Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip to Korea & Malaysia - Day 5 Monday, 27 February 2012

We didn’t have enough time to buy souvenir even the chopsticks when we really want to buy so badly so when there were a souvenir shop at Incheon, we didn’t have many choices so we bought at there & of course the price is higher than average. They‘re also Everysing in airport but they didn’t have KYHD Album too. Waiting for another our long flight back to KL with a leep head but kinda upset coz we have to leave Korea. Thanks Korea, we will miss you & promise that I will back again someday & of course will stay more longer. Thank you very much too Kim Sonsaengnim, miss you already :( hope to see you again someday.
at Incheon International Airport
my little dongsaeng :D

Everysing at Incheon airport
huhuhu Annyong Seoul~

Jaejoong's sister signature for me :D
Touched down Malaysia at LCCT at 2.30 PM, we are so starving so we grab our late lunch soon. We surfed on Cser Malaysia couch, I already contacted her around 2 weeks from our arrival. That’s so kind of her coz she responded really fast. Another experience to try, leave with local people & have a new friend again, named Nadia. She stayed at Serdang area, from LCCT we took Sky Bus to KL Sentral 9 RM then we took Commuter and bus. At night when we will have a dinner, she took us to Night Market to buy our dinner, that market was really interesting coz I just know Nasi Lemak as Malaysian food but I just found out they’re still so many food that I’d love to try. We bought many food & ate til my stomache can’t be filled with another food.


  1. Hi, do you still remember where's Everysing located exactly at Incheon?

    1. Hi Shabika, I found Everysing when I was going to depart (international flight), it's the same floor with boarding room, near Shilla Duty Free ^^

    2. Do you happen to know if it's possible for people who are transferring through Korea to go there? Thank you so much!

    3. I'm not sure coz from Immigration(departure), I have to take train to go to my gate (boarding room) where Everysing located. sorry couldn't help much ^^


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