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Japan 6/10 - Osaka : Magical of Harry Potter in Universal Studio Japan

after all this time 
"A L W A Y S" 
- Severus Snape
remarkable Hogwarts Castle <3333

Day 5 - Wednesday , 20 April 2016

We really excited today, will heading to Osaka by Shinkansen, hoho, we took the shortest and affordable way for us to try that super rapid train in Japan. Went to Kyoto Station in the early morning around 6.30 AM, ticket to Osaka cost ¥1,420 and it only took around 10 minutes by Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka, amazed with that and it really punctual which I can’t stop adore it. We arrived at Shin Osaka station around 7.10 AM and from there we heading to take subway to Shitennoji Temple, we stopped at Tennoji Station (M23) and walk from station to Shitennoji Temple, it’s kinda far and we are kinda tired and it might because we need to pull our trolley so it takes more effort to walk. One of my friends already put her luggage at coin locker because she didn’t join us to Universal Studio. We asked people where the temple is and apparently there were students from Shitennoji School that heading to school where located next to the temple, most of them were running to the school probably because they are running out of time, haha. Arrived in Shitennoji Temple, not really crowded and actually there were renovation there, we only wander around the temple and decided not to enter, if you want to enter, admission fee is ¥300. 
amazing Kyoto Station, so huge
Modern design at Kyoto Station
our Shinkansen ticket to Osaka :)
our Shinkansen yuhuuu!
inside Shinkansen
10 minutes and arrived at Osaka :)
students from Shitennoji Gakuen School
Shitennoji Temple Gate
on renovation ><
admission fee ¥300 if you want to enter

From there we heading back to station and wow extra effort again to pull our bags, haha, next we are heading to Osaka Castle, alight at Osakajokoen Station and another walk which is pretty far to the main hall, which is famous landmark of Osaka Castle, surrounding with the river and nice trees we are climbing up, one of my friends didn’t join and prefer to wait down there while me keep going, at least to see more closer, also didn’t get inside the temple, admission fee is ¥600 if you want to get in. From there we heading to Universal Studio while my friend who didn’t join us to USJ is go inside the Osaka Castle and prefer to wander around Osaka.
study tour? hihii those kids are super cute
Osaka Castle
admission fee ¥600 to enter

It’s thrilling when we almost reach the Universal Studio Japan, because there is Harry Potter there!! Both of us are fans of Harry Potter, we followed their books since Book 1 and we watched all their movies. Took JR Osaka Loop Line from Osakajokoen to Universal City Station, transfer at Nishikujo. We put our trolley bags in the coin locker at Universal City Station, we took the medium size and yeay it’s fit for our bags ¥500. I bought couple snacks and meals at Lawson there before get in to USJ, it’s okay to bring any meals or drinks with you and I’m happy with it. We bought our ticket already at Jakarta, bought at Panorama Tours Pacific Place for Rp889k (the one and only branch which ticket is available even you need to book first and get your ticket on the next day and the location is reachable for me), for the actual price ticket in yen is ¥7,400 not really big difference at that time rate ¥1 = Rp122. After we put our bags it felt so relieved because we don’t need to bring heavy things again and it feels like freedom! 

Yeayyy haha the building of the shops are really nice, pretty same ambience like Singapore one. When we came there it was 15th Anniversary of Universal Studio Japan so there was a special decoration for it, our first spot of course the famous globe of Universal, yeayyy..we decided to take photos there before get in since it would be dark if we took photos at night. It’s around 11 AM when we arrived in USJ which is pretty late, since we walk too much from station to temple and so on so we kinda waste our time there, for me Shitennoji Temple is not that special to visit maybe you can skip that and heading to Osaka Castle directly so you’re not gonna waste your time there if you only have like one day in Osaka like us because we admitted that we are so hurry in that morning.
Universal City Walk
15th Aniversary USJ :)
my USJ ticket, can't wait to explore :)
Exciting to be in Universal Studio Japan since beside Harry Potter, I already wanna go there because my idol already been here too haha, TVXQ, haha yeahh still can't believe I still like them, huh? but I do. My spot to take pictures inside are already in my head. We heading directly to Harry Potter area, from entrance to the right, approaching Harry Potter is amusing, I already can feel the Harry Potter ambiance, the music, the forest and then the Hogwart Express, Hogsmeade, Butter Beer! Castle and everything!! The decoration of Harry Potter is so awesome, details are incredible, I love it so much :) :) :) We actually want to try the ride inside the castle but the queuing time is 3 hours so we didn't want to waste our time and prefer to have rides that queuing not more than an hour, our first ride is the small roller coaster in front of the castle, you may see Hagrid's house there, the ride was so so not too scary..haha and we also go inside the castle, only for walk not for ride haha..too bad I know and the castle was pretty same like the movie one, or at least you can feel the aura of the film, the pensieve, Albus Dumbledore's office, the paintings, definitely really cool! it's dark inside so my camera phone didn't work properly to take pictures but don't forget to pay visit to this castle :) From the castle we have another bucket list here, Butter Beer! :) hoho, it taste like root beer with whipped cream on the top, but it's tasty for me, quite expensive,  ¥6,000 per glass.

There are so many roller coaster in here, but mostly roller coaster queuing more than 2 hours so we kinda skipped that and prefer another ride, we tried Jaws which is so entertaining, exploring the river with the boat and all of sudden there was a big shark that's going to try to eat you haha..Spider-man was awesome too, similar like Transformers in USS. We also try a ride in Jurassic Park area, similar like USS but it's slightly different, not bad. There are lot of spot to take pictures, and sometimes there are officer that's going to help you to take picture and they will print it too, so one time with their camera and one time with your camera, they will print it and if you want it you can take and pay it if you want, both of us hehe we didn't take the printed one and satisfied enough with the one in our camera :) There are also parade which is so fun since its their 15th anniversary so it's really so much fun. Anyway I'm really happy because I can meet my favorite cartoon, Hello Kitty cuteee..and no need to go to Sanrio Playland even I want too but can resist that :)
students are everywhere
Hagrid's house :)
Hermione's wand
inside the castle
Butter Beer anyone?
¥6,000/ glass bit pricey though
all the wands
Hogsmeade :)
Hogwart Express
I want to be here, my wish since long time ago
The Parade...awesome!!
Hello Kitty <333
MJ is here Spidey! ;)

15th Anniversary Re-Boooooooorn! haha the slogan is everywhere, there are 9 areas in USJ such as Hollywood, Universal Wonderland, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Waterworld, Amity Village, Jurassic Park, San Fransisco, Parade & New York. I feel it's quite bigger than USS. We played until 7.30 PM and waiting for my friend to come at our meeting point, in front of the globe. Explore Universal City little bit, got to try Takoyaki at Osaka Takoyaki Museum and ordered at vending machine which interesting for us then heading to the Bus Terminal which is next to USJ. Waiting for our Willer Bus to go back to Tokyo :) time to sleep after tiring day yet always fun!
found this store, One Piece - Naruto
the merchandise
waiting for our Willer at this bus terminal
night snack before sleeping, so tasty :)


  1. looks like in the middle of a joyride..
    have fun

    1. Yeahh..surely lots of fun to be there :)


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