Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's go to Filosofi Kopi

I already heard about this place for a while because many people talked about it and this place was kinda boom since there was a movie with the same title like this coffee shop and filming on this coffee shop. I wanna go there due to curiosity but I didn't have time. 

So at one night, left from my office, I barely wouldn't go home immediately so I went to Blok M area at that night, walking, walking and walking and I saw a place that seems bright and there were a lot of people there so I look closer and I saw it wrote Filosofi Kopi in there and aaa..apparently I found it unintentionally. 

Then, I enter the cafe and wow I love the design, the cafe decorated with unfinished white bricks and there are some variances of seats with different height level, there is also a small pots near the big window, and some words are filled in the window with white colors. There is also bookshelf as part of some decorations. There are pretty many chairs inside, and actually the place seems small cause the shape is just square.
Greeny pots to make homey :) 

Some of menu already sold out at that night. I ordered Hot Cappuccino. The staff looks friendly and I kinda enjoyed drink coffee there. The price was okay and I think I will go back there and try some green tea and other snacks ;) 

There was some accident during my visit, I ordered hot cappuccino and when I put it on my desk, it turned out the table was shaky and I spilled my cappuccino ;( I asked tissue from the staff and he saw it and he offered me to change my drink and when he tried to fix my table it ended up more and more are spilled out so I got a new one. Thank you so much, Filosofi Kopi!
my first coffee that spilled out ;(

Filosofi Kopi
Location : Jl. Melawai 6, Melawai, Jakarta
Open      : 10 AM - 10 PM
Price      : IDR 15.000 - 50.000
IG            : @filkopstore_id

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