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Local Experience in Jakarta : China Town area, Kopi Es Tak Kie, Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Quick Post :)
It was exciting to see different things 
and I experience it in my own city, nice!
July 29th, 2017

busy day at Glodok area
If you have time to explore Jakarta, where else to go? I made a blog post about What to do for One Day Trip at Jakarta with a Low Budget? before, so you might want to check that out too.

I want to share this one because personally I feel this place is so unique and interesting to try in Jakarta. Most people already visited this place but I haven't yet so when I got a chance to accompany a friend to go around Jakarta then I think I want to visit this place. The place is located at Central Jakarta and known as China Town in Jakarta. How to get there? Take Trans Jakarta (cost Rp3,500) route Blok M - Kota and get off at Glodok then walking and explore around China Town.

Started around 10 AM we went by Trans Jakarta, I was so excited because I finally will have a chance to go around that China Town/ Petak 9 Glodok, there is an old coffee shop called Kopi Es Tak Kie. The area is nice and comparing with Jakarta that I always visited, this one is a new thing for me and how come I just found out like now haha. Went to Glodok area which is China Town, Petak 9, Brunch with Ice Coffee from Kopi Es Tak Kie (an old coffee shop since 1927).
welcome to China Town in Jakarta
no way I will eat it
I love moon cake, I bought one, the chocolate-cheese, love it!
Kopi Es Tak Kie since 1927, looks very old and so crowded!!
Ice Coffee, Rp 17k
lots of food you can try there
We also visited Pasar Asemka (Asemka Market), well I always curious with this market since long time ago and yay finally I got to visit this market. The market is really big and they sell lot of things like accessories, toys, bags etc.

We keep walking to Old Town area and from there we took online motortaxi to go to Sunda Kelapa Harbor, less than 2km, this is also on my list to go in Jakarta and yay I made it..haha. Sunda Kelapa Harbor was also the largest fish markets in Jakarta and still operates as a fish market. Sunda Kelapa Harbor was busily visited for the spicy trading. Foreign ships from China, South India, Japan, and Middle East was docking at Sunda Kelapa Harbor and conducting trading activities by carrying commodities like perfume, horses, wine, porcelain, coffee, silk, textiles and coloring materials to be traded with the spicy. Portuguese took over control of the harbour in 1522. There were only 2 groups when we went there. There are also some men offering us to go around by boat. From there we went back to Old Town to go to some cafe.

It was a nice experience for me to explore different part of my own city, I would like to go back to that China Town again, trying different flavour of Moon Cake or do some culinary, if you are in town maybe you can try to go here and experiencing like a local in Jakarta :)
Asemka Market
Sunda Kelapa Harbor
me and Pol from Barcelona, enjoying our coffee, mine empty already lol
Thank you for reading this quick post about Jakarta :)

Happy weekend!

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