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Thailand [COLDPLAY] 4/5 : Explore Bangkok (Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Khaosan Road, Big C) and It's Coldplay Concert time!

"Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow."
-Coldplay, Yellow

Friday, 7 April 2017
For me personally, I was so excited to be back to Bangkok. This country had special unforgettable memory for me, it was my first country to travel overseas and first time watching concert which such a great concert I ever watched, TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki/DBSK) concert. We left around 7 AM and taking subway transit with BTS to Saphan Taksin BTS, from there we walked to Central Pier to take public boat 15 Baht, pay inside the boat, take the orange flag one and alight at Than Tien Pier (N8)

cr. Google, boat map
inside the boat at Chao Phraya River, pay on board 15 Baht
Our first destination is Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), buddhist temple that located on Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya river. The boat will stop right at Wat Arun temple, entrance fee is 50 Baht, it's about 8 AM when we arrived so the place is still quiet. I only saw a group from Japan there, the place is not that big and there were some renovation for the main buidling. We just strolled around a while and we also had a chance to try Thailand traditional clothes, cost 100 Baht in front of the temple. You can get cheaper than that like 80 Baht or maybe less (perhaps) if you walk a bit to the ferry crossing pier. Because when we finished and we walk towards the pier, there was some lady offering us and said 80 Baht, damn..but well it's just 20 Baht different so we were still okay lol xDD. You can try the clothes but you have limitation to take photos such as time and place. Can't be too far just around the booth. The lady will help you to take picture with your phone and styling your pose, mine is lucky because the one that took my picture was taken like dozens pictures, different with my friend haha.
Wat Arun entrance ticket, 50 Baht
welcome to Wat Arun :)
the famous picture of Wat Arun
tried Thailand traditional clothes there
me & Echonkz
From there we took Ferry Crossing 4 Baht to Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha), because the temple located across Wat Arun temple. Once you get off, you can just walk straight to the market and turn to the right, the temple is really close. At that time I only thought Wat Pho temple is just a small temple with the famous sleeping Buddha but I was wrong, because this temple is really big but still Grand Palace is bigger than this one. Entrance Fee is 100 Baht and free for local, our first spot of course the Sleeping Buddha, to get inside the temple you need to wear appropriate clothes, no mini skirt or short pants above your knees etc. And speciala for the Sleeping Buddha temple, you have to take off your shoes and there will be tote bag to store your shoes. I love the architecture in Wat Pho, it took us around 1,5 hours to stroll around the temple.
at Ferry crossing to Wat Phos
Sleeping Buddha

Next, back to the pier to cross again 4 Baht and take the Orange Flag Boat, 15 Baht again to Phra Athit Pier (N13) then walking to Khaosan Road, backpacker area that famous in Bangkok. It feels almost like Patong Beach and when I saw the price, mostly more cheaper than Phi Phi Island. But too bad I didn't shop at that place, we had lunch at the restaurant sidewalk, I had Pad Thai (again) 30 Baht, soo cheap! but comparing the one that I ate at Phi Phi Island, I love the Phi Phi one. The seller was nice and we had generous portion..what a full lunch we had :D
wander around Khaosan Road
Pad Thai, only for 30 Baht, so cheap!
huhu I should shop there ;(
We decided to take public boat (Saen Saep) from Panfa Leelard Pier, we told the guy on the boat to stop at Central World, cost 11 Baht, so we get off at Pratunam Pier and from there just walking. We want to go to Big C Supermarket and decided to buy some snacks there because most people saying it's really cheap to buy some snacks there.

And it is true since I compared with some convenience store like 7/11 so I bought some items there like Nestea Thai Tea, Bento Juhi, Green Tea, Thai Tea etc. I used an online platform to offer someone if they want to ask me to buy things for them and instead I will have tips from that to helping me reducing my baggage fee hehe..I didn't take many order but the bad thing was I got cheated from one of them which was totally first she ordered like 50pcs Nestea and 80pcs Bento  Juhi and I told her its too much and I am afraid to buy that much and then she keeps decreasing until we had a deal to buy each item 5pcs. I said OK and bought it for her and the stupid thing was I didn't ask her to transfer first so when I already bought the items and told her, she disappeared which is really sucks.

Well, skip that nasty part and still in Big C where I shopped kinda too much (around 1,700 Baht) we went upstairs to find foodcourt and keen on trying Mango Sticky Rice there, 50 Baht and for me the taste was not that tasty..ahhh too bad..but at least we had it at Bangkok :)
using Saen Saep boat
alight at Pratunam Pier, so fast no traffic and cheap :)
Central World and reminded me with old good times :)
Big C :)
the famous and delicious Nestea Thai Tea, 90 Baht for 13 pcs
Bento Juhi, just found out and Juhi actually not my favorite one
Mango Sticky Rice, 50 Baht, don't miss it
Took a break there and we went back to our hotel to put our items and we enjoyed taking that boat, it's so close no need to climb the stairs and bough the ticket inside the boat, no traffic ohh it's a good option to stroll around Bangkok though.

Get off at Ramnueng Pier and well, it's so close from our hotel, aline with subway line. We choose the hotel nearby the concert location, when we alight we could see most people are ready to go for Coldplay.

Going back to our hotel, rest a while and get ready for Coldplay. We also bought something to eat at convenience store at the station along our wat to pier. How to get to Rajamanggala Stadium? haha..again we take that boat again at Ramnueng Pier, luckily I guess not so many people know about this public transportation so there were not so many people in line. Even though we  need to be patience since the boat nearly packed for 2 - 3 boats and we decided to insist to be on the boat. Everyone heading for Coldplay that day. It took about 15 minutes by boat and from pier we need to walk around 10 minutes, it's so close yet cheapest way to go to Rajamanggala Stadium around 10 Baht. 
waiting the boat to Rajamanggala Stadium
The Stadium were packed with people and we decided to get in around 7 PM, since we seat anyway. I thought the Stadium will looks like Singapore National Stadium which is indoor but I was wrong. It's soccer stadium and pretty much like Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, open air. On that day I feel unwell, well yeah beside my left ear where still I can't hear clearly with my left ear.
exchange our ticket
There was an opening band from duet from haha sorry I forgot, not really enjoyed the performance and waiting fot Coldplay to come out. And finally they came at 9 PM where surprisingly I thought they will come out at 8 PM, and the weather was not really great, almost raining even it did drizzle a bit so my friend went outside to buy raincoat cost 30 Baht.

We got this cool hand wrist and they said we need to return it back at the end of the concert, and turned out this wrist is such a cool thing I've got in concert. The light will on following the concert, the system already managed this handwrist. The light colors will changing by song and Coldplay performance was great! I could say what a well prepared, festive and no doubt for Chris's voice, a voice that you heard in video or radio whatsoever well, his voice is really like that.

The only bad thing was my body that feeling so unwell, I wore a thin material clothing in a such bad weather cold windy night like that. I just thinking to go home very soon. (Tips : Rajamanggala Stadium is not indoor, wear the suitable clothes). We didn't watch until the very end because we didn't want to struggle when going home with another people. So we came out on the last song, out hand wrist was still on when we walked on the outside, the crew let us keep the handwrist so that made me happy.

While walking we could see another festive fireworks for closing stage at the end performance. We planned to take motortaxi, the first man ask 200 Baht for each motortaxi but we didn't want and decided to walk more until the gate and finally we met this old nice guy, and let us take the motortaxi so 3 in 1 and we can pay 150 Baht until our hotel. It kinda hard to communicate to have deal but with body language finally he understand.

Before going up to out hotel we had hot drink in the Family Mart across the hotel, it's so exhausting day. And after packing we really had sleep tight. Too bad we couldn't go to Asiatique like our initial plan since the concert started late but it's okay. Our flight back to Jakarta via Medan is in the next morning so we wake up early morning to catch our flight.
wohoooo what a festive and great concert from Coldplay!
See you at Medan soon! :) 


  1. Wat Arun is so colorful (although it's all almost white), but it's stunning. I can see that you really really enjoy this trip ehe :)

    1. Wat Pho is more colourful than Wat Arun and bigger so I kinda surprised, well Zahrah coming back to that city bring my old good memories too so I did enjoy the trip :) thanks for stopped by here! Have a great week!


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