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Trip to Korea - Day 4 Sunday, 26 February 2012

Today is our last day, why time running so fast when we’re on holiday?!? Feel so sad & still haven’t enough time to having fun in Korea. Anyway today we will go to see snow..yeahhh feel so excited coz in our country there is no snow, so Korea is the most near country too see snow. Since it’s already end February so we couldn’t see snow at Seoul so we have to go to ski resort, the nearest place in Seoul is Jisan Ski Resort (after browsing) so we went to Ski Resort, it took almost 4 hours from Bucheon to Jisan. We had a looong sleep, it’s good for recovering our body. I thought from Seoul to Jisan it will takes around 2 hours but it’s not so after Jisan I couldn’t make to Kim Junsu Elizabeth Musical coz we running out of time, too bad, mianhaeyoo Junchan :( finally SNOW~~!! ^____^ after getting off from the bus, we have to walk around 15 minutes to enter Jisan, what a day! We’re planning to ride lift to the top only coz we just wanted to see snow not to play ski, so we bought ticket lift one time then take a queue but suddenly the officer said we can’t ride it coz we have to wear ski shoes, oh! we already bought the tix for 10,000₩ but we couldn’t ride it, so sad TT___TT coz if we want to rent those shoes, it’s expensive. So we back off and we just play with the snow, we wasted our 10,000₩ for nothing. But at least finally we managed to see snow.
at Dong Seoul Terminal
on our way to Icheon
Bus ticket to Icheon from Dong Seoul 4,300
Jisan Forest Ski Resort~
Snowy Snowyyyy :D :D :D
fail to ride that lift T__________T
waiting our bus there back to Icheon~
From Jisan we went to Apgujeong but we visited CJeS Entertainment building first, coz it’s one line from our subway line from Jamsil St. I hoped they’re gonna be JYJ at there, hehe :p stayed for few minutes then we heading to Apgujeong. Actually i can’t wait to go to Apgujeong coz there are so many places related with K-Pop Star esp. my 5 lovely boys :D First stop is Time Out Gelato! Yoochun’s mom ice cream gelato shop, not far from exit 5 Apgujeong St. subway. Even it’s winter season but the shop is still full with Cassiopeia I think :) we ordered Green Tea-Moccha Latte flavour, the ice cream is sooo delicious. Yoochun is everywhere on that shop ^^b finished with our ice cream we went to Hanilkwan, just passed by. It’s Yoochun’s grandmother restaurant, looks prestigious from the outside. Then Cofffee where Heaven Postman shooted their film on that cafe, Jaejoong was there hehe, I just ordered hot lemon tea & take away coz I still have long list place to visit but since we can get inside the cafe, I just took photos while waiting my hot lemon tea. Not far from the cafe we could find Kyochon Chicken owned by Shinhwa & Super Junior as their commercial star, I heard Jaejoong love  this restaurant. And then we found Kogii Kogii restaurant, visited by TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINEe, SNSD, 2AM etc. Next stop is Everysing, too bad when we’re in Myeongdong it already closed when we went to Myeongdong on the day before. At Everysing I already planned to buy Keep Your Head Down album, Homin from TVXQ album. Coz I heard it is more cheaper to buy album at Everysing but unfortunately it sold out so I buy Tone & Winter Rose album. I feel like Homin as TVXQ not realy special anymore on that shop not like before when there were 5 of them on that shop.  Near that everysing there is Nana Faithful Accessories Shop where Jaejoong recommend. And next to it is 개화옥(Kehwaok) restaurant visited by Bae Yong Joon & Jang Geun Suk. Then from here we will heading to SM Entertainment Building, but before that we can find 10 Corso Como where Secret Garden took place to had filmed when Oska wait for his girlfriend. Finished then SM Entertainment Building, it’s not hard to recognize that building coz there is sign “SM Town” on that building. There were fangirls gather in front of building, i thought they might wait someone. You may check this post to see how I go to mostly places related with DB5K that I already mentioned above. Actually there were so many places that I haven’t visited on that time so for sure if i’m going to Korea again I will back to Apgujeong again & finishing my list place to visit. From Apgujeong around 7pm, we went back to Bucheon (home) to pack our things & went to Dongdaemun Market to shopping.
JYJ office :D CJeS Entertainment~
Yoochun Kissmyun ad at Apgujeong Station

Time Out Gelato xDD

nyuuuuuummmyyyy *slurp*
Hanilkwan ^^ Coffee Shop
that lady sit on Jaejoong's seat on Heaven Postman
Kogii Kogii
Kyochon Chicken~
e-Table restaurant~
Everysing lalalala~~~ xDD
HOMIN <33333
Nana Faithful Accessories
10 Corso Como :D :D :D
Oska at Secret Garden :)
SM Entertainment Building~
Cassie knew this place *wink wink*
Black Smith will open soon at Apgujeong ^^
We arrived around  8.30 PM, have chatted with my teacher & her sister, it’s really hard to leave them. They were so kind to us & unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to be together, but might back again to Korea again to visit them but will stay longer then this time. We packed our things then go to Dongdaemun Market to shopping. This market open til morning so don’t worry, we started shopping around 11 PM til 2 AM. After shopping we’re heading to Jimjilbang at Good Morning City, B3F Floor. Jimjilbang is one of unique Korean experience that I’ve tried. It’s a public bath, it has sauna room & jimjilbang where you can have a sleep there :) at Jimjilbang they are also provide internet room, games room, library, massage chair, food court etc. Entrance fee is 10,000₩ coz it’s already night, we got our clothes, 2 towels & lockers. It’s such an unique experience to end our day in Korea. I couldn’t sleep even I want so badly coz I’m afraid if i missed my flight. Get ready at 4 AM to leave Jimjilbang to subway then we take subway around 5.30 AM from Dongdaemun History to Incheon International Airport (from Hongik University by AREX to Incheon)
with Kim Sonsaengnim's sister
with my lovely teacher :)
Jajangmyun, delicious :D
Kimbab, so cheap 1,500
at Jimjilbang, Good Morning City~
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  1. hi! i'm a fan of DBSK. can you tell me about CJES offical adress ? thank you so much...~:(((

    1. Hey, CJeS address : Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-dong, 629-7
      anyway you can check on this post also I put a map etc. ^^


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