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Trip to Malaysia - JYJ Showcase

Okay I was crazy at that time when I heard about JYJ Showcase in Malaysia on 17 Oct’10. Act I hope in SG coz I love it but SG hasn’t confirmed yet. It was so sudden, act I don’t have enough money to make it but yeahh felt so lucky. I asked demay favor to book flight ticket, when I was asking miroticon galz seem nobody has interest to go so i was struggling hard at that time coz I never go alone but when I think about Junhosu, feel so guilty if I don’t  go. So I determined to go no matter what, I told abby to help me got the tic. So I talked to demay and wow..she wanna come too finally then when details come out from Red Star about VIP who will took pictures together with them, signature on poster blalala, suddenly I saw mb er will join us too. When details for ticket out, SG is confirmed on 16 Oct’10. Poor them..must be so tired because they have showcase too in BKK on 15 Oct’10. In malay they will hold at 2pm at Stadium Negara. Deal with it, so I  go to KL 16 - 18 October 2010 (3D/2N) I’m started to browsing about Malay, guest house/ hostel, transportation, food, every informations inc. JYJ that will help us later. So we stayed at Anjung KL Guesthouse 100myr/nite/3 persons (AC, shared bathrooms). We arrived at diff day with mba er, she go first, I can’t because I have to work overtime. 

Day 1 - Friday. 16 October 2010
So we went to KL 16-18 Oct’10 by Air Asia, around IDR 1,4million. Act. Because we lated book so one of us got more higher price but we divided so it can be same. We arrived at KL around 1.30pm then we took Skybus from AA (already booked in flight, price is more cheaper too) the journey was quite long & far too, we go to KL Sentral to take monorail. So we took monorail and stop at Imbi station because the web told us its more near to stop in Imbi rather than Bukit Bintang. But we think it’s too far. Mba er already waited us at guest house, we arrived at 4pm, get ready then we go to Jalan Alor to have dinner, I ate wanton mie @4myr, taste is not bad. After ate we walk around Bukit Bintang(Pavillion etc.), so crowded there like Orchard. There are so many mall, we just look around, took pictures everywhere then after tired we go back to our guesthouse.

>> Bukit Bintang

>> waiting for the red one ^^ , Cassiopeia~

Day 2 - Saturday, 17 October 2010
This is the day!!! I will meet JYJ at stadium Negara, so we woke up early, me & demay because we bought moshpitt free standing 303myr, the weather was really hot. When we arrived there already queue line, so we took our spot and stay there, its 8am and the show will start at 2pm. I was worried because we haven’t get our tic yet because abby still at airport, the queue is very long, webuy JYJ cd as goodies for 50myr, luckily we met new friends so we can go for a while. when the front gate is open, I was lil panicked coz demay hasn’t came back yet, she took our tic. So I waited her at the front gate, when she showed up, we go inside and there are still long way to go in. there were so many fans got fainted because the weather is so damn hot. Luckily its not me, thx God demay still has her water because mine is empty. 1.45pm we started yelling open, open, open!!! We so tired and we can heard that JYJ doing their rehearsal, they repeated chajatta many times. Anyway when we in queue line we met new friends from KL, liliana, hajar kim etc. but when in 2nd line we didn’t go together because I have to wait demay. The service is too long and the door is only one, omoo I hate that..people start to push & push. And suddenly, rain start to come so we push, push and push, too bad there was a girl who falled. Light rain become downpour, thx God me & demay already didn’t get too wet. We go inside and we run to the right position, and geeezz when I look space for VIP, omooo there are loooottt. *sigh so I was enjoyed the showcase, I’m in 2nd line, shout their names esp Jejung, we shout YUNJAE together. They opened the show with Be the One, I forgot about the right list but I love when sing Be My Girl, their wave..hihihiii..i love Jejung!!! Can’t believe I can see them again. I hate that stupid translator coz she can’t did good job there. JJ and Junchan are more seldom to talk because MC asked and talked in English so Yoochun answered lot. They sang 6 songs, Be the one, Be my Girl, Ayy Girl, Chajatta, and Empty for the last song, I forgot 1 song. Im not satisfied with this showcase because it’s too short, plus there are no games. Its less than an hour, after we finished, took photos then we go outside to meet mba er, abby & legra. Aaa I met my friends from TI too, they took vip, susu, vie, lina, laura, manda, novri onni etc. so lucky for those who get vip coz they can took photos even too crowded and not well organized. But they can see JYJ and stand closer to them. But I don’t like this eo coz they like bragging about what profit will vip get but in facts not as expected. After showcase, we plus abby & legra go to our guesthouse then we go to doubletree Hilton coz vip will took photos with JYJ plus there gonna be prescon. Me & Demay just accompanied mb er then we wait her. When she finished we wait for JYJ to go out for quite long time but they didn’t show up so because we hungry we go to KFC to eat something. KFC in front of hotel but need to cross road. Mba er body feel not delicious, just before we planning to go to petronas just to take pics but mba er didn’t make it so we go home. That was our last nite in KL.

>> it's not our umbrella ^^; but yess it was so hot out there

>> me & Demay took this position

>> so crowded to buy their CD, I bought normal edition for 50myr

>> meet new friends ^_^

>> just one door, omoooo!!!

>> my JYJ ticket

>> inside the venue, got wet lil bit coz rain

>> here they are!!! JEJUNG-YUCHUN-JUNSU, kyaaaa i miss sad there just 3 of them, wanna see Homin too :(

>> legra, abby, mba er & demay, they were waiting to take pic with JYJ exc.demay

>> Double Tree Hilton Hotel, JYJ was hereeee..:D

Day 3 - Sunday, 18 October 2010
Last day, mba er should go first because we have diff flight. So after she checked out, me & demay go to Petronas (KL symbol) to take photos then go again to Bukit Bintang before we go to airport. Had McD for lunch at Sungei Wang then go back to guesthouse to get our bag than go to KL sentral and skybus to airport. I bought beryl chocolate, it’s cheap and delicious around 11myr/3pcs. KL trip done ^^

>> Petronas, if you come to Malaysia you must take pic in here hihiii

>> waiting for boarding to Jkt, inside LCCT terminal

One thing that was so fun to had a trip with miroticon galz is we can chit chat til unlimited time, it was fun. Mba er almost got late for her flight because we didn’t remember time when we already chit chat. Aigooo I was so happy to have them since Mirotic BKK.  
Itinerary KL 3D/2N :
Day 1 :
-Bukit Bintang
Day 2 :
-JYJ Showcase at Stadium Negara
-Double Tree Hilton (JYJ Prescon+Fansign)
Day 3 :
-Bukit Bintang

Total :
Airport Tax                                   = IDR   150.000
Flight inc. Skybus                          = IDR 1.494.000  
JYJ Showcase Tix                          = IDR    915.000 (RM 306)
Misc.                                           = IDR   550.000
-Anjung KL Guesthouse 2 N RM 67
-JYJ CD                             RM 50   
TOTAL                                                = IDR 3.109.000

Monorail + MRT Map

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