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Korea 3/8 : Encounter Filming Location, Ikseon-dong & Hidden Gem Coffee Shop at Myeongdong

"It's okay to do stupid things because 
from that stupid things you can learn 
and do better in life. 
So, go out and enjoy your life"
Ikseon-dong, an area that has become popular among young locals
Day 4 - Monday, 11 March 2019
We went to one of shooting location of Korean Drama, Encounter (Boyfriend), a drama starred by Park Bogum and Song Hye Kyo, you may find the scene at Episode 5. Where Park Bogum took Song Hye Kyo to see "Art Exhibition" but I found this is so creative that they put some paintings under the bridge like that, hanging on the pillar. We got off at Gajwa Station and the location is along Hongjecheon at Hongjae-dong. It was not so many people there maybe because the weather is still a bit cold.
yep this place
and also this place
at the filming location of Encounter/Boyfriend :)

Episode 5, Encounter
Episode 5, Encounter

Therefore, we were heading to Myeongdae area, to get some coffee at Coffee Hanyak-bang. This coffee shop is located inside the alley, but it's not hard to find. Going inside the coffee shop and surprised, this place is small but the ambiance is very nice and quiet. I had a cup of cappuccino. A cross the shop there is also a very nice bakery or cake shop, you can also try that if you want.

inside this alley
Coffee Hanyak is written there on the signage
inside the Coffee Shop

Had a nice breakfast there then we went to Myeongdong Tourist Information. I bought Discover Seoul Pass (24 hours - IDR 405,813 after additional discount 10%) from Klook, you can also exchange your pass at airport but I had no time during arrival so I exchanged there. We decided to buy this pass since we planned to visit some places which already covered by this pass. In addition, we kind of have no idea where to visit in Seoul since it's not our first time though so this pass will help us.

Along the way to Myeongdong, finally I bought myself a Korean Simcard at 7Eleven, so it will make me easier to communicate. Heading to Myeongdong area for lunch time with my ex. boss, we went to Arirang Restaurant closed to Lotte Department Store. It was crowded but glad we went there just in time and got our seats. Bulgogi (Beef) and Pajeon ( Korean Pancake), the food was delicious and the portions were very big, soooo full. I had a good time chatted with my ex. Boss, so glad we could met.
Myeongdong Tourist Information
yummy! at Arirang Restaurant
banchan! :D
me with Mr. Leo
From Myeongdong to Namdaemun was not far so we walked to the market, we want to buy some souvenirs there. The market is so big. The price for souvenirs are quite cheap there. Then we headed to Ikseon-dong, where mostly young locals are there, wandered around and we found this place is very nice with some cafe with cute design. I recommend to visit this area if you want to see something different. There are also some K-drama filmed at Ikseon-dong like Goblin, Black Knight etc. Such a nice place to hang out with your friends. It was cold so we went inside the Cafe nearby to have a cup of hot tea to make ourselves warmed.
Kakao!! <3333
Namdaemun Market
I like the background!
some drama filmed there

Then I went to Myeongdong area to have dinner with my old friend. 조가비 (Jogabi Seafood Bar and Restaurant) is located at Myeongdong. We had seafood and the portion was very big, I felt like it's actually not for 2 persons but more like for 3 persons at least. I just found out eating seafood while drinking Soju is a good pairing. I thought eating all the seafood will be finished but actually it's not done yet since they will take out the upper part and they have some broth under and they will put some noodle with more clams. I definitely sooo full but it's so delicious and I recommend to visit this place.
at Jogabi Seafood Restaurant
meeting old friend 
Myeongdong at night
bought this simcard at 7Eleven
Thank you for reading this travel diaries, see you on the next page :)


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