopping mall in the world, around 200,000 sqm and there is a beach behind the shopping can watch sunset there, they also have small amusement park there..i arrived so early at that mall...mall hasn't opened yet so i just went straight to the bay..was so hot at that time but i prefer hot than rainy..i didn't see much, coz most of shopping mall are same, right? i went to Kultura to bought some filipino snacks to my family n friends..anyway i liked the Banana Chips & Boy Bawang that I bought ;p Kultura is a Philippines Gift & Souvenir Store, didn't spend money so much..but actually most things in Philippines are cheaper than Jakarta..thats why i like..also the ppl was so friendly n helpful, it helps me a lot while i was there. From SM Mall Of Asia I went back to my hostel to killing my time since my flight is at 20.55 with same route jeepney and LRT. Went to airport by LRT Querinno until LRT Taft(12php) then took jeepney(8php) to the Airport. All passengers need to pay Terminal Fee which we usually called Airport Tax for 550php, so don't forget to separate your money before you spend your money, hopefully they will include it already on the airplane ticket coz usually most of airplane already did that. Flying with Cebu Pacific for the first time full with delay..but their services were okay, you got to see good looking steward too on the plane :) and sometimes they will hold games while on board.
Malate Church
SM Mall Of Asia
waiting for opening~~

Behind the Mall ;)
Ice Skating Rink inside the Mall
inside the mall
almost stopped by here for my meal..kkk
and hereeee...definitely cheap & taste were good *nyommm
arriveeed at the airport..alight n take jeepney from this road
boarding room at NAIA~~

I bought this snacks~~ total 352php
Summary for my itinerary details..hehehe..soon ;p since I went alone sometimes I'm kinda lazy to make itinerary but to make you guys easily to find information, I'll make one for you..please kindly wait and thank you so much for reading my blog!! ;) really happy to see my page views going up and up..hohoho..i never publish my blog address through my social media but happy when you guys found my blog, read and got information that you need..hihihi..once again thank you so much and hopefully can share my next story soon ;) drop comment here or shout box if you have any question ^^b See ya~!!

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