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Trip to Korea - Day 2 Friday, 24 February 2012

Besides sightseeing in Korea, I also feel glad coz I can visit my teacher named Kim Sonsaengnim, she taught me in 2009 for 5 months then she had to go back to Korea, so this time I visited & stayed with her also. Miss her a lot, my first Korean teacher :D finally I was able to go to Korea. For day 2 I’m planning to go to Yeouido, why? Coz at Yeouido Park there were KBS Guerilla Interview which TVXQ interviewed at that time so that’s why I wanna go there :D from my teacher’s apartment we should take bus first then took subway. Near Yeouido Park there was KBS & MBC building so we went there, we could see studio KBS Sukira which usually member Suju are the MC. Then we feel lucky coz we can enter KBS Visitor’s Hall, that hall was really really interesting plus it’s for free :D from KBS we go to MBC then heading to Hongdae. Near MBC is Yeouinaru Station & it’s nearby Han River.
Yeouido Park
KBS Guerilla Interview

KBS Building

KBS Cool Sukira

inside KBS Visitors Hall

at KBS board~

cool closet!

MBC Building!!
Han River~~

1st stop at Hongdae was Coffee Prince 1st Shop, this drama is really famous staring by Gong  Yuu & Yoon Eun Hye, it’s not really difficult to find this shop coz I got a cool map :D felt so happy when we found this shop, we imagined when Gong Yu and all stars at Coffee Prince, the sun flower..everything looks same with drama. But the coffee price is expensive for me ^^;; but it’s delicious, I ordered Caramel Mocha for 7,000₩. Finished our coffee & took a lot of pictures there we went to Hello Kitty Cafe (most wanted place to visit if I go to Korea :D) passed by at Sinseon SeolNongtang, this restaurant used in drama “Shining Inheritance” staring by Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi, actually the restaurant that they used is Gimpo branch. From Sinseon SeolNongtang we go to Abiko, this restaurant had been visited by G-Dragon Big Bang. After it we heading to Hello Kitty Cafe, just one word to describe this cafe, KAWAIIIII (mean : cute in Japanese). Kitty is everywhere...the chair, wall, toilet, table, waffle aigoooo full with cuteness :D :D :D price was lower than Coffee Prince.  From here we went to Yeolbong Restaurant but just passed by, this restaurant is owned by Se7en & already visited by Rain, Big Bang, Kim Hyun Joong, 2NE1 etc. When I have a chance to visit again, I’ll visit this restaurant ^^ Next is Byoung R Ri Kong Cafe, this place is used as Heartstrings drama location, in front of this restaurant ^.^ Jung Yonghwa & Park Shin Hye in the middle of rain hehehe so next stop is YG Entertainment building, we hope someone will get out from that building but it’s not.  There was no sign at all on that building but when we asked a girl that I’m sure she is a fangirl, she said yes this is YG building. 
Coffee Prince~!

Sinseon SeolNongtang~~

kawaiiiiiii Hello Kitty Cafe~!! <333

Yeolbong Restaurant
Byoung R Ri Kong Cafe~~

YG Entertainment building~
Walking there & there was really really tired plus it’s still on winter but of course we really had a great time, next place is Lotte World but before that, we went to Crebeau Jeff, Jaejoong from TVXQ cosmetic shop. I heard sometimes we can see Jaejoong’s sister at that shop. And yeahh we met Jaejoong’s sister named Min Young onni, she looks so pretty & will have a new baby soon :D already 5 months, Jaejoong is everywhere at that shop. Kokiri, Jiji & bunches of Jaejoong’s pictures. We took photos but the sister didn’t want to take pic with us coz she’s pregnant. So I just asked her signature ^^;; I also bought Aqua facial mist for 12,000₩, after we finished we went to Lotte World, this place is a must visited in Korea, why? Coz in Lotte World, TVXQ had filmed their MV ‘Magic Castle’, filming drama ‘Protect The Boss’, ‘Full House’ at Ice Skating Rink & ‘Running Man’ so since this place full with history, we must visit it. Lotte World is really full on that day, every ride had a freaky long queue, soooo tired with that. We bought ticket after 4 passport which actual price is 31,000₩ but they said there is discount so luckily that we only paid for 23,000₩. Star Avenue was really fun also, even too bad they already closed when we went there but no problem at all coz display in front of them was really nice, there were JYJ, Rain, 2PM, Jang Geun Suk, Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hun etc.
Crebeau Jeff :D
inside that 102 building~
TVXQ was hereeeee ^///^

spotted 'Protect the Boss' location shooting :D

Just in time to watch Parade~ :)
Jaejoong was hereee :D 'Protect the Boss'

Running Man xDD
'Full House' location shooting~~

JYJ <33333

Hyun Bin oppaaaa!!!

Next : Bukcheon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Square, Black Smith Opening with Park Yoochun fansigning, Namsan & Myeongdong

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