Monday, May 29, 2017

Thailand [COLDPLAY] 5/5 : What to see in Medan in 6 hours?

"Once a year, go someplace 
you've never been before."
- Dalai Lama

Saturday, 8 April 2017
We asked the hotel security to get us taxi in that morning and ask him to telling him that we just want to take the regular way not the toll in order to avoiding paying toll fees, haha.

The driver was agreed even he looked us like saying 'ohh poor girls, couldn't afford to pay the toll fees' but well I don't care. It's still early morning so I believe Bangkok will be same like Jakarta, no traffic on that morning and it's right, maybe took about 30 - 45 minutes, heading to Don Mueang Airport and fly to Medan with Air Asia at 8.15 AM.

Arrived in Kuala Namu Airport and wow the airport is really nice, first time here since the last time in Medan I landed at Polonia Airport. We still have time to explore in Medan before catch our flight at 6.40 PM but turned out delay to 7.45 PM and another delay to 8.20 PM using Sriwijaya Air, 3rd delay just found out later on in the afternoon.
Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok
Kuala Namu Airport, Medan
We thought maybe when we get out from airport there would be many taxi driver will offer us but we wrong. No such things like that so we kinda confuse since we plan to rent car from those taxi if any. There is a taxi booth and we asked if we want to rent car with driver but they ask for Rp700,000, oh no that expensive. Finally, we tried to order Grabcar first to downtown.

Our first stop is Bolu Meranti, this airport located outside the city and it's pretty far. Bolu Meranti is my favorite cake from Medan especially the cheese one. Our driver seems nice and we had negotiation with the driver to take us around Medan and heading back to airport around 6 PM, he never experiencing this one so he kinda confusing about the rate. Finally we agree to pay him Rp300,000 exclude the cost using Grabcar, Kuala Namu Airport - Bolu Meranti Rp100,000. So, I guess Rp300,000 already inc. driver & gasoline were good enough.

From there we heading to Istana Maimoon but too bad it's closed since there was an event there. Our list in Medan was not that much since we haven't browsed. Had lunch at Tip Top Restaurant which is not that tasty in my opinion :p got Fried Rice and Avocado Juice for lunch. 
Our last stop in Medan was Ucok Durian, this place is quite far and everyone there who cut the Durian were so funny, I bought 2 pax of Pancake Durian Rp70,000 and 1 pax Durian Rp100,000. I shopped quite a lot in Medan haha. They already knew how to pack so we can bring Durian to the airport, they will wrapping so well and you have to bring it on the baggage, maybe the airport officer already knew if people will bring Durian because Medan famous because its Durian. Actually they already opened the branch in Jakarta but of course they would be more expensive. We were lucky because after we bought Durian then the Durian already sold out, its seasonal fruit so its limited for everyday.
We felt so tired, I slept too much at the car, feel so good to sleep in the car and we decided to go back to airport. Exploring airport was really nice too, you can shop there, we had our dinner there even get some massage before boarding, so refreshing :)
Kuala Namu is really nice :D

See you soon Jakarta and can't wait to see doctor to check my left ear, hope nothing serious happened.

Update : (Yeah it's nothing serious happened, I still feel quite deaf with my left ear for few days even after I went home, thanks God now I am okay, doctor said it's just because of the flu, got my medicine already, phew)


  1. Oh my got those durians! I'm drooling T.T
    which one taste better? Ucok Durian or durian montong kak?

    1. You love Durian? You gonna love it then..actually I don't even remember the taste of Durian Montong šŸ˜‚ so can't tell..sorry


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