Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pork Ribs - Song Fa Bakut Teh

If you are Chinese food lover or pork lover, you better pay visit to this place. Song Fa Bakut Teh is established since 1969 and originally from Singapore. I haven't tried the one in Singapore and haven't been to Song Fa before so I feel exciting to try. 

Thanks to Fiona (ig @fionatjo) for asking me out since her partner, Ruth couldn't go. Although I need to find and wearing Cheongsam, cause that was the dress code and I don't have it and I ended up borrowed it from a friend. I jumped into Foodies gathering organized by JKTGO, and got a chance to taste all the favorites food menu at Song Fa.

Bakut Teh means "meat bone tea", actually it is refer to a soup brewed with pork ribs complete with various herbs and spices. The best menu of Song Fa of course is the Bakut Teh itself, Pork Ribs Soup, the pork was tender and juicy, the soup was delicious. 

Pork Ribs Soup
There is also Spicy Pork Belly, little Spicy but delicious and you just couldn't stop eating it, well since we have to share with other foodies so I resist it...kkk..The other one that we tried and we also ordered another 2 bowls since we like it so much is Dough Fritters/Cakwe, so crispy, not too oily and we just love it.
Spicy Pork Belly
our favorites Dough Fritters/Cakwe
They made the menu from almost all part of a pig, you could find below some of the pictures, favorites of mine are pork ribs & pork belly. I also found out an unique things which is the way they serve the Chinese Tea, some Chinese Tea were served in unique way, they pour the tea into that 4 small glasses and let it wasted and throw it out and pour again for 3 times and you may enjoy the 4th glass, because I felt like it's too bad to waste the first tea.
Chinese tea that quite unique when served

Mee Sua

Pig's Kidney Soup
Braised Pork Belly
the porridge was also tasty ;)
The place was designed with delicate selection for antique & old ornaments that make customers feel comfortable, made a good ambiance, located at Food Place, Jayakarta, Hayam Wuruk. There are 4 outlets in Jakarta, and the one that I visited is Central Kitchen, so all the food from all outlets in Jakarta are coming from this outlet.

Song Fa Bakut Teh
Location  : Jayakarta Food Place, Lantai Ground, Jl. Labu No. 1, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta
Phone No : 021 6390951
Price       : IDR 20.000 - 100.000 IG           : @songfajakarta 

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