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How to Apply Korean Visa for Indonesian

(mixed English - Indonesian post)

So after 4 years finally I will go back to Korea again, and need to apply visa again. Many people telling me and even I heard some news said that nowadays are quite difficult to apply Korean visa. Hmm but for me I think it supposed to be okay if I can fulfill all the requirements, right? *trytocalmdownmyself*

Looking back my previous post about how to apply Korean visa was actually still same but there are few changes, anyway this blogpost is made for Indonesian who wants to apply Korean visa based on my recent experience. On my first trip to Korea, I was staying with my teacher but this time I will stay at hostel/ guesthouse. I applied Korean visa around 1 month before so I prepare the requirements that I saw in their website in a flash because too lazy to take long time. In addition, I want to apply alone without travel agent as usual.

When I apply this visa I already had my flight ticket CGK – SEOUL, SEOUL – JEJU – SEOUL, BUSAN – CGK and I also already booked my accommodation while in Korea. For this trip I already got permission from office so I took my 5 annual leaves, 1 unpaid leave and ask permission to come late in Monday since my flight will arrive in Jakarta in Monday morning hoho all set but I haven’t told my mom, okay that’s my problem though

Firstly, I asked HR team to make Certificate of Employment (Surat Keterangan Kerja) they already had template in English. This letter basically same with old one that I attached before. In this letter shown that you are true this company’s employee which will be traveling to Korea and your company guarantee that you will go back again for sure without seeking any employment in Korea. I also asked SIUP to HR but they don’t give me so I didn’t attach SIUP.

Went to the Bank (in this case my bank is BCA) to print out my Bank of Account Statement (Rekening Koran) 3 months and make Bank Reference Letter (Surat Referensi Bank), you can make both documents in wherever branch. I went to Kota Kasablanka Branch at 10 AM and they said the officer is not coming so there will a substitution come at 11 AM, I went there again and the officer came but she said the one that will sign my letter is on his annual leaves and will be back next week and I was like errrr. They refer me to main branch at Menara Karya, Kuningan. Went there and unfortunately the one that will sign my letter in on the meeting so I might get my letter tomorrow, errgghhh..for the Bank of Account Statement since you want to take 3 months, you also couldn’t take it directly since they don’t have the data and need to get from Head Office since they only have data for 2 months, actually I want to apply my visa tomorrow. For the bank of account statement they only can print from mid July until now which is mid Sep, it’s not actually 3 months but I got July, August & September so it’s 3 months, huh? :) they charge Rp2,500/page, I had 11 pages for this. The officer said she will contact me if my reference letter already been signed. How much money do you need in your account? Basically there is no fixed information for this, but logically your account should be enough to funding your trip, flight, accommodation and all your expense while you there, mostly will count like this per day Rp1million (USD 75) so if you will spend 10 days then you should have Rp10-15million (USD 100) in your account but sometimes I heard your visa will be approved even though you only have Rp5million in your account, so like I said, no fixed rate.

At night I prepare all documents needed, for the pas photo I asked my friend to take my picture at office which had white background wall and print the photo with size 3.5 x 4.5, you can use 4 x 6 too and just cut it, all your face need to be seen, so approximately 80% of your photo is your face. Print the application form from their website, fill it in and paste your photo there.

I applied for Single Visa, and here the requirements that I brought : (in Indonesian)
1. Formulir permohonan visa (dilengkapi dengan pas photo 3.5 x 4.5)
2. Passport Asli dan fotokopi passport beserta semua cap nya (saya ada 3 passport jadi saya copy ketiganya cover dan semua halaman yang ada cap nya)
3. Copy Kartu Keluarga
4. Surat Keterangan Kerja (dapat dari HRD, english version tanpa SIUP)
5. Fotokopi bukti keuangan :
-SPT, dikeluarkan Direktorat Jenderal Pajak (saya print dari e-filling per tab, karena saya lapor pajak sudah online)
-Laporan buku tabungan dalam 3 bulan terakhir (ini saya lampirkan rekening koran 3 bulan tanpa Surat Referensi Bank)

Preparing copies of my flight and accommodation booking too just in case. On the next day I came directly to embassy without getting my Bank reference, anyway the embassy now at Gatot Subroto not in Plaza Office like last time. I came around 8 AM, enter to the next gate of embassy and just go straight until you see sign Entrance, wait there. Gate opened at 8.30 AM, prepare your KTP since the security will check your bags and KTP. Go inside and get your queue number at the machine and wait until your number is called. If there are 2 of you, or you came with friends, you can just get 1 queue number, 1 queue number for up to 9 documents. Just found out that you actually no need to come, so you can just ask your friend to pass your documents, up to 9 people. Moving so quickly and I got number 2. They begin calling number at 8.45 AM.

Arrange your documents based on sequence on their requirements and when your number is called, don’t get nervous and just relax. As long as you fulfill all the documents that required, everything will good. I heard if you miss a document or if the embassy still need some documents they will contact you. They call my number and start checking my documents, pretty long since I had 3 applications. I attached my booking confirmation for hotel and flight but they return it since they don’t need it. Everything runs smoothly until I forgot to withdraw money for pay the visa, they only accept cash, I thought they can accept debit but they can’t, luckily I met a friend there and we just met that day so I borrowed her money since I have shortage Rp200k and transfer to her account. I paid Rp544k for this Single Visa. You will get a receipt to get your visa, one receipt for all the applications in one queue number. Finished around 10 - 15 minutes which is around 9 AM. 

It took around 4 working days, you can also check your application through their website before come to the embassy to get your visa, choose Check Application Status, type of applications : choose diplomatic office, input your passport number, your name in English as shown in the passport (surname first, then first name) and your birth date. This made me little bit nervous when waiting my visa status since everyone seems panic and nervous so I got affected and feeling nervous too, my status changing from Application Received – Under Review until APPROVED, yeayyy!! I asked my friend to get my passport and send it to me. 

So, no worries to apply your Korean Visa alone as long as you fulfill all the requirements then you good to go :) I am very excited for my upcoming trip! If you have any question, feel free to drop comment here or fb message me, thank you for reading and cheers!
My Visa YAY!!

The information I got for Korean Embassy through website:

A. Pendaftaran dan Pengambilan Visa

Pengajuan Aplikasi Visa : 09.00~11.30
Pengambilan Visa : 13.30~16.30
Lama Proses Pembuatan Visa : ± 4 Hari Kerja ( Proses bisa lebih dari 4 hari kerja jika dokumen dianggap belum lengkap dan interview jika dibutuhkan)
Selama Proses Pembuatan Visa, Paspor tidak boleh dipinjam

B.Biaya Pembuatan Visa per 1 Juli 2016 (from embassy)

Single Visa (Visa kunjungan dibawah 90 hari) : Rp. 544.000,-
Single Visa (Visa kunjungan diatas 90 hari) : Rp. 816.000,-
Multiple Visa (Berlaku untuk 5 tahun) : Rp. 1.224.000,-
Double Visa (2 kali masuk dan Berlaku untuk 6 bulan) : Rp. 952.000,-
Biaya visa tidak dapat dikembalikan apabila dibatalkan proses pengajuannya atau visa ditolak oleh pihak Kedubes Korea
this place is full memories, my first Korean lesson :)

Kedutaan Besar Republik Korea untuk Republik Indonesia
Address : Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav.57 Jakarta 12950
Tel : 62-21-2967-2555
Hours of Operation : 08:30-12:00, 13:30-16:30


  1. hi! thank you for sharing ^^

    mba aku mau nanya, ini ada point "funding details", saya agak bingung untuk mengisis apabila source of fundingnya itu kita sendiri (point 10.2) mohon bantuannya ya mba ^^
    terima kasih banya.. sukses selalu ^^

    1. Hi Mba Leonita! Makasih ya uda mampir :)

      Kemarin saya juga biaya sendiri jadi di data yang diminta saya isi nama saya sendiri, type support saya isi funding by myself, estimation cost waktu itu saya isi aja $1000 karena dari info2 yang saya baca anggep aja 1 hari Rp 1jt jadi dikali brp hari n convert ke dollar :)

      Semoga membantu ya


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