Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wandering around Bali - Bali 4/5

Day 4 - Sunday, 28 Feb 2016
I decided to rent a motorcycle for today to wander around and went to Legian area, using Gojek to rent motorcycle at Uluwatu II when I rent a motorcycle for the first day, I got Scoopy with different color, cream, same price Rp50k/day. Had lunch at warteg nearby my friend's house for Rp8k before rent my motorcycle, I went to Legian, park my motorcycle there and walking around. Went to Kuta Beach and decided to go to Beachwalk to have aircon..haha :p Went and sitting inside the Starbucks and luckily met some new people, new friends from Australia and Indonesia, chatted few hours away before I need to go first because I am going to Baby Orphanage, set my GPS to meeting point at Warung Bamboo at Jl. Imam Bonjol and go.
my (rent) motorcycle :)  haha
Bomb Monument
Legian Area
Kuta Beach that full packed of people and stall
The Baby Orphanage place named Metta Mama and Maggha at Jl. Gunung Lawu, Denpasar. It was really sad to see some babies that dumped away by their mother, hopefully they will find good family that will adopt and taking care of them, there are 10 babies and 7 of them are sick at that time, since some of them just took immune so usually babies will get sick after that. The place was really nice and clean. When we come to the Orphanage there was a couple who in the middle of adopt processing of one of of those babies. We stayed there until 6 PM and we went home. It's downpour at night so we didn't go anywhere at that night, had Nasi Jinggo Rp5k for dinner, yummy :). 
The Baby Orphanage
They just celebrated one of babies birthday :)
Babies Supplies
All babies ;(

Sooo that was my holiday during this business trip because from tomorrow until 4th of March my day will full packed with meetings and preview collections hop hop..fighting! But I still could use my time at night, huh? even it's just for dinner though ;) And mostly for those days I always went to Seminyak area like over and over again because my clients were there. And I kinda already bored to go there again since I already went there before haha
My room at Mercure Hotel
usually I swim at night :) not so many people
Seminyak Beach, waiting for sunset that also failed due to weather ^^;;
La Plancha, Seminyak

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