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Exploring Ubud and Hidden Beach at Bali - Bali 3/5

Day 3 - Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
Yayy..I'm so excited for today because we're going to Ubud, located at North of Bali. We already rent the car for this trip since the weather was not really friendly to go there by motorcycle and neither of us could ride that far though so to avoid the rain we rent a car. I don't know where to go at Ubud so I browsed and let's see what should we visit at Ubud. I come up with some ideas after browsing, since it would be only for Half Day trip to Ubud so I decided to come to some places that becoming Ubud icon, since this is my first time. Why half day? because we are planning to see the hidden beach in the afternoon, so we thought if we rent a car it would be easier to go around.

Our first stop in Ubud is Tegallalang (Rice Terraces), from Jimbaran Uluwatu to Ubud took around one and an half hour, we leave at 8. It was just nice along the way to Ubud, because you can see how different the ambiance and they still keep the traditional cultures, some of ladies wearing their Kebaya (traditional clothes) with the belt. I love it :) Actually the rice terraces area was not too big, once you reach the top, you can just park your car and wandering around, since we living in Indonesia so we already get used to see this kind of view, haha, so we are not that excited to wander around but I love the weather and the green color that always mesmerizing me wherever I go. 
Tegallalang (Rice Terraces)

We heading to central of Ubud and went to Ubud Royal Palace (FREE) the palace was not too big to wander around so we spent less than 30 minutes there. We parked our car in front of Ubud Art Market but we didn't go in to that market because so little time we have.  And then we walk to Antonio Blanco Museum, we walked around 15min, entrance fee Rp30k, unfortunately taking picture inside the museum is forbidden so we didn't take pictures inside, this museum actually Blanco's house and studio, Philippine-born maestro, Don Antonio Blanco, his dream came true because he want to turn his studio into a museum. The museum was very nice, mostly his artworks were nude Balinese women. Every paintings have different stories and too bad I didn't use guide at that time since I guess it would be interesting to hear those stories. The part that I love is Blanco's studio, that still remain undisturbed and you could find some unfinished painting still on the sunken easel, the palettes, I just loveee that studio, too bad not allowed to take picture there. This museum surroundings with beautiful garden, there are also have some birds that you can take picture with them..I did too even little bit scary...haha..they are also have fine restaurant there with a wonderful view. I love Ubud!
Ubud Royal Palace

Antonio Blanco Museum
Faber Castell bird :p
with caution haha lol
Fine Restaurant
Got on the car and we went to Ubud Monkey Forest, entrance fee Rp40k as our last place to visit at Ubud for that day. Pretty same like Uluwatu because the monkeys are everywhereee...plenty of them. it's really forest as its name, but I love the weather, anyway watch out with those monkey..since some of them are naughty, they can steal your stuff on your side pocket bags that left open.
so lucky to see this <33
Ubud Market
Ubud Monkey Forest
Monkeys are everywhere, look what he got

Along the way back to South Bali to go to Greenbowl Beach, we had our lunch at Warung Dayu, Pork Rice Rp25k including Ice Tea, yayy so cheap :) We pick another friend that want to tag along to the beach, and then off we go to Greenbowl Beach, hidden beach at Bali. It was sooo easy to use GPS to everywhere in Bali. Arrived at Greenbowl Beach...hmm..get ready to climb down the 300 stairs down there. But really its really worthed down there because the beach was so damn beautiful!! me love it too much. We spent around an hour there because we arrived there around 4 PM and we want to catch the sunset at Bluepoint Beach, so we couldn't stay longer there. There were not so many people at Greenbowl Beach, some people also surfing there. It need a lot of effort to climb up at that time since the stairs kinda steep.

the stairs that need effort especially climbing up
I saw the beach already :) :)
beautiful Greenbowl Beach , me love itttt
sooo pretty, huh?
me & friends
And finally our last destination is Bluepoint Beach, located near Padang-Padang Beach and the beach was nice, there are some cafe that quite pricey there but still full maybe because they have great spot to watch sunset. Some place are not make sense with those price, like Instant Noodle, the fried one they sell like Rp40k, whuatt?!! usually we can get it for Rp10k geeezz...We climb down the stairs to the beach and woooww what a cool beach. Strolling around the beach and waiting for the sunset but too bad it's cloudy but I got a nice shot for that cloud. 
the cloud condition ;(
the stairs that kinda steep
we are lucky we got to go to the beach
be careful with the stairs, watch your step
even the cloud covered it but I love this pic, I love the mix of those colors in the sky
My friend asked me to join another gathering at Bali, a group called Bali Friendship, so I came with her, the gathering was at Kerobokan area, Warung Anubis, the rain was pretty bad at that night, we went around 8.30-9 PM at that night to that place, luckily we still have our rent car so rain wouldn't stop us. The gathering was really nice, the host was very welcoming. There was also a live music performance and I love it, it's been a long time since I came to see live performance. The interesting part is they are not only gathering but 10% of their consumes to that restaurant will donate to place that need that, they always change the donation place every few weeks. Tomorrow they are planning to go to Baby Orphanage to give our donations to them and members are welcoming to come. I decided to come since I have nothing to do though haha

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