Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where to go ( EAT) at Bali - Bali 5/5


In this post I am going to tell you some places that you might don't wanna missed out when you're in Bali or I could tell some of these places are happening now in Bali hahaha :)

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon
One portion consist with 10 pcs Pork Satay and Lontong (made from rice), with Ice Tea only for Rp25k and the satay was very delicious, street food you might want to try and not missed it. Totally recommended!!
sooo deliciousss totally recommended!!
the well-known Sate Babi Bawah Pohon

Revolver Espresso
I am totally in love with this coffee shop, located at Seminyak area, inside the alley, you will feel like magical when you enter the door because the place inside is totally different and I feel like underground, so awesome and the coffee smell, ohh...I love it. Perfect place to hang out with your friends or partner or family. I will go back to that place again if I go to Bali, too bad they closed at 6 PM. I had a cup of Cappuccino there Rp37k, totally in love with this place, ambiance.
Go inside and....
how can I not love it??
Cappuccino :)
Beef Bacon Mini Burger anyone?
this place is so damn cool!
Char Char
Not far from Revolver you may find this place, so you might want to go to have coffee first then heading dinner to Char Char, the place kinda fancy but it's just their look, the price was really affordable and I just can't believe it, they also provide welcoming snacks too. Woww..good service, the staff was also very nice. The things that make that place is unique is front part, they made stairs or those level and let customers can choose to sit there facing the street. I spent Rp75k for my dinner there :)
Char Char at Seminyak
too fancy huh? :)
Char Char icon :D
welcoming snackkk...yummm..they also give mayonnaise too :)

The Pork Steak was recommended so I tried that menu, so yummy, located at Seminyak street. I ate lot of pork there >< haha the portion was kinda big too, spent Rp130k
Eatwell, Seminyak
Pork Belly
Pork Steak
Warung Indonesia
Few years ago when I went to Poppies Lane II area, I always eating here so my body could still remember this place without using GPS, so cheap to eat here and the taste was good too :) The place is still same like before, I have Fried Rice and Avocado Juice for Rp27k
Warung Indonesia that never change
Fried Rice, I'm so Indonesian but I love this one, Indonesian food is the best 
Nasi Ayam Kedewatan
This place was really nice, so many greeny color inside, I am not good describing things by words but I will show you the pictures, the food was really good too and not too expensive, Nasi Ayam Rp25k plus Orange Rp10k
Greenies everywhere, me love itttt
Itadakimasuuu <333
Nasi Ayam Kedewatan :)
Nasi Babi Warung Cahaya
I tried the recommended menu, Nasi Babi Goreng Sambal Matah, Rp32k, damn! it was so damn delicious, the place was not too fancy but the taste is great! had a good lunch there
Nasi Babi Goreng Sambal Matah, Warung Cahaya *nomnomnom
Warung Cahaya
You may find this restaurant in Jakarta too but what makes this place special, during my trip, i celebrate my birthday in Bali, so why not to have free steak from this restaurant since I haven't tried one before even in Jakarta hoho, met my old friend here and enjoying my free steak although I need to wearing a crown on my head, haha, if you pay for the steak it would be Rp130k for the steak but I got it for free, yeay! :)
Sooo yummyyyy and I got it for FREE, yayyy
Warung Kecil
Located at Sanur, I had Flat White Coffee Rp20k while waiting my driver to pick me up, even I only have a quick coffee but at least I got to try this new place and I got a chance to see a little bit of Sanur Beach too yeay haha, this place was very cozy and the price was not that pricey :) the waiter also friendly
You can also have your lunch here, they have Indonesian food :)

Warung Kecil at Sanur
Before heading to the airport if you want to buy souvenirs or the famous Pie Susu or another things, don't forget to go to this place, I went at night and the good thing is they open 24 hours, woww...very nice. Their price also not that pricey, you can buy so many things there.
Thank you for reading!! See you on my next post :) :)

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