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Penang 1/3 - Good Deal Flight for Short Weekend Getaway at Penang

Hallo I am back after few months writing my travel diaries and I have so many things to share here :) -MJ
one of Mural Street at Penang
This city was one of my wishlist so I am glad to make this trip happened. I kind of need a short weekend getaway so this trip would be perfect. I went to Penang, Malaysia on Saturday, 15 - Monday, 17 December 2018 (3D/2N). I booked the ticket just few days before, like on Wednesday so this is like impulsive buying trip since I still got a good deal, Rp 890,000 for return trip include baggage 10kg, direct flight. I took Citilink for this trip, well the flight was a very good deal for 3 days before D-day *grin*

I decided to have 3 days at Penang after asked some friends how many days would be the best to visit Penang, most people said 2 - 3 days are enough. I have no idea what or where to visit at Penang beside Street Mural hunting. So, I decided to think about that later when I arrived. This time I go solo traveling, so another me time.

Day 1 - Saturday, 15 December 2018

I had an early flight at 5.25 AM from Terminal 3, CGK and the journey will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes, so it will arrived at 8.55 AM, Malaysia time is 2 hours ahead from Jakarta. I was so sleepy since I woke up so early. Those days, Jakarta is raining heavily like everyday especially afternoon, it's sucks to think about the turbulence that will happened (if any). But gladly there were no such turbulence on my early morning flight, just a bit.

Arrived at Penang International Airport, I went out the airport to find a bus to Komtar. Just go out and you will spotted on your left side but remember to change your money into small money first to pay the bus fare. The driver wouldn't give you back the change. It happened when I pay the bus and the driver won't accept my money so I went back inside the airport, find the convenience store and buy few things to have small money. There are some Bus going to Komtar, the one that I took Bus No. 401E (RM 2.7) to Komtar, almost 2 hours. I didn't buy any simcard so I depend on Free Wifi. If you want to buy Simcard, you can buy it before immigration because I found out if you buy after immigration, the price slightly bit expensive.
my favorite view during every flight
Penang International Airport
taking the Bus to Komtar
I stayed at Dou Houz Guest House near Komtar, I booked the female dormitory (4-Bed) for Rp 185,248/2 nights (RM 54/2 nights) or Rp 92,624/night (RM 27/night), so cheap. Arrived at Komtar, I went directly to my guest house, the check in time is at 2 PM but the guesthouse were kind they let me in before check in time. Nobody at my room at that time, even later in there were 2 people in addition (a Mom and her daughter). My room was on 2nd floor and the stairs were too steep, if you carry a big luggage then be careful when you go up, the toilet and shower room are in the first floor. The locker they provided is just the small one, which is located outside the room, still on the 2nd floor and need to lock it with your own padlock.
just a standard bunk bed in my room
Still have no idea where to go then I tried to search where to go in that afternoon. Then I just decided wander around and go to Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul by walking, this cendol might be so famous since I found a lot of people lining up to buy it. It's really interesting to see how fast the man making the cendol for the customers. In front of the cendol, there is also a mural when a kid eating cendol. I joined the queue to get one for me (RM 3/portion), if take away RM 3.3/portion.
start wandering in Penang
found some murals
tried Cendol there, sooo crowded
Penang Road Famous Chendul
people were queuing to buy it
RM 3/ portion
some market that I passed by
Then after that I went to Cheong Fatt Tze - The Blue Mansion (Admission Fee RM 16), there is also a guide in English start at 2 PM, the tours options are start at 11 AM, 2 PM and 3.30 PM. It's one of George Town, UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Blue Mansion is created by a very special man, Cheong Fatt Tze, with his masterpiece of 38 rooms, 5 courtyards, 7 staircases and 220 windows. The mansion is a government gazetted heritage building located on Leith Street in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. 

The mansion's external decorations and indigo-blue outer walls make it a very distinctive building, and it is sometimes referred to as The Blue Mansion. (source : wikipedia). This Blue Mansion also have 18 beautifully conserved and restored suites with each uniquely special. If you have watched 'Crazy Rich Asians' movie, this place also used for one of mahjong scene in that movie.
Blue Mansion
Christmas Season
Crazy Rich Asian scene location 
The tour last for almost 90 minutes, from there I was heading to Penang Street Art, I had a late lunch at one of restaurant that I found, I ate Hainan Chicken Rice and Ice Coffee for RM 6.8. I keep wander until I found some murals, the Mural Street area is interesting area to explore, I found some mural and thinking ahh..finally I can see this with my own eyes, so far I only saw it on pictures. I asked some helps for taking my pictures from people who passed by.
Ice Coffee <333
late lunch! :)
one of the famous Mural at Penang Street "Kids on Bicycle"
I keep walking around and round then I found a museum which kinda interesting to look at. Wonderfood Museum (RM 25), inside this museum, you will find a lot of replica of the food in Penang and all those replica are look so similar with the real one, they make a different size even a jumbo size! There are also some spot where they decorate each spot with unique themes, from colorful, messed or black and white themes. It's really fun to look around, they have 2 floors. It's worthed to visit this musueum and I like it. Some spots are also really nice to take pictures, there are some staff around so you can ask them to helo you to take pictures.
Welcome to Wonderfood Museum and this is just beginnning :)

Black and White themes

Wandering again to Penang Art Street, then heading back to Komtar direction, to check shopping malls there :D This time I went to 1st Avenue, they have H&M, Cotton On, Padini Store, Miniso, Watsons, Guardian and etc. Maybe since it's almost Christmas so SALE is everywhere, so I look around and window shopping until I didn't realize it's night already haha. Back to my guest house which is not really far from Komtar and by the time I arrived, there are already 2 people inside my room and we chatted for a while.

I love Sushi! haha
Thank you so much for reading my travel diaries and see you soon.


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