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Apply & Interview for Cultural Representative Disney World

13 August 2010,
At 2006 my cousin, Jean, worked at Disney World, Orlando, Florida...sooo i asked her if there is vacancy like that..because work overseas is my dream. She told me to give my CV to her so she would give my CV to Disney. Here is the reply~

Jean to Sue:
Hi Sue,

Thank you for your reply.
I will inform my cousin regarding this.
Have fun and have a safe trip to Thailand and Africa.
Warm regards,

Hi Jeaneke,

I am fine.  Getting ready for my trip to Thailand and Africa in September.
Will contact your cousin some time in November/December.

Take care,

 Dear Sue,
How are you doing? I hope all is well with you.
I would like to recommend my cousin to be a Cultural Representative at DAK.
She is 23 years old, University graduate, a hardworking and a fast learner person.
Please kindly considerate her to be one of the candidate for this position.
I attached her cv for your review.
Looking forward for your reply.

Many thanks and regards,
I just  can wait now..keep praying for the best & growing my english..i got cool site to learn..
omooooo~ now i only have arround 4-5 months to learn english & maybe i should learn about Indonesia's Culture because I will representing Indonesia if I got chosen~ wish me luck..

In the end of November 2010, i confirmed again with my cousin about my application letter~ what should i do? so she told me to send an email to Sue to follow up my email. After few days she replied my email n i was get shocked. I was so happy when she replied my email. She asked me to choose 8-22 Dec to have skype interview. So i made new skype account n i told Jean, she you have to prepare when she ask like tell me about yourself, describe yourself in 3 words, how do you know this program, why do you want to join, what will you do after this program etc. She told me to stay at her house for 2 days, day 1 to practice n day 2 to interview..actually after i asked my  cousin about what is her suggestion for the date, i asked to interview on Dec 16 at 9pm my time but unfortunately Sue can't do on that day coz she has a meeting so she asked me if i can do it on Wed, Dec 15..i felt worry about that coz it means the day will come more faster than i ask before. 
Finally i say yes, got a lil' problem with skype coz maybe i got panic to do the interview by looking her face. but finally i decided to use skype. so 3 days ago i stayed at my cousin's house, Jean, had practice then when the day..wowww..i'm so panic, my hands were so cold..i asked Bu Evi (my manager) permission to come home earlier. 
My heart was beating so fast..tick tock tick tock..waiting for 9 pm was like a hell, i'm cold because of the aircon, nervous, keep waiting in front of macbook for Sue's skype calling..9pm okay..she added me..then 9 pass..she called me..i was sooooo panic at that time n felt omoooo this is it..this is the time!!!! i picked up her 'answer' n i can see her face..but she can't, i was confusing to use that skype she said that she can't see my face so she will repeat to call me..2nd call from her and she told me she didn't still can see my face, i told her i already sit in front of my computer, then she asked me..have i clicked the video calling button? soo that's why she can't see me.. then i clicked then finally she can see my face..then she said.."okay your face came up, i can see you" she has short hair, blonde n look old..but when she talked she made me comfortable to do that interview. that day was amazing for me, had my first time skype interview with DISNEY company~ unbelievable..she began with sooo you're jeaneke's cousin..she told you about this program? she asked me like tell me about yourself, why do you want to join this program, what are you good at, is it problem to share room with another people, what will you tell about your country, have you go to somewhere in indonesia even another country, what is great guest service, what will you do after this program, do you have tattoo or piercing, she was sooo friendly..i asked how long i can get the result n she answered before 23rd December and the program will start on July 2011, i told her if i have a question i will send her an email..she said okayyy..the interview was going on about 15 minutes..
Its a miracle if i can make it..and God will decide what's the best for me..but actually i have to prepare myself when they email me n say this is not my time yet to join them..maybe it hurts, so for now i just have to keep praying while waiting for the result..omooo work overseas n feel like a dream everyday?? i don't want to wake up if i can..hahaha..hoping for the best, coz i feel stuck at my office now..thanx to make that interview happened for me..that was soo amazing for me..thanx God..thanx~ ^^

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