Monday, September 26, 2016

Back to Yogyakarta : Gumuk Pasir, Klinik Kopi, Upside Down World

Being friends for more than 20 years already and still counting, we grew up together and now attending your best friend wedding is definitely makes you happy :)

I am back again to Yogyakarta! haha..since the last time I also talking about Yogyakarta for my previous trip and here I am, back again to this city. This time actually it's not totally for holiday but for my best friend's wedding and of course I love to explore some places during my spare time.
Gumuk Pasir, Parangtritis
Heading to Yogyakarta at Friday night Sep 2 at 9.45 PM from Pasar Senen Station by Bogowonto, Economy Class (Rp220k) to Lempuyangan Station, same train like the last time. We will stay at Greenhost Boutique Hotel Prawirotaman, we choose this hotel because this hotel is kinda famous nowadays plus it became of one of filming sites for movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (What happened with love) so we want to try it. We only have weekend for this trip 3 - 4 September 2016.

Anyway we supposed to get off at Lempuyangan Station but this train also stop at Yogyakarta Station, don't get confusing since Yogyakarta Station means Tugu Station and it's located more closer to downtown especially Malioboro area so you better get off on this station. Actually when I realized Yogyakarta is Tugu, I feel bit guilty because last time when we stayed at Malioboro we keep get off at Lempuyangan Station, sorry friends :p

well..well..we did it :)

Still early to check in so we decided to go to Malioboro and have some breakfast around Malioboro, took becak since we were lazy to walk, Rp10k. We were having Gudeg Rp12k/portion for breakfast. After that we decided to rent a motorbike at Kawasang Dagen just across the street, price range are vary, 12 hours or 24 hours, 12 hours Rp60k and 24 hours Rp80k-90k, we took 24 hours. Just drop your identity card n driver license (car) there and you can take the motorbike.

We rode motorbike, I am driving, u yeahh haha..another thrilling moment. Heading to our hotel to store our bags and yeah we can take a shower since the pool is the lobby and there is shower room, so refreshing to get a shower :) Our first destination is Gumuk Pasir at Parangtritis, South of Yogyakarta, we just had our gps and actually it's easy to find this place and traffic was okay sometimes not crowded at all since maybe we went in the morning :) From the gate of Parangtritis we need to pay entrance fee, and when we arrive at Gumuk Pasir we need to pay again for parking Rp3,000. It was really hot! Gumuk Pasir is a desert, there are only few spots there in open area, the sign of Gumuk Pasir, swing etc. We did a quick sightseeing and we avoiding sun by sitting in the trees.
swing swing~~
Finished and we go back to downtown and an accident happened, that was my first accident by the way, motorbike crashed but glad everyone okay, to prevent something bad my friend go to massage place around Malioboro area just in case for her foot, since her foot starts swollen (truly sorry for her) but thankfully not really serious. From there off we go to Klinik Kopi, Kaliurang :) it was around 2 PM and oops it's not opened yet. It will open at 4 PM and closed at 8 PM, wow what a flash :) This cafe also famous and became one of filming sites of that movie. While waiting we had our lunch at Soto Kudus just nearby that cafe, this cafe is located in small alley, we were eating there and go to the mart just next to Soto Kudus and waiting there. 
open at 4 PM - 8 PM
It's time and we go to Klinik Kopi and few people waiting already, there are no chairs or table, just sitting on the floor and enjoy your coffee, every group of people need to get queue number, I got no. 5. They have variations of coffee, strong or light one and the price is really cheap Rp15k/glass and for banana cake or apple crumbles Rp15k-20k no wifi, so talk to each other haha the sign said like that lol the barista same like in the movie and so friendly, every customers will be asked where you from and then have some talk while he starts brew our coffee and hiks I forgot what I ordered but I like it. From there we go to our friend's home that will have wedding tomorrow since that night she has an occasion, traditional.
our queue card no. 5
smells so good :)
the barista brew our coffee
super late dinner, delivery to our hostel :p
On the next day, in the morning we return the motorbike and heading to my friend's house for wedding occasion, the reception is in the afternoon, there were 4 of us and we became best friends since elementary school and so happy to attend her wedding, unfortunately one of us couldn't come since she is pregnant. So after wedding we go to Mirota Batik at Malioboro to buy some things like Batik etc :) go with becak to our hotel to get our bags since we already checking out that morning. And get a taxi to go to Upside Down World nearby airport, we still have time so we go there. Hop off along the way to Bakpia 145, my favorite Bakpia, that too bad they closed the branch at Jl. Wijilan. For 15pcs Rp28.000 and 20pcs Rp33.000 ohh I love it! price is lower than Bakpia 25 and I love 145 better :)
Congratulations Indie & Andy! :)
finally my favorite Bakpia!
From our hotel to Upside Down World around Rp80k by taxi, we tried to take uber or go-car but it's kinda difficult to find. Upside Down World is a new place attraction, everything inside will be upside down like its name, entrance fee Rp80k, quite pricey but well no too bad. They have around 8 spots and sometimes there are some officer there that will help you to take picture and being your sudden stylist haha. Be creative to take picture there lol xDD actually the place is not really big, so to get in you will get queue number. Inside the building they will allow around 50 people. Thankfully we can get in without need to wait for long time. Being inside that place is really fun even sometimes you need to be patient because they are not giving limited time to every visitor and some people are just being not patient while taking pictures or took so long in one spot. There are 2 floors and second floor is really hot and sometimes the electricity was off, so blackout few minutes, on off on off, plus kinda crowded.
our room, so cozy
Upside Down World Rp80k/person
randomness craziness with your friend :D
Took a taxi from there to Adi Sucipto Airport, the driver asked minimum fare Rp25k even if the fare not reach that number -_- but actually it's almost Rp25k, been a while since I go to this airport and I can see they doing renovation. Got delayed an hour by Sriwijaya Air hmmm...and it was downpour in the airport. When we arrive in CGK my bag is really wet errrr how come, luckily I have my new stuff in the plastic bag inside that bag so not getting wet. Anyway we took Damri Bus to Lebak Bulus and amazed with the bus, Rp40k, I think they change the unit since inside they have toilet now, wow :)
Inside Damri Bus woww

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