Saturday, December 9, 2017

Weekend Getaway to Sukabumi - Time for Nature

"Sometimes you just want to get away
from air polution in your city so
having short weekend getaway 
to see nature is a good option!"

This trip begin when I saw a friend updated status that she looked for travelmate to go to Sukabumi on weekend so I said I am in immediately as long as no need to take annual leaves and I am free to join on that weekend, 5 - 6 August 2017 (2D/1N).

Day 1 - Saturday, 5 August 2017

I booked train ticket from Bogor Paledang to Sukabumi Rp25k, our meeting point would be at Paledang Bogor Station 7.30 AM. I just found out that Bogor has 2 station, Bogor and Bogor Paledang, Paledang Station is located not far from Bogor Station, you can just walk, the location is on the opposite of Bogor Station, so cross the road and walk for about 10 minutes.
I took the train from Lenteng Agung Station to Bogor
walk to Paledang Station
Bogor Paledang Station
We will stay for a night at Sukabumi, there were 7 of us who will explore Sukabumi. We get off one station earlier then Sukabumi, Cisaat, and waiting for our friends to pick us up and starting our first destination, Danau Situ Gintung, in this area you can also do camping. From there we did some trekking to the waterfall, enjoying the fresh water even there is a spot where you can drink directly from nature. I also had coffee time there while seeing the waterfall, Curug Sawer.
at Cisaat Station
Danau Situ Gintung
some college students during outing
trekking time
hop hop
Curug Sawer
coffee time near the waterfall
Bogor and Sukabumi are similar since lot of interesting places that you can visit are Curug which is waterfall.

We had lunch at Rumah Makan Cikole, which is so delicious and cheap. Then we continue our journey to Gunung Sunda. When we arrived there, we need to walk to the top and along the way you will find a lot of words but in bahasa which means so funny, so everytime we walked and read that we just laughing because it's so funny. Gunung Sunda is located 700 mdpl. When we going down we went to a coffee shop there. And it was so kind because our host parents made Nasi Liwet where we ate together on the banana leaves, it was so delicious and I ate a lot, such a new experience for me!
it's delicious!!
getting our ticket to Gunung Sunda
Prove it if you still care
the past is over, don't turning back
view from the top
Gunung Sunda Sukabumi
Girls on Instagram frame :)
explore around Gunung Sunda
relax at Sunda Coffee Shop
piccolo and fried tape
Nasi Liwet time for dinner! so delicious

Day 2 - Sunday, 6 August 2017

In the morning we went to Alun-Alun Sukabumi, I found it is an interesting place how their government made that area so alive. You can do jogging, aerobic together there no matter how old are you, eating street food or having breakfast, playing or reading which is good. After that we rent a public transportation then we went to Pondok Halimun it is also the camping site. We also got a chance to play at tea garden.
walking to Alun-Alun
hangout with friends
breakfast or just eating street food
just sit there and read the books?
some kid choosing the books to be read
nice to see
walking around
at Pondok Halimun, the water looks refreshing
playing with your family
camping site
tea garden
Normally Indonesian people love to buy gift so we went to buy Mochi Kaswari, my friend said it's famous at Sukabumi. I bought some there and it's delicious. We went home by train from Sukabumi Station. For this trip we just paid less than Rp300k for each person for rent a car, entrance fee or parking fee. It's super affordable and it's just nice to see new places.
time to buy something
Mochi Kaswari
time to shop a little bit
arrived at Sukabumi Station
Sukabumi Station
arrived at Bogor Paledang Station
Bogor Station, so full!
on the train back to Jakarta
Sukabumi team this time :)

Thank you for reading my travel diaries and I'll see you soon!

Have a great weekend!

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